A Book Written By Heart and Soul

My dear Friends,

Today I would like to introduce the prologue of my BOOK:



While standing on the peak of this unknown mountain with a film camera in her hands Ann could scarcely make out the land hidden behind. A large orange drop of sun lingers on the horizon and spreads welcoming early morning beams around. The instant buzzing drone sounds approach Ann’s ear. She curiously lifts her head up and catches the first glimpses of flying object. It looks like a small plane on a serious mission. And truly its mission is very important, it smoothly inspects the endless unknown terrain and films stunning views. The colors visible through the tiny remote control are difficult to describe, the palette is the brightest as ever. A prominent artist will give them an appreciative look and imprint them in his/her creative mind. Later this picture will be presented to you at one of the markets, but you might pass them by being intrigued by stupid something. There is no time to admire art. Our minds are too often occupied by unnecessary thoughts, it is better to remove the clutter – the thoughts, the worries and the fears, and you will see that life roots at this moment. This is a perfect early sunrise on the green hill to meet a new day, a new life, and a new challenge. “That is, indeed, a real challenge!” Ann’s mind silently whispered to her. This little girl in a strikingly violet coat with her blond hair flowing with the wind has got this mysterious smile, the kind not seen in a while. She firmly presses her precious camera to her chest as if they are bonded. There is something in the way she looks, the way light sparkles in her eyes. It is weird how she doesn’t know, she attracted his attention the instant he laid his eyes on her. She does not see him, right behind her elegant back he throws admiring glances. However, she glances back and flirtingly smiles. Their glances sealed in a love dance speak for themselves. Their knot is tight, their souls are in tandem, both enjoy the same. He is a skillful master, she is a dream lady, and each of them knows what to do like the details of one wheel that circles well. He inspires her and she cannot stop creating something new. At this instant a thought strikes her mind and she throws herself into the void…she dreams a book! A pile of thoughts collected in her brain shelf to be released!

What did your critical reader’s eye catch?

Stay in tune!

Sunday Series will be also devoted to my BOOK!

Yours Film Director and Writer


15 thoughts on “A Book Written By Heart and Soul

      1. Aw, dear Mon, you are so so sweet and kind, thank you so much for your readiness to help me. I appreciate any help. Certainly go to Florence and enjoy your days there. There is time yet. A big hug! Love you!

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  1. “she is a dream lady, and each of them knows what to do like the details of one wheel that circles well”

    Intriguing, Ann! I applaud your creative effort and look forward to more of your book. It seems it may be the perfect amalgam of your artistic imagery and words!

    As always, you leave me very impressed!!

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    1. Dear Jim, you picked up the wright word “amalgam”, my writing is as fast as my imagination, a constant flow and change of frames. Writing to me is really a big effort, not sure I can always impress you…hope at least you won’t be disappointed! Thank you for reading, your know how valuable your writer’s opinion!

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  2. Your words are so mesmerizing my dear. I could almost imagine everything in front of my eyes. You’re so talented – a great writer, a lovely photographer and now a book! Heartiest congratulations to you my dear, Ann.

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    1. Dear Shamira, how can i not hug you after all these compliments, though I feel a bit overestimated! Thank you a lot, there are no words to express how happy I am now. I am so far from being a real writer, however, I feel good while composing something. Your posts do inspire me as well, I love your elegant style, you are such great writer, dear!

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