A Glance Darted At…

“Life is a constant walk along the unknown roads…” (Ann)

While going deeply to the Mountains I was lucky to dart a glance at Slovakia through my passenger’s window. As you see I was not able to drive by without several secret stops at the most picturesque places. I felt that I needed to leave my mark there by pressing the ‘click’ button. Here we are, my lovely photomarks:

Mountain Collage

Somehow I happened to be in Slovakia only transiently.  Never had enough time. This time was no exception. However, I suppose there is no obstacle for me to do it now. I mean why not to put off my tasks and spend some time dreaming about Slovakia and pretend I spent there some time. I think I can do it if my imagination assists me. As Mark Twain said ‘reality can be beaten with enough imagination.’ I will dare to beat mine right now.

Листівка 1

Slovakia is a not a big (territorial) country with large economical potential and magnificent landscapes. Situated quite perfectly between Hungary and Poland, it has found her own balance. I would call it that Slovakia feels herself quite independent, since her development level makes it possible to establish her own rules. Cute little villages with their own typical style and charm. Although, I saw many gypsy settlements that look ugly and unwelcoming for my eyes. Please do not consider me a racist, but gypsies’ lifestyle is too chaotic, their houses are usually without doors or even windows, dirty inside and outside with blankets hanging inaccurately everywhere. I did not take a shot of that, I prefer crossing that pictures out of my head and pretend I haven’t seen them. It is much better to come back to peaceful beautiful green scenes. In my imagination Slovakia has a remarkably diverse nature with its 9 national parks and 14 protected landscape areas is literally a paradise for anyone. No trip to Slovakia would be complete without a visit to the wonderful mountains of High Tatras with peaks over 2500 m and glacier lakes that have been formed thousands of years ago. Moreover, Slovakians are very pleasant people with pretty faces and smiling eyes. I recognized that typical Slovakian women are very attractive. Though Ukrainian ladies are still the most beautiful, nobody can dare to argue with that.  Surely I have not been to Bratislava, but Slovakia seems to look like a cute little chain of colorful villages, each with its own style. Thus, I take my incomparable imagination and continue my journey to the Mountains to catch all the beauty! See you in the Mountains next post!

Slovakian Villages

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Let your imagination bring you somewhere far from reality!

Love you all!

Yours Ann

Nature’s Flying Flowers


World smiles at me and  it makes me feel wonderful…it gives me a chance to discover it from the bottom to top and I feel myself honored to be able to recognize its wonders! 

Have you ever seen butterflies? “Million times” can your reply…but I ask you again have you ever WATCH butterflies? They are the nature’s flying flowers whose flying looks like a very delicate dance in air…Although so intimately hitched in the air, the butterflies seem to draw the world around them into their dance. They circle and spin, they make knot patterns in the air… And when they land on the flower their body looks so fragile…the butterflies bask in the wonder of now!


People are surrounding butterflies with legends and myths. 

According to an ancient legend of Aztecs and Indians, butterflies send our desires to heaven, and if you whisper your desire to a butterfly and then release it, the desire will be executed. 

So,  let’s catch our butterfly and whisper our wish…


Hope, you weekend was nice and full of butterflies!

Wish you a nice looming working week!

Yours Ann

Rose Message

Rose Flirts

Eros Clumsy has a birthday today. He is thirty-five years of age, he was already a mature man in his prime, however, his personal life was locked in his computer in his room on the second floor. He still lives with his mom who cares after him and cooks him delicious meals. His mom Dolly devoted her life to her only wished,boy. Dolly was left on the shelf far too long, she was quite obstinate and could not find a good man for her. When at last she met a man who conquered her heart, she had to wait for her baby to be brought by a stork. Finally, this day has come and she gave a birth to a very handsome baby with huge blue eyes and long black eyelashes (envy of all girls). Eros was a truly nice baby, she has never had any troubles with him. She and her husband Tom lived a happy and prosperous life. Dolly had everything she dreamt of – a big house and nice family. Tom was a pilot, so his salary let him to satisfy all wife’s wishes. Anything Dolly would like to have – she received almost at once: car, jewelry, clothes and etc. They were a couple like from a Hollywood film, their life was too perfect and happy….but not too long. From one of his flights Tom did not come back….he died in an airplane crash…Eros was only 16th and his life changed forever. He had to become a grownup and took care about his mom. Maybe this was the main reason of his choice to stay a bachelor, his life did not belong to him anymore. He cannot complain about lack of women’s’ attention in his early twentieth, however, girls liked his appearance and he was looking for his soul mate. He never considered a girl only as a pretty picture, Eros wanted to know a woman as another person and discover her inner world. Yet women did not give him such a chance. He gave up and started to get used to the idea of eternal bachelor. Hm, Eros was exactly not enough smart though and not farsighted, he has no idea that exactly this moment one crazy and passionate woman with a tricky name Rose was going to come….and make a big mess!

Rose Thinks

At this usual day, almost in the end, Eros got a very unusual message where a girl named Rose greeted him with his birthday and invited to meet tomorrow afternoon in the local park. Eros was so confused, frustrated and flabbergasted that he almost could not move, so in this pose he accidentally fell asleep and saw...

fRose's Soul

HER – a woman or a flower who befuddled him with its smell that  is thought to be relaxing and restorative because it encourages him to breath deeply and slowly. Eros found himself walking through paths full of ROSES of various colors and shapes…ROSES were breathtakingly beautiful…and soo mysterious…

Garden of Roses

“The rose is a legend in it’s own. The story goes that during the Roman empire, there was an incredibly beautiful maiden named Rhodanthe. Her beauty drew many zealous suitors who pursued her relentlessly. Exhausted by their pursuit, Rhodanthe was forced to take refuge from her suitors in the temple of her friend Diana. Unfortunately, Diana became jealous. And when the suitors broke down her temple gates to get near their beloved Rhodanthe she also became angry, turning Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns.”

Rose Enjoys Sky

Eros made several unsteady steps further…suddenly the still afternoon had become more torpid than before. Even the insects in this rose garden had ceased their droning buzz. The air was so sweet, full of aromas. A butter-colored sun beat down on the earth, which released its heat in rising shimmer. It was like being in a perfumed sauna, only he was not naked…

Roses Fly

The father of Botany Theophrastus (371-286 BC) first classified and identified plants. In his classic books Enquiry into plants and De Causis Plantarum (The causes of plants) he wrote about a “hundred-petaled rose” and called it centifolia (literally: hundred petals).”

Rose Feels

“Why white roses are so special is no mystery – it’s a myth. Perhaps it started with the Romans who believed white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell as she mourned the loss of her beloved Adonis. Myth also has it that Venus’ son Cupid accidentally shot arrows into the rose garden when a bee stung him, and it was the “sting” of the arrows that caused the roses to grow thorns. And when Venus walked through the garden and pricked her foot on a thorn, it was the droplets of her blood which turned the roses red.”

Roses in White

At that exact instant Eros caught a glimpse of her…again not sure a woman or a flower…tilting her head back she closed her eyes and let the sunlight spill across her face. She breathed deeply of the aromatic air, which was scented with delicious candies…

Roses Fall

She turned her head and looked at him directly…her stare was intense…his blue eyes looked more blue than usual reflecting the sky…

Roses in Color

He moved behind her, he tried to touch her hand…but wind blew his hand away…he could not touch and ensure that she was real…she seemed too perfect and so out-of-reach…and even if he could not touch her he felt so happy…

Roses in Yellow and White

Eros felt like the prince of the world. The sunlight painted stripes on her hair. He felt that light, so free. Joy bubbled from a feeling of a newfound friend…

Rose in Dream

Then he woke up…

Rose Drops

To be continued!


Do You Hear Magical Bells?

My Friend

My little friend, squirrel Tickle, was very surprised to hear some strange noise this morning. He calmly was looking for some food when suddenly heard something very unusual. Tickle does not like strange sounds, it makes him to be on alert. He decided to check the situation and looked out. At this very moment I was walking along the path and saw little Tickle. We stare at each other for some seconds, whole monologues going unsaid across our features. However, silent moment did not last that long. A made a step closer… and scared him off…he went into hiding…I saw only his fluffy tail…

I looked up and saw branches of trees reaching up hungrily toward the blue sky. My eyelids drift shut for a second. I carefully made more steps and felt that I have to keep on going pulled by some magnetic force. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of very bright light. I went further and saw them…magical bells!

Magical Bells

I found a large field of gorgeous flowers. You certainly recognized these flowers….but I prefer calling them Bells due to their specific shape. Don’t you agree? Do not they look like bells? Do not you hear din-don?

Gentle Bells

A very interesting fantasy visited my head. For an instant I wanted to be another being. A butterfly or somebody else who is able to immerse into the flower head and read its thoughts. I can see your puzzled face…I know, I know…sounds very strange…but I like going deeper (literary talking). I am curious as ever about their inside nature. It can be such an experience to go behind the nature curtain, to peep through the holes invisible for human eye.

Water Paradise

A true stroke of luck is that I have at least zoom. With my photocamera I can zoom and satisfy my curiosity. I do not know whether flowers can smile, but every time I look at them  they do smile at me in reply. They might guess that I’d like to photograph them, so their initial reaction is to look prettier, they try to show their best side. I am not sure indeed…I only can dream of….observe…and imagine!

Bright Bells

These bright colors make us feel extremely energetic. Life turns into some show of sparkling colors changing every minute. You feel some splash of emotions, you want to catch this rhythm…

Colorful Heaven

I wonder whether you feel this endless energy that originates from them. In case some negative thoughts bumped into your head, you need to find your own magical bells.

Yellow WorldMagical bells can do wonders as all magicians. Yellow bells make you believe that sun will shine always on you, they make you feel positive as if you can do everything you want. You feel warmth embraces your body.

Lonely Bell

Oh, and look at it! How do you like Mrs Bell’s dress, isn’t it fantastic? Suits her just perfectly. Anyone can envy you Mrs Bell. Why are you so beautiful?

Bride Bell

Time passed so quickly and I had to say good-by to my magical bells. When I was heading back I met Tickle, he recognized me and decided to find out whether I have any nuts for him. How lucky he was – I did share with them several nuts, how disappointed I was – he did not eat them, but buried them. This time Tickle was very playful, he liked my white summer trousers and decided to try on the fabric… touched it. Then he ran away and again came back. He liked following me and even pretended to be ready to make a jump on me…but did not dare. Squirrels can be pretty playful, I do not know whether they feel danger if you are close to them, but sometimes they look at you in such a way that it seems they understood what do you tell them and reply in their own specific manner. Tickle is a young squirrel, if you pay attention, his ears are very short yet. He just discovers this world and sometimes not to careful. I hope he become more wisdom and smarter. I will keep on looking after him to be sure he doesn’t find any trouble…

See you soon!