My dear little Friends,

Thank you, my dear Maverick  and my dear Carole  for your kind comments on my previous post! I was happy to bring you with me!

And my journey goes on…

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera (Yousuf Karsh).


It is only five o’clock in the morning. But my mind revolves as on a pivot. My head is aching strongly as if somebody put something heave on it. I try to lift it from my soft welcoming pillow, but it falls heavily back. My eyelids flicker open to the sunlit room and the morning light trickles in through the blinds. I close my eyelids again. Shedding myself of the remaining glimpses of a dream, my eyes were still shut as I soaked in the warmth of my covers before letting my green eyes see the sun’s rays. The tasks of the day became demanding and I think about them. I slowly turn my head to the clock standing on the night table. I check the time and wondered why I am awake at such an early hour. No sleepiness, no slow warming up. Within seconds of realizing I am on my feet, eyes wide, and dreams not just forgotten but erased. The sleepy girl sits up, drags her feet off the bed, and rubs her knuckles onto her eyes. I watch my legs dangle above the brown old carpet. How oddly exciting I felt when I opened my shutter and saw this view.


The late night I got there by car and saw nothing around me. It was pitch-dark: I couldn’t see my hand before my face. But now I understood that I woke up in the other world. As if I turned my flying machine on and landed on the other planet. Sounds crazy, right? But that’s how I felt. The view was so stunning that I did not trust my eyes. The more I was standing on the porch in my red sleeping gown, the more excitedly my heart bet. I could not believe that such beautiful places exist. Even more I could not believe that I was there and everything what I saw was real. I did not look at the advertising pictures in the travel magazine, I saw them in reality. That’s what traveling gives us, it allows us to discover what this wonderful world has to offer. Just think that you might never see this place, you may never experience the excitement of new things, or never be amazed by simple and yet surprising joys of life. Just think!

Where was your last journey? Do you read travel magazines?

Please make me happy and leave your comments! Remember that you can be featured in my next post!

Love you all,

Yours A



  1. I enjoy visiting family and friendsa in different parts of the country, but our week in France last autumn centred round visiting Mont St Michel for the first time.We stayed in the area for a few days in a lovely farmhouse with views of the island and it WAS better than the many pictures I’ve seen!

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  2. Two beautiful photoss, Ann. You are right, the views are totally stunning so it’s no wonder they held you enraptured. You are an amazing photographer! Is this post about a recent holiday? I’ve been away from my blog for so long, it will take me a while to get back into things. I believe Niedenrsill is in Austria – somewhere else I’d love to visit. I can see you had a wonderful time.
    We haven’t been abroad this year, but we had a week in Scotland at the end of June. I’ll get round to posting about the places we visited once I’m back to normal on my blog. We saw some beautiful views there, too. ❤

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    1. Oh, Millie, you are so sweet! Yes, this post about recent journey I made in the Alps. Niedernsill is a small village in the heart of Austrian Alps, this is not a popular touristic place, however, it’s worth visiting. I am in love with this place and there are so many pictures to share yet! Oh, you were in Scotland, how interesting! I should say that I have a hidden passion for UK and your amazing fairy villages where everything looks gorgeous and peaceful. I confess that visiting UK is one of my dreams, just it’s not easy due to visa and money issues. But nobody can forbid me dreaming, right? Looking forward to seeing your posts about Scotland, how exciting!


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