Fall Away

Hello, hello, my little Friends! Did you miss me? I did indeed and even more thant you can think. And I have a big hope that you are looking forward to see a new series of my YouTube videos. You remember that I am a hopeless film director who dreams about filming every day and every second. My YouTube channel and my sweet Cam are my best assistance at my crazy adventures. However, I have to tell you something. It seems I am not that hopeless and not such a big dreamer. I came to realize that filming is very important to me. It gives me constant energy that flows through my body and makes me feel right where I belong to. I cannot deny it and I am intended to transform my dream into reality. It is vital to me. Though now I need a lot of practice, study and absorption. My YouTube channel serves its own mission. I am very goal-oriented and decisive. I know that a very good film can become your joy, your happiness and your thoughts. It provokes emotions, feelings and knowledge. It teaches you and entertains you. A good film can become your best friend whom you may never meet in real life. I am exactly ready to spend as much time as neccessary to prepare for you such a FILM. Until then please welcome my tribute to Fall, here we go, let us click the link:

Happy weekend!

Love you all,

Yours Film Director

Fun Time with Ann (Pilot Episode)

I remember the first time it happened many years ago. I cannot tell you exactly how old I was, but not much, I was such a kid. Maybe I even did not grow up much, I am still that kid who takes on different outfits and pretends that she is an actress, singer, dancer and whose auditorium – her great-grandmother. The scene is as fresh as if I see it now. My great-grandmother sits in her dress and a floral pattern headscarf on the sofa and attentively looks at the curtains of the next room. Suddenly one of the curtains is slightly opened by a small childish hand and a funny girl stands on the impromptu stage. She wears her aunt’s high heel shoes and long colorful dress. It apparently does not suit her size and hangs on her awkwardly. However, this little silly star starts to sing and dance, and her granny (as she called her) smiles beamingly. The sunlight peeps through the thick window curtains and plays with its dancing spots on the head of the newly-made star. The dark unwelcoming room transforms to the sparkling scene where a new talent is born. Her voice is not the best, she hardly has one, and however, she does not seem to care. She enjoys being in the center of attention, she moves in her own tempo and nothing else matters. Her granny applauds and also sings with her, she looks so joyful. This silly little girl has already knows that one day she is going to stand on the real stage and the professional camera will be pointed at her…and fortunately she will just talk and not sing, lucky you are, my dear little Friends. Please welcome Ann:

Did you have fun with Ann? If yes, then how about a little look at my photo souvenirs shop: http://www.redbubble.com/people/anrostudio/shop

Love you all!

Yours Ann

AnRoStudio Presents

What are you passionate about? I hear so many answers. I believe my answer is pretty obvious for you, I have already talked about it hundred times. Maybe this time words are not necessary, just press a link and find out whether your are right:

Did you guess right? Let me know please.

Also I kindly ask you to share your opinion on what you saw. Every short (or long) comment, remark, question, idea, thought is more than welcome. If my modesty allows me I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep abreast of the latest premiers. Fun is guaranteed.

My film is online until I am OFF!

Stay in frame!

Yours Passionate Film Director

Magyarorszag Mysteries with Ann


It is Easter in my country and for all Orthodox Christians, so “Happy Easter” for whose who celebrate and for those who not “Happy Monday”, I hope day is not too busy for you!

I again took my camera and went for a journey to my mysterious Hungary! You have already read  one of my first posts devoted to this fabulous country and found out a lot. Now I introduce you my new film about some unknown and not typical places in Miskolc, one of the Hungarian industrial cities, which is the third biggest one!

Magyarorszag or Hungary (in English) is the unknown little country situated in Western Europe. I bet not too many of you have even heard about it. Thus, this is a unique and exclusive chance  to visit it with me. I think it can be interesting and funny as well. We will walk among nature and enjoy its most beautiful places. Also we will play football, catch fish and have a drink! Aren’t you intrigued? Then click on the link below…

Don’t forget to share your opinion and invite me to your favorite place! I will bring my camera, deal?

Chat With Nature (Movie)

My dear little Friends, you know how much I love all of you and how much I would like to surprise you! I believe you know! And you also remember that I not only like making some photos, writing funny things and chatting with you, but I also adore filming, almost everything I see. So, I present you my new video, my newly born baby. I am still a big dreamer and passionate film director. Some weeks ago I took my equipment, went to my favorite place and started shooting without any scenario, pure impromptu…Let’s see what came out of it…

Looking forward to hearing any of your comments and ideas! I will also kindly ask you to let me know what you would like to see in my next films! I highly appreciate your every idea, thought, suggestion or offer! Stay in touch!

Yours Ann

My Christmas Present for You

Dear Fellows, I cudgeled my brains over a present  I would like to put under your Christmas tree. It took some of my time. I wanted to prepare really something special and unusual. I guess I have already mentioned that photography is not my only one crazy passion, I have the other one as well – I am fond of film-making. I bring my video camera with me whenever I can and film everything I see. Thus, I decided to make up a video story for you about days before and after Christmas in two big cities, Lviv and Kyiv. If you know my blog, then you read several posts devoted to these nice and unpredictable cities. They are quite different, one is the center of Western Ukraine, while the other is the center of Northern and Central parts. However, both of them mean a lot to me. I prefer thinking of them as of my two residences…as in ancient times lords and dukes always have two residences: winter and summer. I am no worse than them, ain’t I right? Indeed. I love these cities and cherish them. One is my birthplace, where I spent my childhood and students years, the other is my soul place, where I find my muse and inspiration. Two places, two short stories mixed with Christmas decorations, over a cup of coffee or tea with black or white chocolate, somewhere in mysterious coffee mine and magical tunnels, sang at opera house and listened to beautiful music, under Christmas tree and with magical wishes in our hearts…

Please make a wish and St. Anna, whose name day is celebrated today in Ukraine, will make it true!!! Merry Forthcoming Christmas!!! Here we go…

Yours Ann

P.S. I would much appreciate your opinion on my film! Thank you in advance!

Sweet Moments That Never Come Back

Life is just a passing moment and I am eager to enjoy it to the full… and you?

Let’s enjoy this moment together:

This is the film I made on my own and which I sent for Nikon Contest this year, as you may guess I failed there. I went to the first round and then I was crossed out from the Big list. Now I present it to you, my dear Friends, and hope to hear your opinion about it. This film means a lot for me, since I did it completely by myself, even the music I composed – it was one of the conditions of the competition. It was good to participate, at least, I knew that I tired. I also knew that I have to improve my skills a lot before even thinking of such challenges. However, I am happy that I delt with it. I shall admit that filming for me is not a simple hobby, it’s a real passion. In my head I always play some scenes. I visualize almost every story and every situation in my head. I have a pretty good and sometimes disturbing imagination. Everything goes through my head and stays there for a lot of time. I like playing with images and see final result. A good film can change my mood and make my life more complete. As every real filmmaker I do enjoy watching movies as well and afterwards again visualizing. Sometimes I caught myself on thought that I may go through the lives of film heroes in my head. For some seconds I might forget about reality. You may say that I am a kind of freak, perhaps you are right, but I cannot agree with you. Unfortunately, we live only once,  and what is amazing – a film or a book shows us several thousand other lives, haven’t you ever thought or felt like that? I had and I found it absolutely AWESOME! So, until I am able to, I will go on filming because it gives me vital energy without which I cannot imagine my life.

I would like you to share with me your opinion on the film presented to you, my amazing Friends, just tell me what on your mind is after watching it! I appreciate every small comment!

Thank you in advance!

Yours Ann

Directed by ANRO

Dear Friends, today I would like to introduce you one of my films that I made on my own. I am fan of filming and that’s my unreachable dream to devote my life to it. I am a pure amateur, but adore filming, and I hope these several minutes can make your day brighter, at least, it did for me!!!

So, I am honored to present you my Small National Geographic Series:

Believe me you won’t regret watching it!

Looking forward to your comments!

Have a wonderful day!


Lunch with My Friends – Meeting Squirrels

ANRO Studio presents:


Please click on this link and  spend several magical moments with my little friends. Hope you can gain positive energy as I did while making this short film.  I had a pleasure to spend time with these sweet creatures and they helped me to discover a completely new world. This is just a pilot series and my amateur attempt to put my childhood dream to reality.  Did you guess what the dream is?