Fall Away

Hello, hello, my little Friends! Did you miss me? I did indeed and even more thant you can think. And I have a big hope that you are looking forward to see a new series of my YouTube videos. You remember that I am a hopeless film director who dreams about filming every day and every second. My YouTube channel and my sweet Cam are my best assistance at my crazy adventures. However, I have to tell you something. It seems I am not that hopeless and not such a big dreamer. I came to realize that filming is very important to me. It gives me constant energy that flows through my body and makes me feel right where I belong to. I cannot deny it and I am intended to transform my dream into reality. It is vital to me. Though now I need a lot of practice, study and absorption. My YouTube channel serves its own mission. I am very goal-oriented and decisive. I know that a very good film can become your joy, your happiness and your thoughts. It provokes emotions, feelings and knowledge. It teaches you and entertains you. A good film can become your best friend whom you may never meet in real life. I am exactly ready to spend as much time as neccessary to prepare for you such a FILM. Until then please welcome my tribute to Fall, here we go, let us click the link:

Happy weekend!

Love you all,

Yours Film Director


Out My Window


Friends, you are not gonna to believe, but this is the picture out my window now! I could not resist, just quickly grab my Nikki and clicked. Yeah, it is snowing in November! It is a real date. When Autumn meets Winter. And who knows whether we will see a happy end as in When Harry Meets Sally.

At this moment I am editing my Fall episode, so do not forget to check my post soon! Aren’t you intrigued?

Love you all,

Happy Sunday! Hope you have a warmer picture out of your window now, though I do not complain, I am very fond of snow. Can’t wait to prepare snowy captures this season. Ready to catch snowballs?

Yours Ann

Love is the Dawn of Marriage, and Marriage is the Sunset of Love

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” ~Mohandas Gandhi


Though my photo equipment is pretty modest I managed to capture several breathtaking sunsets presented by this Fall. We all are busy nowadays and any opportunity to look up is being treasured. At one of the evening strolls I caught several pictures of splashy pallette that made me wonder whether there is yet anything more beautiful. I am sure that nature will never stop surprising me.

The setting sun, and the music at the close, As the last taste of sweets, is sweetest last, Writ in rememberance more than long things past.” ~William Shakespeare


Aw, Will, your fantastic ability to give your observations a poetic touch is overwhelming. Both the picture (made by a very modest photographer) and the quote (written by the talented poet) make me enjoy the life. Such divine moments exactly help me understand why life is so wonderful. I almost hear “It’s a Beautiful Life” in my ears. Don’t you? I will ask to add music button below.

When do you think the Sun has completely set? Think a bit….Who said that?


The Earth’s air bends the image of the Sun upward, so we can still see the Sun even though it is physically below the horizon. The light is bent upward by just about the same size as the Sun, so when the lower limb of the Sun just kisses the horizon it’s actually already set. I confess I am not that smart, the answer I found in one of the magazines! But maybe you know that without a hint!

Do not forget to look at the sky today, tomorrow, always, and you might be impressed with what you see. Probably time will stop and your eyes can admire the view…just like now!

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Wish you many beautiful sunsets! Let me know if you watch sunset this night!

Take care,

Yours Ann

Art Takes Nature As Its Model

Art takes nature as its model. (Aristotle)


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Because the landscape has always been an integral part of my life, I have developed a deep sense of belonging to nature rather than feeling apart from it or above it.

(Clyde Aspevig)

Have you developed your sense of belonging to nature???


Do not forget that we are belong to our Mother Nature!

Love you all,

Yours Ann

“Autumn…the Year’s Last, Loveliest Smile”


An absolutely brilliant quote is said by William Cullen Bryant. I respect wit and ability to notice the unusual sheltered in the usual. Autumn is the season that is not fully appraised. I would like to steal your free minute and look at this loveliest smile through the images I have recently captured. If you let me today my endless thoughts will be sealed with silence and each of you will have time to enjoy and compose your own thoughts that I hope to read in my comment’s table. Thank You!

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”  Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Notebooks


“October, baptize me with leaves! Swaddle me in corduroy and nurse me with split pea soup. October, tuck tiny candy bars in my pockets and carve my smile into a thousand pumpkins. O autumn! O teakettle! O grace!” Rainbow Rowell, Attachments


And Lady Jane Austen just read my mind:  “Her pleasure in the walk must arise from the exercise and the day, from the view of the last smiles of the year upon the tawny leaves and withered hedges, and from repeating to herself some few of the thousand poetical descriptions extant of autumn–that season of peculiar and inexhaustible influence on the mind of taste and tenderness–that season which has drawn from every poet worthy of being read some attempt at description, or some lines of feeling.”


What are your lines of feeling? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy forthcoming Halloween!

Yours Ann

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October’s Riot


“October proved a riot a riot to the senses and climaxed those giddy last weeks before Halloween.”
― Keith Donohue

Hello, hello, my dear little Friends! It has been a week since I talked to you last time. So, how are you doing? I felt that there is something in October air or atmosphere in general that put me on riot. Perhaps this gloomy rainy weather. Or shorter daylight. Usually I try to find a good explanation to everything that works wrong. It seems not this time. Longer nights help me think more and realize too much. I refuse to accept more materlialistic things. I would like to beleve so much in real friendship. I still hope that good wins over evil. Yet world shows me the opposite.


My nice buddy, Mr Brain, reminds me to guard my senses and do not stay somewhere in between, but come back to usually accepted rules of human existance. They were not established by us, thus we have to obey them. Huh. The last chance to protest is to be creative and try to decorate this world with something made with love. This is exactly how I came across to opening doors to a new shop at :https://society6.com/anrostudio

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Latest news for today is that I am currently working on my new episode of Fun Time!  It is a rioting October. No rules, no restrictions, no obey, just follow your passion and visit my shops!

Happy Autumn Week!

Love you all,

Yours Ann

When Fall Comes





Hey, hey, hey, how are you doing, my Friends? It is high time we had a sweet chat, don’t you mind? I confess that I found myself spending more time for my crazy filmmaking. Hm, what can I say in my defense – I am just so fond of the process. Let’s say that I mellow out a lot when I can press this terrific “rec” button. I undergo metamorphosis and jump like a ball. Oh, that is so rightly said. I guess I can never be bored of it. No way. Euphoria goes through my veins and floods me. And when Fall comes everything is even more perfect. The most beautiful and creative seasons ever. Fall is the best present for every artist. It gives you everything you need. The largest choice of colors, shapes, sounds, moods and la-la-la. The most unpredictable season as well. In the morning you pull your cap over your ears and in the afternoon you take off almost everything. Today sun smiles at you and makes you feel high. Tomorrow grey clouds chase you and make you feel down.



Dear, dear Mr Fall, what does you bring us today? Indian summer with colorful crackling leaves and delicate webs flying all over or unwelcoming dark cloudy and cold scenes accompanied with the only wish to hide under the warm blanket with an interesting book. Such a capricious Mr Fall. Yet I fell in love with your first falling leave. As I heard catching leaves in Fall brings good luck. I am willing to catch 12 for every month of the next year. Every leaf means a lucky month. I need them to fulfill my goals and dreams. And then share them with you. Today is no exception; there are new pictures to admire and new souvenirs to check (every Monday discounts, codes are at the site).



When Fall comes I took my Nikki and Cami for an inspiring walk. And what do you do when Fall comes? Please, please write me in the comments below. My ears are eager to hear and my eyes – to see!



Catch Your Fall!



Fun Time with Ann (Pilot Episode)

I remember the first time it happened many years ago. I cannot tell you exactly how old I was, but not much, I was such a kid. Maybe I even did not grow up much, I am still that kid who takes on different outfits and pretends that she is an actress, singer, dancer and whose auditorium – her great-grandmother. The scene is as fresh as if I see it now. My great-grandmother sits in her dress and a floral pattern headscarf on the sofa and attentively looks at the curtains of the next room. Suddenly one of the curtains is slightly opened by a small childish hand and a funny girl stands on the impromptu stage. She wears her aunt’s high heel shoes and long colorful dress. It apparently does not suit her size and hangs on her awkwardly. However, this little silly star starts to sing and dance, and her granny (as she called her) smiles beamingly. The sunlight peeps through the thick window curtains and plays with its dancing spots on the head of the newly-made star. The dark unwelcoming room transforms to the sparkling scene where a new talent is born. Her voice is not the best, she hardly has one, and however, she does not seem to care. She enjoys being in the center of attention, she moves in her own tempo and nothing else matters. Her granny applauds and also sings with her, she looks so joyful. This silly little girl has already knows that one day she is going to stand on the real stage and the professional camera will be pointed at her…and fortunately she will just talk and not sing, lucky you are, my dear little Friends. Please welcome Ann:

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Love you all!

Yours Ann

Naked November

Writer in Me

The writer who sleeps in me is a much better person than I am. I am not kidding – it is naked truth! Wow, look at your faces now…you heard the word “naked” and your imagination has broken loose…hold your horses, dear friends, we cannot undress here, it’s a public place, we can make people scared, only trees can do that, since they have nothing to hide. And what about us? Do not you have some secret thoughts kept deep inside? Get the whole thing off your chest!

Leaves Are Off

Better? Not bad for the beginning.

Autumn Joy

There is the end of November, so with my post I am trying to catch the last train. Winter is coming soon, and it has no intentions to make way for Autumn. Nature has already unveiled her winter wardrobe. But you know what, temperature outside is not that cold to wear fur yet.  Hey, look at the thermometer first, don’t you see how sunny is outside? I just wonder that people like choosing clothes according to calendar!

Sunny November

I have to confess that this picture is not new, I mean not this week made, unfortunately! Still I cannot let it stay unseen, you need to enjoy this beauty now and with me!

Walk With Me

November is a serious month, I mean it is usually gray and rainy one, comfortable time to think and look around. I catch myself in a word that November can be very beautiful and ugly at the same time. However, I have to clarify that Nature is beautiful always no matter of season. I am going to talk about both, but showing you only which is good. My idea is to replace something ugly with something beautiful. Aren’t you confused? I hope not…

November Road

On my life road map I see too many red stop signs, when I cannot drive further…

Life Road

My Nicki refuses to capture that ugly moments of reality – he would not let them stuck in our heads, better to enjoy only sweet lovely instants.

Lovely Instants

I would not like to see how trees are cut down because somebody (who has money earned in not so honest way) dreams of his palace!

Castle In the Forest

I am physically not able to understand how can big rivers disappear. One of the major reasons is the over-exploitation of the underground water reserves, while environmental destruction is another reason, because desertification of forests has caused a rain shortage in the mountain areas. Again who is guilty, think about? And what is more awful than fish poaching. When fishermen use nets to catch spawning fish. Do they use their brain? You know what they have no brain at all, instead of this very important part of human head they have an empty place!

Fish In Net

Huh, I am going to be harsh today. It is just the beginning, ladies and gentlemen! I started with global problems: trees cutting down, rivers disappearance, climate change, depletion of ozone layer, pollution, overpopulation, waste disposal, and etc. You may tell me  that is not our cup of tea, GREENPEACE and other ecological organizations should fight against them. Probably you are right. However, who is behind? Guess who…yes, we are usual people who occupied this Planet and forget that we need to care about it. I wish we could love our Motherland!

Lost Way

I wish I could not see people who who dump rubbish in public places. I do not feel that fine is enough who such people, I have a better punishment – how about cleaning out this territory for the next two months and not only papers left, but everything, even the smallest pieces, especially from grass. Wipe that smile off your face!


A serious confession I hate policemen…who earn money illegally. Have you ever met such ones? I met, unfortunately. In my country if you are a foreigner and your car has a foreign numberplate, then they will not miss you. Do not expect that their vision fails and they will not recognize your number- they have a super torch! Nothing can distract them from a very important mission to check how much extra cash you have in your pockets and also how much you are ready to give them. They consider it as some tips for using our awful roads…who gave them such a right? Their stupid uniform?


And what about doctors? They are supposed to safe our life – instead they poke their nose into our pockets for…the same money. Is it human? I hardly can find an appropriate word for that.

Autumn Web

World is too materialistic. The more I look at it, the less I like it.

Only One is Left

Trees are able to change their leaves and we cannot. November is naked and so do we are. We have no super power or even magical stick. We cannot judge even. Sometimes we are lack of strength to fight. We are human beings who should just survive.

Trees Are Naked1

Although there is one thing…

Naked November

Nicki can capture one magical moment and I will replace ugly reality with it…

Good-Bye Autumn

What do you think? Will it work?

Last Leaves

Let’s say good-bye to Autumn!

Yours Ann

Trees Are Big, People Are Small

Big Trees

Starting a new post is a very important rite for me. It is almost devouteful. Every time I touch magical buttons on my notebook I feel concentrated, deadly serious and excited. Writing gives me a huge wave of energy and, at the same time, exhausts me till the last drop. I usually do not know about what I will write, my fingers and imagination are running into each other, as a result, you are forced to read my unpretentious stories. I pity you a lot, I can be often philosophical and not much entertaining. I guess it is not so right. Our life is already too complicated, so by entering this wordpress world we are eager to relax and have fun, we do not need to think too much. I absolutely agree with you.

Fall ImpressioWriting for me is great fun and work, but very relaxing. In my childhood I also liked to make up different stories and even more I particularly enjoyed the impromptu scene-writing exercises because of how liberating they felt. I asked my younger cousins to play with me. Poor they are, they had no choice – they were my actors. I got used to play between big trees where I felt myself so small, tiny, almost invisible…

Colorful Tree World

Many years passed since that time, but my imagination still plays tricks on me. And I love walking between trees with the sun poking its way through the branches and wondering what do they think of us. Do not they feel giant compared to us? Do not we feel too small compared to them? Haven’t you ever thought about it? Nope, I see. Such strange thoughts can appear only in my crazy head. Hey, wait a minute, I think you are not so honest with me, you have crazy ideas, you are just ashamed of them and afraid to tell. Oh, I caught you!

I Look At You

How about such quote “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”  (John Muir). Well-said, isn’t it? He was a wisdom man. Sometimes I feel that trees and nature might help me clarify how this world works. Nature laws are so obvious and right. Stronger eats weaker, bigger conquers smaller. Weaker has no chance to survive. Seasons are changed. Old leaves are fallen. So simple and complicated as well. In life – not. Why? I did not find an answer yet and you? That’s why I like nature more than real life. It can be good to hide between these big and colorful trees. Ops, yes, here among powerful trees I will not be able to write and talk to you, there is no network and electricity, no, this variant is not good. At least I tried!

Autumn Forest

Trees look at us bottom-up. Maybe this is the reason why I feel myself so small. And you, not? Aha, your should be 1.90 metres high then. Lucky you are. However, most of us are still small. And not only due to our height, but also because of our missions. Every newly born has a special mission. Each mission is very important and unique, but not each is well appreciated.

Damn Pretty

For example, many of us have simple life, usual jobs and hobbies. None of us are genius, billionaire, philanthropists. We do not discover new planets, develop new devices or save somebody’s lives. Some of us just sit in their office and do something not too difficult.  At first sight, it really seems so. In reality – not exactly. We are little mechanisms of the large system. In case the slightest detail is lost, then it does not work. In fact, we are not so small. Everybody does something very important, which makes this world spin. Do not forget about it when you are in your office and feel unimportant. It is not right, everyone is extremely important and irreplaceable. Evaluate yourself and be proud of your achievements. Paradoxically I am telling you something what I should remind myself constantly since I have big problems with self-assurance and self-esteem. I also receive a lesson from my post. Fantastic!


In conclusion, there are no small people, only big trees, I mean tall trees. They look at us and have fun. They see how an old lady walks with her dog, who is very similar to her owner (unbelievable resemblance), or two ladies who discuss their love affairs when they were young. Later they recognize a pair – man and woman, maybe friends, not yet lovers, whose sympathy towards each other is obvious for people around.

As Slim As Trees

Or sweet little squirrels who run here and there. Funny creatures arrange their houses before winter and gather food for colder period. Life is busy for them now, no time for fun. Hold on, no, they can have fun with us, people, when we tease them with nuts and try to make photograph. Poor squirrels, they cannot understand what do we want from them, they hide from big cameras like celebrities from paparazzi. 

Hungry Squirrel

Life goes on, seasons are changed, leaves are fallen. 

Leaves Are Fallen

Bright colors turn to grey and white.

Turn to Grey and White

We are trapped in constant circle, the seconds hand of the clock race ahead…tick-tuck…I wish it could stop…please not so fast!!!

Trees are Naked

Nature is ready for winter already, not the same with us. I do feel so small, while trees are too high…

 Too High

Yours Ann