Embraced by the Smell

I sniffed, touched, smiled, captured and shared:

Sniff, touch, smile, share!
Yours Film Director

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26 thoughts on “Embraced by the Smell

  1. Oh, I’m so behind on your blog entries dear Ann! I’m very busy with exams, but I did just have time to watch this beautiful video. This video had me longing for spring, which hasn’t really arrived in Denmark yet :/ hopefully it will come soon! :-*

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    1. Dear Mel, wish you only excellent marks and huge good luck! Soon this difficult period will be over and you will step on your adventurous road, right? Thank you for stealing your time and watching my video, I was on a mission to forward soonest and warmest spring to you! Take care!


  2. Hey, Ann! Wonderful movie πŸ™‚
    I can say that I could feel the perfume. I love lilac, too. Here, unfortunately, lilac’s time is already gone.
    Mo-hugs and kisses ❀

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    1. Thank you, Mon, you did follow the instructions and enjoyed the smell! Yeah, I know that in Romania and some other countries around us lilac season is much sooner. But there I am to extend the pleasure! Hugs and kisses back!

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  3. How beautiful, Ann. I love the way you filmed the different lilacs, and your close-ups are delightfully detailed. Lilac is one of the main things that come to mind when I think of spring, and you have shown the different shades perfectly. The lilac in our garden has been flowering for a while and is now starting to fade. I have another year to wait now…

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    1. Dear Millie, what a delight your sweet comment, thank you so much, you have got an eye for beauty! Lilac is the most delicate and aromatic spring sign, cannot stop admiring and looking!


    1. Dear Shamirs, you are so sweet and supportive, I am so grateful for your amazing comment. I am working on extending my channel and make it even more captivating…hugs and best wishes!πŸ’‹

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    1. Ha-ha-ha! It might be be true, my Friend, though I believe that in this case our noses are able to catch more than one smell! Have a nice day! Happy to see you here! Warm welcome!


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