Apple Flood?

My dear little Friends,

Do you have a garden? If yes, this year you might suffer from…apple flood. At a first glance, it may seem like a real blessing, your trees gave generous harvests. At a second glance, you can find yourself surrounded by apples that are falling and falling…you don’t know what to do with them and you may be scared even…


No worries, today I will show you a couple of tricks how to gather your apples and store them for winter. Nope, my Friends, suggestions aka hamster method (you know that they put everything at once into their mouth) are not acceptable. We are human beings, aren’t we? So, we need to be more practical and caring.


Nobody likes gathering apples that are spoiled already. It can mainly happen due to their fall from a high tree. They are simple broken. Thus, there is a special apple catcher that will not only help you gather apples in their best shape, but will reach the top of the world…em…excuse me, the top of your apple tree. Practical and simple! Every apple is saved!

A very long stick (you may use your old fishing rod) with plastic flower on the top, huh, do you like it?

Ukrainians crazy about apple jams that are opened during cold winter days. Sweet and tasty jams can remind you of warm and sunny summer days spent in your garden. Do not be lazy, gather apples, wash/cut them, add sugar, boil them a bit, and volla!




One of the most efficient and cheap methods to keep your apples tasty and healthy is to dry them. Let us prepare dried apples. You cannot imagine how delicious dried apples are, especially if you spent a lot of time for slicing them on your own. Extra taste! Genius, isn’t it?


final results

In Ukraine we also make apple purees that are perfectly stored in our freezers. No sugar, no juice, just blended puree in your freezer. No vitamins loss, brilliant!

So, how’s your apple flood? Can you deal with it now?

Looking forward to hearing whether you liked my photoharvesting.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love you all,

Yours Gardener

P.S. Let me know what other topics might be interesting to read for you? I am open to new challenges!


12 thoughts on “Apple Flood?

  1. We have only one apple tree in our little garden, but it bears a lot of apples, most of which have been dropping off in the heatwave or today being blown off. Snails like eating them if I don’t get there first. My daughter made apple jam in her bread maker! I slice them up and put them in the freezer. Apple crumble is our favourite pudding.

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  2. Now i unterstand. Should have read your Blog first instead of just checkin on Facebook. I thought we were talking mushrooms, Not apples! Anyway, it is a good Idea. Will try that, too.Thank’s!

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    1. Thank you so much, my Friend! Yes, I know that growing veggies in flats is difficult. I am lucky because my granny lives in countryside and we help her dealing with gardening. It can be a very exciting hobby, sometimes not easy though, since bugs can eat everything. But can be very rewarding as well!

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  3. We have five apple trees in our garden, Ann, as well as several other fruit trees. Apart from the damson tree, which is quite a tall one, the rest are dwarf varieties that will never grow tall. But two of the apple trees produce abundant crops and we do have lots of apples most years. I’ve never tried drying them, so thank you for that tip. I have sliced and frozen some of them, but most just get wrapped individually in newspaper and they last well into the winter to be used for whatever I want. The cooking apple tree is a Bramley, so those apples are great for making pies and other such desserts, or apple sauce. What a great idea the apple catcher is. A lot of apples get badly bruised when they fall from the trees.

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