VideoStory: Somewhere At the Mountains

Dear Friends,

Happy to see you visiting my blog and looking through my posts. As you know I am a nature-dependent person who is working seriously on her book now. And it is well-known that inspiration and muse are occasional guests at every writer’s brain, I am not the exception. Therefore, I had to look for it and could not find better place than here:

Would you be able to meet your muse at such a place? What is your opinion? Share with me and please your passionate film-maker!

Have a hot summer weekend! I Do!

Love you all,

Yours Film Director


20 thoughts on “VideoStory: Somewhere At the Mountains

  1. Amazing place, and you did a wonderful video, I can see how inspirational place, but music is so nice too. Every writer has his/her own place… Thank you, I enjoyed so much. Good Luck for your book. Love, nia

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  2. I could sit by that rippling water and write all day, Ann. Such a wonderfully tranquil setting. I love the way you show the scene in its different moods. The mists rolling across the mountains looks lovely. I hope you get lots of writing done.


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