Take Your Hat Off

Hello, my dear Friends,


https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/image-photo/catch-my-hat-697653229 (check my hat and other images)

It is a hot summer day and time to demonstrate our hats. In case you did take your hat off, you certainly enjoy this day and you are in a good mood to play. Any hat – even the simplest- can be easily transformed to a stylish one with one touch. In my photo above I just added a little beautiful flower and created a new design. Isn’t it look elegant? Actually I believe that hat is an important accessory that will help you look classy!

Do you wear heats? How many are stored in your wardrobe? Which is your style?

Be stylish! Enjoy your day!

Love you all,

Yours Hat Designer

15 thoughts on “Take Your Hat Off

  1. Interesting post. In winter, I wear my winter hat against the cold and windy. In summer, I have a cap to protect my head from direct sunshine. My newest cap I bought from the Brazilian Tall Ship (Cisne Branco) in Kotka, Finland.

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  2. I wear hats only when necessary, Ann. I love my straw sunhats when I’m abroad in hot places. Unfortunately, In England this year I haven’t worn a sunhat at all as it’s been miserable weather for most of the time. I also like my baseball caps when I’m out and about on windy summer days. In winter I have lots of bobble hats. (Yes, I know I’ve absolutely no style at all! Lol ) I’m sure you look lovely in your hat with the flower.

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