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Intoxicating Pops

Intoxicating Pops

Latin name “papaver” was formed from Greek word “pavas” – milk, since the plant’s parts contain milk, whereas it means “sleep-bringing poppy”. Poppy is a symbol of fertility, it is devoted to the God of Sleep. According to legends the god Morpheus made crowns out of the poppy flowers and gave them those he wanted to put to sleep. Poppy flowers were used to decorate his temple. Pops is not a simple flower, but a very wily one. She can come to your mind and make your world brighter and violent. Therefore it is better just look at it as a glamorous flower, however, be careful not to smell it deeply, as her odor is very dangerously intoxicating, you may feel dizzy.


The ancient Romans used a concoction of the poppy to ease the pains of love; I guess if you are sleeping you can’t worry about love. The poppy is also grown for its seeds, which are commonly used in cooking and baking. In Ukraine poppy grains are considered to be dainty. Ukrainians bake different doughnuts with poppy-seed and honey for Christmas holidays. Moreover, in Ukraine poppy seeds are a symbol of everything finer or insignificant, and when you are not able to deal with some very difficult and spade work it is compared with gathering loose poppy seeds. 

Medical Pops

There are some of the ancient legends associated with the poppy. Now you are asking if I am ever going to explain the war connection. This too is an ancient connection going back to Ghengis Khan. It is said that after his annihilation of the enemy the fields were churned up and drenched in blood. Soon they were covered in pure white blooms of the poppy. During the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th century the same phenomenon occurred. Churned up blood-drenched fields erupted in poppy flowers.”

Bloody Pops

The flower symbolism associated with poppies is beauty, magic, consolation, fertility, infinity of the universe, sleep and eternal life. Poppies represent the loyalty and faith between lovers.

Pops Together

The poppy thanks to its blooms that are so tender and wilt in no time, is also a symbol of youth and beauty that pass so fast. A wreath made of poppy flowers is likened to girls’ virginity — the petals are damaged and are lost so easily.

Virgin Pops

Red poppies represented pleasure, while yellow poppies meant wealth or success. White poppies symbolized consolation, a possible reference to the Greek myth about Demeter’s search for her daughter Persephone.

Pops in White

Poppies were believed to have a magic power and be helpful against all sorts of evil forces and evil influences; they were believed to be a good charm against witches.

Charming Pops

This flower can be of so many colors difficult to count even. And when it opens, then you can screw up your eyes from its beauty. Pops is so good-looking, splendid and mysterious. There is some mystery about it, especially when you look inside, its structure is striking.

Pops Inside

I have a wish to run through the field of poppy in a long dress with my hair loose and imagine myself a very pretty girl who looks out for the boy of her dreams. This beautiful girl is among these pops and suddenly sees how her Dream Boy is running to her, he is so handsome she hardly can breathe. Then he embraces her and holds very tightly. I see them running across this fabulous field, wind blows their hair and around is only pops, poppy…I cannot imagine more charming picture!!! And you?

Field of Pops

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