No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied – it speaks in silence to the very core of your being” (Ansel Adams)

These mountains, my mountains, my Western Ukrainians mountains do speak to the very core of my being.

Geographically playing I dare to divide my country in four parts: eastern, western, northern and southern. I live in the Northern, while my heart usually drifts to the Western  with its rich nature and most gorgeous views ever. No matter how many times I do come back there, I still find something hidden, something captivating and new.  And this time while traveling there I found myself so attracted to these fantastic mountains that I lost my wish to come back even. The emotions caught me and would not like to leave. I was happy and so free as never and anywhere in my life. There in the middle of the field between these cute little flowers I felt myself so good and so right like I do belong to be there. Odd and confusing feeling, yet so lovely one – to find your place, the place where your heart and soul sing, where you enjoy every second and where nothing bothers you from that perfect harmony with nature and complete dissolve in it. There is so less I need, just this peaceful island where nobody can find me. My mountains will protect me from anything bad and they will accompany me in my search of silence. It does important to enjoy silence, sometimes words are not required. Mountains, powerful and unknown nature gifts can read between the lines of my soul. You just look at them and see their silent response. That is all you need. That is all I need:

What does speak to the core of your very being? Where is your island?

I believe my little film will bring you joy and peace and will make your week special!

Love you all,

Yours Film Director



  1. That was a lovely film dear Ann! It has really inspired me to visit Western Ukraine someday (soon, hopefully!). As you know, my special place is the Faroe Islands! 😀 I guess we feel the same about our two places!

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    1. Thank you for your warm words, my dear Mel! You are welcome here anytime! Yes, I know about your special place and I do love it also, hope to travel there also one day, it is a dreamplace!


  2. Your special place is so very beautiful, Ann, and I’d love to visit it one day. I’ve lived in several areas of the UK, but where I am now is far too flat to be my perfect place. Like you, I love the mountains and find my solace there. My perfect place would be the Lake District, where the mountains are just lovely. It was wonderful to see you enjoying those Western mountains. As you said, you and the mountains were ‘in perfect harmony’.

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    1. Dear Millie, I am so happy you joined me in my video and saw my perfect place! I am glad to know that you also have yours, it would be absolutely fantastic to come to the Lake District one day with you and film there, hope it is possible, I can always let myself dreaming! Thank you for watching and sharing with me your thoughts, feels good now! Hugs!


    1. It is indeed, dear Jo, you know it better than anyone. Your walks in very beautiful places do inspire me. I can imagine myself there with you, we should make some videos about your walks, won’t it be great???

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