Fall of Thoughts

Fall In Sky

There is a worm that stuck in my head…and does not let me have my normal life…it bites me and always reminds me of something. So many different topics are circling in my head that I hardly can concentrate on anything. I feel stupid and useless most of the time. I will not be lyrical today, most probably I am going to be harsh and deadly serious. I would like to try to use my words as a powerful source to make you think of…many things.

Fall Curtain

Fall is in full swing and nature takes special colors to show its beauty. I wonder how talented nature is. Bright sometimes unpredictable colors are exactly right for the end of the season. Do not you see certain analogy between the end of season and end of life? And what we usually see before it? Yeah, exactly bright colors or moments of our life…or colors of another new life that is waiting for us in the unknown world… I have no intention to ignite a sparkle of some religious conflict since I do believe and have a strong faith in my heart. What I am trying to say is that fall of the season is similar to the fall of life…our life! That’s why colors of Fall are so spectacular, so blinding and hypnotizing.

Fall in Kyiv

It can be called a melancholy season which suggests so many gloomy thoughts and recalls so many blighted hopes. Weather helps us to change our mind, be moody.

For many people Fall is the time for relax after hard work in the fields. Autumn is the harvest season, a time for gathering up thoughts and ideas – a time to begin putting our lives in order. On the contrary, there is a wish to be illogical and a bit reckless. Do not plan anything, do not expect for anything, just live and enjoy. Find positive in the smallest, be happy because of the simplest! Find a perfect moment of delight and never let it go…

Fall in Delight

And then grey clouds filling the sky…

Fall of Loneliness

a moment of delight has gone and a moment of loneliness arrived…being alone not always means being physically alone, in many cases you are alone emotionally. People do not see you. It seems that loneliness is the disease of the 21st century! In actuality, the truth is that loneliness permeates all boundaries. I meet so many people who are lack of soul mates and they sometimes do not know what to do in their spare time. They have families, children and so-called friends, however, in reality they are trapped in their sense of disconnection. Loneliness has more to do with the quality of our relationships – not simply our relationship status. It’s one thing to feel lonely when you expected to. It’s quite another to be surrounded by family and a network and still feel the pangs of disconnection. The temptation is to accept our isolation, as though there are no other options.

Fall of Solutions

And then I think what can be done? How this serious problem can be solved? Unfortunately, I did not find a solution yet. It might take a lot of time. Maybe we should be just more attentive to each other and more sociable, but how to learn it and whether it is possible at all? We are so closed nowadays. We are like snails who bring their houses and hide in them anytime somebody appears on the horizon. We are afraid of talking to a stranger or even a person whom we know. We are afraid to start a conversation because somebody might think of something…and etc. We are afraid to call our friends too often because everybody is so busy. We switch on computers and use social networks where we can be honest, since nobody knows us and does not see our face. We are in a shell and not ready to get out. It is very sad, indeed.

Fall Path

Something should be done against it! There are many interesting ways and if you google, you will definitely find a huge amount of articles devoted to it. My advice is not to think about it. If such a terribly depressing idea comes to your head, then switch to something else or do something: go for a walk, gor for a vacation, call your old friends whom you have not seen for a long time, talk to a stranger (yes, let’s be more brave and decisive), watch some movie or read my post…leave me a comment and I will reply you!!!

Sunny Fall

It can be pretty awesome to be a magician and use my magical stick…then my first task is to make all people around the world not lonely…isn’t it a lovely idea? Any suggestions?

Wish you a wonderful Fall weekend!

Stay in touch,

Yours Ann

Premiere Screening

Sunday Premiere Screening of my new film!

Dear Friends, let me present you my new film which is made with love to my wonderful country! If you are interested in getting know better my country, this is a very good chance for you. I did it especially for you and with huge pleasure! Be so kind and let me know whether you like it! Thank you in advance and wish you wonderful Sunday and magical working week. 

Yours Ann,

P.S. This film is protected by copyright and watermarked; all rights to the use thereof are reserved to the Studio, it can not be used or reproduced without Studio’s permission.

Sweet Moments That Never Come Back

Life is just a passing moment and I am eager to enjoy it to the full… and you?

Let’s enjoy this moment together:

This is the film I made on my own and which I sent for Nikon Contest this year, as you may guess I failed there. I went to the first round and then I was crossed out from the Big list. Now I present it to you, my dear Friends, and hope to hear your opinion about it. This film means a lot for me, since I did it completely by myself, even the music I composed – it was one of the conditions of the competition. It was good to participate, at least, I knew that I tired. I also knew that I have to improve my skills a lot before even thinking of such challenges. However, I am happy that I delt with it. I shall admit that filming for me is not a simple hobby, it’s a real passion. In my head I always play some scenes. I visualize almost every story and every situation in my head. I have a pretty good and sometimes disturbing imagination. Everything goes through my head and stays there for a lot of time. I like playing with images and see final result. A good film can change my mood and make my life more complete. As every real filmmaker I do enjoy watching movies as well and afterwards again visualizing. Sometimes I caught myself on thought that I may go through the lives of film heroes in my head. For some seconds I might forget about reality. You may say that I am a kind of freak, perhaps you are right, but I cannot agree with you. Unfortunately, we live only once,  and what is amazing – a film or a book shows us several thousand other lives, haven’t you ever thought or felt like that? I had and I found it absolutely AWESOME! So, until I am able to, I will go on filming because it gives me vital energy without which I cannot imagine my life.

I would like you to share with me your opinion on the film presented to you, my amazing Friends, just tell me what on your mind is after watching it! I appreciate every small comment!

Thank you in advance!

Yours Ann

Directed by ANRO

Dear Friends, today I would like to introduce you one of my films that I made on my own. I am fan of filming and that’s my unreachable dream to devote my life to it. I am a pure amateur, but adore filming, and I hope these several minutes can make your day brighter, at least, it did for me!!!

So, I am honored to present you my Small National Geographic Series:

Believe me you won’t regret watching it!

Looking forward to your comments!

Have a wonderful day!


Carpathian Ukraine: life is difficult, breathe is easy (Introduction)

Carpathian Ukraine

It is thought that beyond Carpathians there is a different country with different people who speak differently. We do not fully understand them, however, we do envy their freedom spirit, which we are (people who live in Central and other parts of Ukraine) lack of. We feel ourselves as oxen, while they – more as mustangs, wild horses with their wild dances. It seems that Ukraine is the same and the only one for all of us, but we are so different. Sometimes we do not understand each other at all; often we even become enemies.  Our country undergoes some artificial dividing into Western and Eastern part, although it has been made on purpose, on Eastern Russian purpose, in order to control the whole country. It is a well-thought and successful step. Entire generations of Ukrainians carried it with them through years. Therefore when we found ourselves in the other part of our motherland, it seems we are abroad, however, that’s not exactly true.


Land is the same soft and warm there, it might be not so fecund due to specific mountain climate, but still our own and pleasant to touch. The sun is the same bright and blinding at daytime, only comes up later. Moreover, people are more friendly and kinder; they appreciate everything they have since their childhood. Nevertheless, there is one significant difference that possibly has some effect on all of us, only there I have an uncontrollable love towards my Motherland, only there I feel proud of being Ukrainian, exactly there I painfully would like to be free like a bird. A very known Ukrainian phrase “Slava Ukraini” (Glory to Ukraine) fills my eyes with tears, since I cannot say it aloud because I see young boys’ faces who died fighting for their country. I lose my Kiev balance, strings of my soul are about to break, and I want to be lost and stay between powerful Mountains forever. I would like to hide from political lies and manipulation with people, from ever-lasting fight with pricks of my conscience and adaptation to life, from fear of pessimistic future and foreboding of evil consequences of inconsequent behavior of Ukrainians. I can do it only there but only for a moment…

Road to the Mountains

Carpathian Ukraine is a little island of freedom for me that I need to visit every time I should clear my mind. Every time I am in Western Ukraine I always recall a book written by Miroslav Dochinets, very famous Ukrainian writer. This book impressed me so much that I can read it endlessly and still find something useful. The most impressive is the hero of the book Andriy Voron, who is a 104-years old man with a very bright life that made him a very wisdom man. I wish I could be as wisdom as he is, you can learn a lot from him. Maybe because of it I come back to Carpathians and always discover something new there.

Sunny Mountains

My story about Carpathian Ukraine I would like to divide into small parts, each of which is devoted to separate topic. So, if you do not mind, let’s go for a trip around Carpathian Ukraine…

Up to the Hills

No Photos Today, Just a Poem Written on my Way

I wish Ukraine

could be called EU UA.

I wish our rail and automotive road

can be as in Europe.

I wish our standard of life

can just be a little high.

I wish I could see more often

beaming Ukrainians’ smile.

I wish I could witness

stop corruption and less crime.

I wish everybody who is guilty

no matter of title and relative sign

can be equal in everybody’s mind.

I wish my Utopian Ukraine became alive.

I have no strength to see how young boys die

and their mothers silently cry.

I wish we could receive a chance

never meet Eastern or Western demanding glance…

P.S. Sorry my dear Reader, today I am in a poetic mood. I know that I am a pure amateur, but I tried to practice a bit. Topic is very difficult and unclear for many of you, but that’s what I feel. Hope I didn’t disappoint you! Have a nice Friday!