Blooming Window

No blooms outside yet, but I’ve got mine inside. Dear Friends, my pleasure to share with you this blinding beauty, hope you are not afraid of bright happy colors:

Let your week be so joyful and beautiful as these flowers!

And what’s at your window? Any bloom?

Love you all,

Yours Crazy Director

29 thoughts on “Blooming Window

    1. ” A sensual perspective on the world….” is so beautifully said, you do not stop surprising me with your gentle attitude towards well tailored phrases. I am afraid I can use a simple “thank you”!

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  1. Those are gorgeous Ann! The flowers I have inside are not that exciting. However, outside I have fruit trees that are about that start blooming any day. My plum tree have actually started to bloom already. The weather is going to start getting warmer next week, and after all the rain we had I’m expecting an explosion of flowers. Thank you for sharing yours!

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  2. Your bright happy colours are perfect for making us think of warm, sunny days ahead and giving us that feel-good factor Ann. Your orchids, in particular, are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely plants with us. 🙂

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    1. Aw, sweet Millie, I am so happy that my flowers can bring that feel-good factor to you too, they certainly bring it to me and I am always eager to share everything beautiful with you, it’s so important to find happiness in every detail. Thank you!


    1. Dear Lidiia, welcome back from your amazing trip. I can’t wait to read about your impressions and your thoughts, it had to be exciting. The slogan is perfect, people who made it up are talented and creative. Thank you for your kind compliment. Warm spring hugs!

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