See Ukraine Through My Eyes (Advertising My Book)

BackgroundHello, my dear Friends,

Hope you are doing well and enjoy this weekend. Sunday has arrived and I cannot leave you without fresh food for your brain. In case you have a free minute and wish to relax, why not to read this little excerpt from my book, which is waiting to be finished by its always-busy author, and let me know what do you think about it:

The talk about Ukrainians as a nation requires an insight into our past. Ukrainian mentality was influenced by many factors: geographical location, specific climatic conditions, and tragic historical destiny. We have been known as hard-working, thrifty, skilled farmers emotionally attached to their land and family. It is historically proven that Ukrainians are Aryan descendants. Are not you impressed? Recently, Germans have made a serious DNA research, which confirms that Aryans were our ancestors, and also proved the fact that Ukrainians and Russian HAVE NEVER BEEN BROTHERS. We have different DNA genes. I knew it!
In Ukrainian culture there are a lot of elements related with the ancient Indo-European tribes – nomadic cattle-breeder, who called themselves “aryans”. They occupied the current terrains of Ukraine. Aryan soldiers similar to Ukrainian kosaks wear the same hair style, i.e. head is shaved with only one tuft of hair remaining. Also, Aryans were known to wear a battle waistband with different weapons. This waistband is still used in traditional clothing of Western Ukraine.

And now let us have a look at the modern Ukrainian. Ukrainians have always treasured a realistic look at life. We are mostly not given to artificiality. Ukrainians do not follow the rule of “a plastic smile” at their faces. Only natural feelings are stamped on our faces. Instead, our passions burn low but strong and steady. There is tendency to fall into moods; we may be sad, then suddenly burst with unabated optimism and infectious vitality. Our sense of humor is bitingly ironical. Surprisingly, the Ukrainian proverb “simplicity is not a sin” (direct translation) can serve us as an innocent excuse and who will argue about that. You cannot be sinful if your attitude towards things is just simple, without any second thoughts. You just follow your instincts and act according to your mind and heart. There is nothing bad – we are the children of Mother Nature. These features are reflected in typical Ukrainian character. In case you know the author of this book, then you are likely to have observed them. This book written by her is the most appealing fact…

To be written further…

Have a great Sunday and lovely forthcoming week! Appreciate every minute and smile!

Love you all,

Yours Writer



24 thoughts on “See Ukraine Through My Eyes (Advertising My Book)

  1. Happy to know more about Ukraine, Anna!
    Ukrainians are Aryans? wow! Then it seems we have something in common! Indians too have Aryan roots…you must be aware. Swatsika used by German Nazis is actually a mirror image of the one used in India since ancient times. This symbol is used in all sacred and religious places.

    so what’s your book all about? Got me curious!

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    1. Happy to hear you are curious, dear Arv, It’s my purpose😉. My book is about Ukraine, everything from how It’s got its name to how is life In Ukraine now, a kind of little encyclopedia!😊

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      1. Dear Arv, no book is unavailable yet, however, soon it will be. Its price will be modest, I assure you. I will let you know as soon as it is online! Thank you for your kind interest, have a nice day! Hugs😉

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  2. Writing a book is a wonderful experience. I have written several now on Amazon under N.W Boyer. My children’s books are also there under Nancy W. Boyer. ( If you’d like to take a look.)
    I spent time teaching at Donetsk Christian University and will be interested in reading what you have to say about your home country. I certainly enjoyed teaching at this University, which unfortunately has been taken over by the Russian sympathizing army. What a shame for the people of Ukraine for it had a wonderful course of study (from Oxford U.) and a beautiful campus. Hopefully there are better days ahead if this world can find a better way to live.
    Blessings to you as you continue to write. Nancy at Boyer Writes.

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