“The Deep Roots Never Doubt Spring Will Come”

“The deep roots never doubt spring will come.”  Marty Rubin

The views are worth a thousand likes…Ann is in search of her Spring and she found it:

Did you find yours?

Have an inspiring week!

Love you all,

Yours Ann

26 thoughts on ““The Deep Roots Never Doubt Spring Will Come”

    1. Hi, Chy, so nice to meet you too! Thanks for your link, I will follow you, your blog looks exciting! Thank you for dropping by, I am always happy to see new people browsing through my pages!Ann

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  1. So a soft anticipation of what is to come. You have a almost childlike quality in your presentation. That is a compliment. I love the picture with the Orthodox church in the background…so very Ukraine. We have a few of these churches in my home state of Florida. Lovely. from Nancy at Boyer Writes.

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  2. Many of us live through the last weeks of winter in anticipation of the first signs of spring, I loved accompanying you on your walk through the forest and often do the same in our local woods. Signs of spring are everywhere here, too, and many trees are already blossoming. Thank you for such a lovely post, Ann, and the reminder of new life everywhere.

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