Culinary Venture

Hello, my dear Friends, imagine pressing the button Audiorecipes   

“New ideas are continually popping up in my head and I can’t wait to share my delicious audiorecipes “Ukrainian Cuisine with Ann”. In my menu today are Ukrainian borsch, cream cheese salad and cottage cheese pie, which I will cook online with you. Download my audio file (mobile, player, or any device), come to your kitchen, press the listen button and let’s cook.”

Only for you, my Friends, and only here I present you a 15% discount Code: SIXRI3NEMD for my audio book valid till April, 17. Do not hesitate and purchase my audio book with authentic Ukrainian meal recipes cooked by me in real-time mode!

I invite you to my delicious food journey where you will find out the origin of Ukrainian borsch (or beetroot soup), acquire necessary culinary skills, learn some useful techniques, and experience fun time with Ann at her kitchen spiced with entertaining music and real kitchen sounds.

Just 0.99$ (even less if you use my specially-for-you coupon) for unforgettable plunge into authentic Ukrainian cuisine guided by funny Ukrainian Dreamer! Belly satisfaction is guaranteed! Yam-yam! Mouthwatering!

Buy, cook, share, and enjoy your meal!

Yours Chef-Cook

20 thoughts on “Culinary Venture

    1. Dear Irene, thank you so much for your kind support, I am glad you like it. I put such a price to make this offer attractive, since I know that many recipes are available for free in the internet and people prefer getting them for free. However, I offer the recipes that I cook on my own. Certainly they are not unique, but I still do it in my own way. Well, in this audio file you will find three recipes, main course is Ukrainian borsch, which is traditionally based on meat broth, but I do offer my vegetarian friends to skip the stage of meat boiling and just cook this beetroot soup in simple water. I use Ukrainian frying for vegetables, which means frying in oil, but adding some water, stewing. We can say that this is a vegetable soup with such ingredients as raw beetroot, carrot, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and cabbage. Beetroot will make it red one, tomatoes will give a bit sour taste. Second dish is cream cheese salad where main ingredients processed cheese (melted), hard boiled eggs and garlic, you can use it as cream on a toast. And finally, cottage cheese pie that is baked from home-made cow cottage cheese.

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      1. Thank you, dear Irene, hope recipes will be clear for you and you will enjoy the taste. In case something is not clear enough, do not hesitate to write me via twitter (as private messages) or here as well. My recipes are in audio format MP4 16 minutes long.

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  1. That is so awesome, Ann! I’m so happy for you and congratulations! I’m going to buy it right away..very very excited to learn some new recipes!! You’re so talented and hardworking and I just love how creative you are!

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    1. Dear Shamira, you made my day with your sweet support, do not know how to thank you, I do not deserve. I do hope that my audio recipes will be interesting and useful, I am so curious about the results, please let me know whether everything is clear, I feel responsible. I am a bit amateur at all of this, but I do it with huge pleasure! Thank you! Your compliments are too great!

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  2. Ann, I wanted to let you know that I loved your audio book! I could almost imagine you cooking in front of me as you were talking. I’m going to give your recipes a try as they sound amazing! Thanks a lot, and wish you all the very best!

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    1. My dear Shamira, cannot express with words how happy I am to know you loved my book and you will use my recipes, oh my, I feel so rewarded😊, thank you so much 😊, you are the best! Hugs! It means a lot!

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