How to Cook Borsch?

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“Borsch definitely has a long history in Ukraine and there is no point in trying to clarify that there was someone else who discovered it. If you could taste borsch cooked in the eighteenth century you would hardly recognize it. Back then, the main ingredients were sour beetroots, but without any tomatoes, which gave it its distinctive sour flavour. Nowadays this flavour is achieved with the help of sour tomatoes. Also, initially borsch did not contain any potatoes but now you will not find it without them…”

Today Ann, the Author of the book entitled Ukraine, I Wrote About is going to teach you how to cook borsch! At her own kitchen, with her own camera and creative tips, you are going to taste the most delicious red soup ever! Stay in tune and order your Ukraine, I Wrote About at

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Enjoy your borsch!

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A Picnic IS More Than…

“A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable sate of mind.”
DeeDee Stovel

Isn’t it deliciously said, my dear little Friends,

Who is with me for a picnic today?

There is nothing more delightful than a BBQ in a good company, right? Where did you go for a picnic last time?

You know I thought that sometimes we should get out of homes and social networks, we have to switch off our laptops and phones and throw then out of our busy minds. And why not to invite people to share with them your Sunday picnic!

The concept of the picnic dates back more than 250 years when it was considered to be a big event in the social calendar where the guests contributed food to the party. Now picnics get a more personal meaning. We love going out for picnics with our families and friends.

The word ‘picnic’ can be traced back to French roots almost a century after it was first seen in French originating from the word ‘pique-nique.’

The form of the picnic basket has evolved over the years to transform from a simple woven wicker basket to house more complicated features like separate hot and cold compartments, a detachable blanket for picnics and even a wine chiller. Nowadays, our picnic baskets look differently. Surely, we can put there some meat or fish and mostly vegetables with some beverages to refresh under hot summer sun. Yet I hope picnics are not so much for food joy as for the joy of being together and spend time with people whom you care for. Such a hectic lifestyle requires some unity with nature and your loved ones in calmer surroundings. Why not to grab some fishrods as well and impress your family with freshly caught fish that can be grilled with seasonings, hmm, I can nose the smell…yam. There is nothing perfect than a sip of tea  while watching the sunset over the river on the blanket! Such moments cannot be bought or found at social networks, they are real not virtual ones! Let’s treasure and enjoy them!

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Sushi Rocks My World

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Japanese cuisine became popular in my country not so long time ago. Within several years it was possible to observe how the menu of every second restaurant is replenished with  Japanese sushi, sashimi and rolls. They are being served not only at the Japanese-cuisine-type restaurants but also at any restaurant, pub, or café, which would like to attract more customers.


Through the West to the East

It is remarkable that such interest to Asian delicacies came to us not straight from Japan, but “through the West to the east“. Indeed! Firstly, Japanese exotic food was tasted in Europe and USA, and only then was found on the Eastern Europe countries’ plates. According to the Japanese phonetics one should pronounce “susi”, but having undergone a certain adaptation in the West, this name came to us as “sushi”.

This tasty food was founded more 1300 years ago.  Its name “sushi” (in Japanese 寿司 ), oddly enough, has no translation yet. Or, more precisely, there is such set of interpretation of two hieroglyphs that it can be successfully treated as both a «marinated fish» and a happiness wish. As often happens, any dish origin history is related to its way of storage.


Narezushi or Salted Fish

Sushi originates in a Southeast Asian dish, known today as narezushi (馴れ寿司, 熟寿司 – “salted fish”), stored in fermented rice for possibly months at a time. The lacto-fermentation of the rice prevented the fish from spoiling; the rice would be thrown away (how wasteful!) before eating fish. This early type of sushi became an important source of protein for its Japanese consumers.

Samurai, nigirisushi, sticks

The sushi master Dzhokhey (only representatives of Samurais had the right to use the surname) was the first one who cooked a rice ball, then added wasabi (the Japanese horse-radish was known as the best antiseptic) and covered it with a piece of fish. The dish was named as nigirisushi. Nigiri in Japanese means “handful” denoting the amount of rice that can be eaten at once.

People love eating sushi with sticks. Sticks are difficult in use for many, but not for those ones who learned how to deal with them. I shall say that Japanese cuisine offers food served mainly in the form of small separate pieces (sushi, sashimi) which are enough to be picked and put in a mouth. 3

Sushi are very low-calorie food. It would seem that sushi cannot do harm to health? At a first glance, everything looks pretty innocent – a small portion of rice, sea fish and vegetable ingredients. Let us take a closer look.

Sushi can be useful to our body as it contains:

sea fish includes fat-soluble vitamin D, a nutrient that most people are deficient in. It functions like a steroid hormone in the body. Researchers believe that the fatty types of fish are even more beneficial for heart health, because of their high amount of omega-3 fatty acids;

rice acts as fuel for the body and aids in the normal functioning of the brain. Rice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals like niacin, vitamin D, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin. These vitamins provide the foundation for the body’s metabolism, immune system health, and  etcetera;

recent studies suggest that soy sauce may be able to provide some digestive tract benefits;

wasabi contains antimicrobial agents which are useful for eliminating bacteria. Due to its ability to block platelet aggregation, wasabi helps to reduce chances of heart attack and stroke;

ginger is the strong antioxidant and also an immune-stimulator;

However, one should always keep in mind that not all sushi ingredients are beneficial to our body. For example, nearly all fish have traces of methylmercury, a form of mercury that has neurotoxic effects, especially in developing brains. Salt-sensitive people should be careful with soy sauce since it is widely regarded as salty food, a tablespoon of soy sauce contains 1,000 milligrams of sodium. Also be aware of the fact that all seafood ingredients of sushi MUST be fresh.

To Eat or Not to Eat?

If you are not allergic to any of sushi ingredients and have no serious diseases, then go ahead and taste it. This food might “conquer” or not your taste receptors, but you will not remain indifferent. Nobody can tell for sure why Japanese people live longer than many Europeans, some say that the secret lies in their daily food habits.

Who has not seen my video about sushi cooking? Enjoy :

Culinary Venture

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Cooking with Ann: Light Salad


Welcome back to Ann’s Kitchen! Are you hungry? Then come in and let’s have fun!

I do prefer healthy food, but sometimes due to lack of time and money we are not able to eat what we would like. For instance, I like seafood and since I live not in Norway or some other seaside country, I have a limited choice of sea products. I cannot tell that we do not have enough sea products, just sometimes  they can be a bit expensive. However, we should not give up and still find how to eat more fish.  It doesn’t mean we have to forget about meat, not at all, just from time to time it’s good to eat something different. It’s very important to keep the balance in our body. It should have enough of everything, don’t you agree?

So, today I invite you to cook with me a cod liver salad, sounds strange? If you know what kind of fish cod is, then it shouldn’t be strange for you to know that it has a liver, which is quite delicious. Unfortunately, in my shops there is only cod liver in a tin can. This salad is very light and easy, it takes several minutes to cook!


Cod liver in a tin can – 1 tin can;

Eggs – 1 or two it depends on the amount of cod liver, if not much, then one egg is enough;

Green onion (fresh).

It is really very simple. You have to open a tin can and put your cod liver in a separate plate and cut it into small pieces.


Then you need to hard-boil an egg (or two). I hope everybody knows hot to cook a hard-boiled egg! Leave the eggs in the hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.  Then peel your egg. I know one trick. In order to be able to peel your boiled egg easier, then leave it in cold water for some minutes.



Cut the egg into small pieces.


Take fresh green onion and also cut it into small pieces.


Finally, mix all your ingredients together. If you would like, you can add oil from a cod liver tin to your salad, but only small drops. It will add some additional flavor. Salad is ready!


You can eat this salad with some boiled potato. It can  be easily pasted on some toast as well. You can enjoy it both ways or even create your own. This salad is very light and fresh and very good for you, so you can serve it as a light starter. This is so quick and tasty, anybody can cook it. Bon appetite!

Cooking with Ann: Ukrainian Cottage Cheese Pie


Everybody likes delicious food, right? I bet not everybody likes cooking. Cooking can be fun in case you are not tired after a busy day in office. Daily routine, tasks, work and kids often make us not so fresh in the end of the day, so wish to cook disappears. Sometimes we are lack of time even. Thus, we find ourselves sitting in local pubs or restaurants, or ordering food by phone. This is surely a practical way out, however, not always useful one for our tummies. You can ask me what can be done and I do not know what to answer. We are all different. Nevertheless, I believe that cooking can be a real fun if you do it with pleasure and some interest. I feel that you cannot agree with me, especially those women who have several kids, hungry husband and messy house. All things considered, I still would like us sometimes find time to cook ourselves something delicious and healthy. It’s so cool, believe me! Somebody said that “I kiss better than I cook, and I am a great cook”, it can be nice to check whether all chef-cook are great kissers.

I cannot call myself a real chef-cook; I am a pure amateur, who tries different things from time to time. But I do cook. In my chef-cook’s menu I can offer you different soups, salads, second courses and even dessert. Today the talk is exactly about dessert, light and healthy. Let’s start our fascinating food journey. As it is said “A great dish is a journey that takes you to places you have never been”, don’t you agree?

Ukrainian cuisine is very much a part of the population’s culture, lifestyle and customs. As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable their meals are served in very generous quantities. Some of the best Ukrainian cuisine is actually very simple. Many ingredients are used in what some may regard as unusual combinations, creating a unique and sumptuous dish.

Cottage Cheese Pie


Cottage cheese (preferably home-made) – 500 gr;
Eggs – 3;
Sugar – 3 table spoons;
Semolina -3 table spoons;
Salt, milk, raisins and sour cream.


Here we go!

Take 3 eggs and separate yolk from white.


Add 3 table spoons of sugar and some raisins (if you have) to yolk and mix egg yolk with sugar till it dissolves (with spoon).



Top semolina with warm milk so the semolina can swell. Add a pinch of salt to the egg white and beat the egg white with mixer till foamy.


Then cottage cheese is mixed with the yolk-and-sugar and swelled semolina. Slowly add the egg white foam to the mix.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Take a baking dish and smear the baking dish with butter, you can also sprinkle it with semolina to avoid sticking. Finally, pour the mix into the baking dish and smear its top with sour cream.


Bake it for an hour until brown. Enjoy cottage cheese pie with tea or coffee!

Thank you for your company! Enjoy your dessert and come back since I have lot’s of interesting receipts to share. See you soon at Ann’s kitchen!