Saint Nicholas and Toys

Ho-ho-ho, my dear little Friends,



Did you find anything today under your pillow or in your shoes, or somewhere else? So, you were good all last year! Well-done!


In every country there is their own Santa or Nicholas who comes to children, while they are sleeping, and leave some presents for them.

Hope many of you know that his name is of Greek origin and means “victor of people”. It suits him, right? Perfectly.


Some of you might still doubt whether he existed.  Nicholas was born in Patara in A.D. 270 and served as Bishop of Myra, both seaport towns off Turkey’s southern coast where he lived all his life (and died in 345).

St. Nicholas’s anonymous gift-giving originated in his hometown of Patara in Turkey.  According to ancient tradition, the young Nicholas secretly threw three bags of gold coins through the window of a widower father and his three daughters on three consecutive nights to help them. His anonymous nocturnal gift-giving has continued in many countries to today, including being translated into Santa’s visits.stock-photo-dalmatian-puppy-ceramic-statue-and-penguin-toy-on-black-background-750861118

My dear little Friends, your dreams and wishes might come true today because you found something what you wanted under your pillow:

   stock-photo-cute-toy-grey-mouse-sleeps-on-red-pillow-on-white-background-valentine-present-love-and-happiness-767678824 However, some of you might not find anything today and can be really disappointed. That happens in life often, you dream, but dreams not always come true as in movies or books. Life is full of surprises and not all of them are pleasant ones. We have to be ready for it and still not loose our hopes and beliefs for the better!

Have a lovely St Nicholas Day!

Hugs stock-photo-yellow-chicken-toy-and-dalmatian-ceramic-puppy-statue-on-white-background-easter-holidays-750864580

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Lifeclicker (Issue 1, page 4)

Not Seriously About Serious Things

Have a blooming day!


You can go as far as your dream!

Let Us Have Fun Click

Spring is a romantic time of year!


Today in the heading “Let Us Have Fun” I would like to kiss you…are not you surprised? You should be, as I am planning to overwhelm and confuse you, although I am not sure it will be successful, since I can be even more confused. Anyway, who do not like talking about kisses? Hands up! No, I do not see your hands. Thus, you do like it. Every person remembers his/her first kiss. It is the most innocent and sweet reminiscence of youth. Who will refuse to get back the time and enjoy it to the full? That’s it! In our modern almost ugly world we seem to be lack of that first feelings and emotions. We are so thirsty. Therefore, I decided to use my magical mouse and plunge into the unknown world of honeyed kisses (or with another flavor) accompanied with my lilac photos!

Stay in touch!.jpg

Did you know that the word “kiss” origins from the old English cyssan, which is from the proto-Germanic word “kussijanan” stemming from the sound kissing makes. Let us try. Make yourself comfortably in a chair, relax, stretch out your lips, and close your eyes…oh, almost forgot, did you refresh your breath? Then go ahead to the bathroom, use some mouth liquid or just brush your teeth. Great! (Why I want to write “Ready! Steady! Go!” it is not a racing or is it?). Oh my! So here it is the moment when you, my dear readers, and I will share our first kiss. We have a noble purpose, we need to check whether we are able to reproduce this sound or not. Not because you like me. It is not that I am not attractive or you are. It is just because we do not know well each other and…muah (at this exact moment some strange lips from my big screen suddenly covered mine). Wow! Not bad! But, sweetheart, sound was completely another. Therefore, theory is theory, and in practice everything sounds different! One more thing: sugar, why did you use your tongue? Bad Boy! Aha, I guess you just wanted to make me change the subject! No problem!


“Kissing is passion and romance, and what keeps people together,” says Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing. The first recorded kiss is in the early Vedic scriptures, dating around 1500BC. It describes people as sniffing with their mouths. I guess ancient people were smarter than we are. Kissing is not only an emotional pleasure, unity of two souls, but also very healthy. Among the benefits of a good kiss: that extra saliva washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plaque, says Mathew Messina, DDS, a private practice dentist in Fairview Park, Ohio, and consumer advisor for the American Dental Association. “Still, I would not go around advocating kissing after meals instead of brushing,” he says. See, guys, brushing cannot be replaced with kissing. Do not be lazy and remember that hygiene is at the first place. Also, be aware of the fact that fresh breath helps to make this moment more romantic. Nobody will kiss a person whose breath needs a good cleaning service. Moreover, kissing might even help you lose weight.  During a really passionate kiss, you might burn two calories a minute. Great? We can cross our morning exercises out, better let us kiss. One more fact, kissing helps us release tension and stress. When you come after work, grab your wife or husband and give him/her a hot kiss, result will not wait you long. In case there is nobody at home, kiss your dog or cat or your TV screen, anything you will find, but do it and you will feel better. I know that this is not the same; however, there can be different situations.

There is always hope!.jpg

After kissing almost everything you found around, I would like to offer you a break and check something. I decided to make a study on different types of kisses. There are plenty of ways how you can kiss each other. Here I need extra help, I Googled a bit. It is said that every kiss is a talk of two souls (or more) and it differs from the next one. Can I be honest with you? My favorite kiss is the forehead kiss. Somebody can call me silly and girlish, and I agree with you. But, little fellows, this kiss means a lot, since it symbolizes true friendship and innocent intimacy. If you touch your partner’s forehead with your lips it means you completely trust each other. As if the bond you share is practically unbreakable! Then, I am a fan of cheek kiss; it is the most innocent and intriguing at the same time. Who does not know French kiss? One of the hottest and most difficult kisses. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master. Is there an expert among you? The single lip kiss is also a very exciting one. If done in the correct manner, this kiss can send a strong romantic signal to you partner. Lingering lip kiss is a closed mouth kiss that lasts for more than 20 seconds. Lingering lip kisses involve the lips only. This kiss serves as an indication of deep love. I was surprised to hear that there is a lizard kiss, wow! It is done in quick strokes. The lizard kiss is usually practiced just for fun. Oh, there are so many more, but I feel that it is better to stop here or some of us need a bucket of cold water! Let us cool down a bit. Topic is too hot, please switch on some fan! Not to mention Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl and I liked doing it”…wow, it is really getting hot here!

Lilac Chat.jpg

In conclusion I would like to introduce you a Kissenger. Singapore-based company Lovotics has created a range of robotic kissing toys that allow long-distance lovers to transfer kisses over the internet. The strange creatures – called Kissengers – look like little spherical pigs and have an artificial mouth that provides “the convincing properties of a real kiss”. The idea is that you’d be Skyping your loved one and, when the moment takes you, you’d pick up your Kissenger and lock lips. Be quick – the amount is limited! Muah!

Yours Ann


From Kyiv With Love (Episode 1)


I guess writing about my Kyiv is the most difficult…the mixture of feelings is overwhelming. They are quite opposite. Pain and joy. How can I find right words to describe this city – charming city where I was born and where I spent most of my life, and where I saw too many things I wish I could not see. I feel nervous actually, I am not enough good for it. Maybe I am not even enough smart for this special mission, however, I have to give it a try. So we are in Kyiv  today and I would like to start our journey from its heart…Maidan, Independence Square or Place Where Hearts Go On…

In the photo above you can see our famous city center where in the 2000s the biggest political protests in Ukraine, such as the Ukraine without Kuchma (our second President after becoming an independent country) campaign and the Orange Revolution took place. In the center of picture there is a monument – a woman who symbolizes freedom for which Ukrainians fighting for….freedom bought with blood.

This monument symbolizes for me a strong Ukrainian woman and a mother who protects our Motherland from invaders. During our last Revolution of Dignity first blood was shed at this place. Students who showed their peaceful protests were sleeping on the stairs of this monument at the late November night when military met attacked them and started to use severe physical power by beating them with resin batons. I have not been there personally, but every time I am near this place I feel this desperate sorrow for being a witness of inhuman cruelty. These poor students were unarmed while military men were in full ammunition. Have you ever seen more cruel scenes? Among these students were young girls…it happened 2 years ago!

I draw for you a pretty sad picture, however, today sun shines brightly here, people walk around this monument and make pictures.  They believe that better future without war is waiting for their children when they grow up.

Historical House of Trade Unions

A historical building which survived or not exactly survived a real fire during the Revolution of Dignity salutes us. This is House of Trade Unions located on the city’s main Khreshchatyk Street, its facade faces the central Independence square and contains the city’s main clock tower. Approximate year of its “birth” is 1974, but it was renovated hundred of times. This building was mostly used as offices rented by Trade Union Federation. During Revolutions it served as press center, kitchen, and even area for sleeping or relax. Ukrainians gathered there to hide from winter cold, since most of our Revolutions were exactly at winter, its most cold months. What can I tell you – Ukrainians are not afraid of being frozen to death when it is about their freedom. One of the strongest and hard-working nation in the whole world, and not because I am one of them, no, believe me this is just what I see and know.  You have to excuse me now – I have big doubts whether anyone is ready to sleep in a usual tent almost on asphalt at the temperature not higher than -10 or even – 20 C…Ukrainians did and their clothes did not contain specific fur…I am not kidding…I saw it personally! I have no intention to idolize Ukrainians and put them on some pedestal, surely not, we are the same sinful people, just sometimes we can demonstrate magical will power that  impresses!

St Michael

If you turn almost 180 degrees you will see this statue with wings on the so-called gates. I will tell you what this is –  Saint Michael Archangel.   According to legend, when God divided the earth into countries and the angels chose one to patronize,  St. Michael became the protector of the Kyivan Rus (current Kyiv). This statue stands on Lyadski gates, which are supposed to be on the same place as in ancient times – gates to Kyiv. Let us go through them and look around. Take a deep breath and inhale the atmosphere. Maybe air is not so fresh, there are too many factories and cars in this megalopolis. Nevertheless, it has its own style. A preconceived opinion may be thrown at me – I do use too many compliments while describing Kyiv. Still I cannot agree. Kyiv is seemed to be not the most beautiful capital city, however, I could not stop loving it. 

City Center Side View

I have been abroad not once. I visited many capital cities and all of them I found very beautiful and nice. All of them have their own style, smells and sounds. I have no right even to tell that one city is more beautiful than the other.  Honestly I would like to see another Kyiv, not so crowded and modern. I prefer its ancient look, which is hardly remained due to skyscrapers and multiple shopping centers.

Kyiv Bridge View

Still it looks very nice. Especially when it tries an autumn outfit on. It looks so colorful and vulnerable at the same time. Sun makes a good light and I capture some positive signs, in fact, Kyiv needs changes for the better. It has to be reconstructed and saved in its original form. Kyiv can be a very attractive for tourists as well as L’viv. There are fantastic hotels here, beautiful nature parks, old churches and hospitable people. I think I will be right to tell that Kyiv is not similar to any other European city, it is too different and contrasting. One glance – modern shopping centers, expensive cars, high traffic, brand boutiques, skyscrapers, slim girls on high-heel shoes, whereas the other – homeless people, old people who like homeless, soldiers, sad faces, and despair…Yeah, again I draw a sad picture, I imagine your face now! I may draw another picture – happier and brighter, it actually is true. People smile here, people are born here, live, fall in love and etc. Thus Kyiv is too contrasting, black and white are crossing each other. As a person who cannot be indifferent I simply crave for warmer colors. Kyiv deserved to be visited, felt and “touched”. It deserved to be one of the most attractive and desired. That’s why I am here and I will show you this city from inside, you will hear the truth without any prejudice or advertisement. It is a special and very honorable mission and I will not disappoint you! 

To be continued!

From Kyiv with Love…

Yours Ann

Fall of Thoughts

Fall In Sky

There is a worm that stuck in my head…and does not let me have my normal life…it bites me and always reminds me of something. So many different topics are circling in my head that I hardly can concentrate on anything. I feel stupid and useless most of the time. I will not be lyrical today, most probably I am going to be harsh and deadly serious. I would like to try to use my words as a powerful source to make you think of…many things.

Fall Curtain

Fall is in full swing and nature takes special colors to show its beauty. I wonder how talented nature is. Bright sometimes unpredictable colors are exactly right for the end of the season. Do not you see certain analogy between the end of season and end of life? And what we usually see before it? Yeah, exactly bright colors or moments of our life…or colors of another new life that is waiting for us in the unknown world… I have no intention to ignite a sparkle of some religious conflict since I do believe and have a strong faith in my heart. What I am trying to say is that fall of the season is similar to the fall of life…our life! That’s why colors of Fall are so spectacular, so blinding and hypnotizing.

Fall in Kyiv

It can be called a melancholy season which suggests so many gloomy thoughts and recalls so many blighted hopes. Weather helps us to change our mind, be moody.

For many people Fall is the time for relax after hard work in the fields. Autumn is the harvest season, a time for gathering up thoughts and ideas – a time to begin putting our lives in order. On the contrary, there is a wish to be illogical and a bit reckless. Do not plan anything, do not expect for anything, just live and enjoy. Find positive in the smallest, be happy because of the simplest! Find a perfect moment of delight and never let it go…

Fall in Delight

And then grey clouds filling the sky…

Fall of Loneliness

a moment of delight has gone and a moment of loneliness arrived…being alone not always means being physically alone, in many cases you are alone emotionally. People do not see you. It seems that loneliness is the disease of the 21st century! In actuality, the truth is that loneliness permeates all boundaries. I meet so many people who are lack of soul mates and they sometimes do not know what to do in their spare time. They have families, children and so-called friends, however, in reality they are trapped in their sense of disconnection. Loneliness has more to do with the quality of our relationships – not simply our relationship status. It’s one thing to feel lonely when you expected to. It’s quite another to be surrounded by family and a network and still feel the pangs of disconnection. The temptation is to accept our isolation, as though there are no other options.

Fall of Solutions

And then I think what can be done? How this serious problem can be solved? Unfortunately, I did not find a solution yet. It might take a lot of time. Maybe we should be just more attentive to each other and more sociable, but how to learn it and whether it is possible at all? We are so closed nowadays. We are like snails who bring their houses and hide in them anytime somebody appears on the horizon. We are afraid of talking to a stranger or even a person whom we know. We are afraid to start a conversation because somebody might think of something…and etc. We are afraid to call our friends too often because everybody is so busy. We switch on computers and use social networks where we can be honest, since nobody knows us and does not see our face. We are in a shell and not ready to get out. It is very sad, indeed.

Fall Path

Something should be done against it! There are many interesting ways and if you google, you will definitely find a huge amount of articles devoted to it. My advice is not to think about it. If such a terribly depressing idea comes to your head, then switch to something else or do something: go for a walk, gor for a vacation, call your old friends whom you have not seen for a long time, talk to a stranger (yes, let’s be more brave and decisive), watch some movie or read my post…leave me a comment and I will reply you!!!

Sunny Fall

It can be pretty awesome to be a magician and use my magical stick…then my first task is to make all people around the world not lonely…isn’t it a lovely idea? Any suggestions?

Wish you a wonderful Fall weekend!

Stay in touch,

Yours Ann