A Wake Up Scene


The first morning sunlight gently sneaks through the tiny holes of the shutter at her window. It cunningly teases the tightly closed eyelashes. No motion. Few second later the sunlight intensifies its effect and tries to squeeze its brighter beams through the narrow gaps of the window barriers. Every possibly efforts are directed at the sticky bars of the asleep eyelashes. The sound accompaniment joins the game. A cock wakes up the surroundings with his cock-a-doodle-doo song. Now ears are in game too. It is a foul play. As light as butterfly eyelashes give up in the unfair battle. They slightly shimmer and the lungs stop inhaling smoothly. Electric impulses are traveling through the body parts in search of something.  The legs and arms twitch convulsively.  Blood circulation becomes more evident. The other pressing needs give a red light. The deep sound sleep is interrupted. There is no way to come there back and hide from the signs of the brand new day…


And now, my dear Friends, what will you tell me if I promise to demonstrate this scene to you via short film? Will it be of interest to you? What will you say?

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In the Rustle of Leaves

October Colors

 One Sunday morning when the sun shone less brightly, and the leaves of the trees, have already changed color for fall, swayed in the gentle breeze, I decided to have a walk with my photo jack-of-all-trades. And that’s what came out of it…

Sunny Leaves

Autumn is the brightest season, when the leaves change color from green to queer. Autumn comes and everything turns to be ‘pumpkin-spiced’.  The kind of silence where you can hear the rustle of leaves and the forest creak in the wind is nice. The kind of silence where you hear nothing. That is the perfect moment of harmony with nature. You dissolve in it fully.  Autumn is also a very positive time, am I right? Or not? Some of you who disagree is a person who prefers being blind. A question then arises – what exactly do you see if your eyes are closed? I suppose it is quite dangerous to stroll through the streets in that way. I highly recommend you to open your beautiful deep-set eyes and look at this world. You actually may observe a colorful boom. So many bizarre undertones can be seen only at Fall. There is no count of them. All we have to do is admire, capture and keep them in our minds. This season offers an extremely rich color palette. Artists should just watch and imbibe: colors, sounds and smells.


Can it really be only me who believes that autumn is more striking than spring. Indeed, first never been touched sprouts and buds cannot compete with yellow and stale leaves. Similar association occurs when you see a young girl and a mature woman. Moreover, a mature woman is like a fine wine, aged to perfection. The same happens with autumn leaves.

Stand as if rooted to the ground

In the rustle of autumn leaves I have more thoughts in my head then I could even hope to contend with. I need to let them come out. Exactly at that moment I find my notebook and comfortable chair, and start typing. At this instant I do not care what people think of me, whether anybody will like what I write and how I do it… I am alone with my thoughts. I give rein to them as I cannot keep them inside the dark closets of my soul. Here they come, watch out! I am steaming like a kettle. The sound is almost similar to autumn sonata about something painful. One of such painful topic is kindness…yes, yes, usual immense kindness. We come across it every day, when we see how people donate their last money to save somebody’s life (a person whom they have never seen before). Or when an old lady, who hardly moves, knits stockings for young soldiers. And when a young girl – volunteer cooks soup and bakes sweet buns to feed a young soldier who defends his Motherland with the Kalashnikov gun is his hands. After several days she finds him in a hospital and stays next to him. A girl who is a stranger to him becomes his hope for happiness. But there is no end of Ukrainian wonders. This young girl marries this soldier…ceremony is very touching…the groom is in invalid chair…and at such minutes a true belief in humane kindness revives…good wins over evil and not only in movies. Love wins over pain, love brings new life. Cynics and pessimists become optimists and dreamers for whom life begins again…

Again I hear the known rustle of leaves while holding my camera tightly…I press the button… click…new colorful flash!

Fall of Leaves

Wish you kind and colorful weekend!

Yours Ann

Mr and Mrs Strawberry Basking in the Sun

Mr Samon

Samon Strawberry liked getting up with first glimpses of sun. He was an early bird. He wanted to quickly ripen and be the first among other strawberries, that is why he was in a hurry to catch the sunlight. Samon has a very attractive round shape and green thick forelock – a handsome man what to say. Everybody admires him and envy him. And as Samon was turning his red sides to the sun Galyna Strawberry was silently sniffing next to him.

Mrs Strawberry

She was a drop dead gorgeous beauty, juicy and spicy at the same time, always adorned and gentle by her husband’s side. Samon spent a lot of time to conquer her heart. He fell in love with her at first sight. They met in the field where many strawberries gathered for harvest celebration. He knew that he could not miss his chance and he did everything to catch her attention. Galyna also knew that such strawberries as Samon is met once in a lifetime, so she accepted his courting with pleasure. Now they had little children-strawberries, who became the fruits of their love. They were also calmly sleeping on the bush behind them. Sweet lovely strawberries Petryk, Maxym, Oleg, Mykola, Mikhael, Eduardo, Samuel, Peter, Bob, Denny, Maria, Rebekka, Marusya and etc. They were lucky to have so many strawberries, they were fertile.

Strawberry Kids

Mr and Mrs Strawberry house was in the first row, a very nice one with big leaf to hide from sun and comfortable stem. This family was not poor, but pretty prosperous. They worked hardly and were proud of their results. Mr and Mrs Strawberry were proud of their origin. Maybe you heard the story about berries on a straw? Nope…then here it is:

“There is a legend that strawberries were named in the nineteenth-century by English children who picked the fruit, strung them on grass straws and sold them as “Straws of berries”.”

Samon and Galyna always remind their kids that they are regarded as one of the most romantic fruit. Even it is a known fact that at wedding breakfasts in provincial France, newlyweds traditionally were served a soup of thinned sour cream, strawberries, borage and powdered sugar. 

Even if Mr and Mrs Strawberry were from noble Rose Family, they behaved like usual strawberries. They liked being on the field among other strawberries. Samon was a man of good joke, he knew a lot of jokes for any occasion. Other strawberries liked his company and regarded him as a leader…

Sun was already high in sky and everybody got up. Galyna joined her husband and took a seat on the sun next to him like a real Strawberry Queen. Soon their little kids joined them as well. A new day has come for Strawberry Family!


Happy Weekend from Ann!!! See you soon!

Sunlight in March


March is the first spring month, but it’s as changeable as our mood. Today March is sunny and gentle with golden sunlight; tomorrow – dark, rainy and piercing. I have to be clever to catch a perfect March moment. One of these days I was lucky. Capricious March was a “good girl” and shared with me its images.


Bare trees standing and covering their bodies with branches like shy girls. I wish I could have a magic wand and make them blooming.


Still-bare trees are beautiful against lovely blue sky! Sunlight and shadow are playing on bare tree branches.


Bare tree branches look like “bony fingers covered by the itch”. These awkward bare arms of trees would like to embrace us.

sunlight shadows

And only the evergreens look always pretty, they do not change their outfits. Ever-young girls!


A whisper of spring flowers topped with a dash of exotic spices. I do like wandering in the woods. Time seems to get lost its meaning here. I feel myself free and can put away my thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you look, every angle is beautiful. Let’s fill our lungs with fresh air and enjoy sunlight spots playing on our face.

let's jump