From Winter to Spring One Step


Dear Friends, do not you feel the first flavors of Spring. I believe that my new video and these spring colors will help you:



Aren’t these colors make your surroundings brighter and warmer. I love first touches of Spring, they are so innocent and fresh. Spring is long awaited, spring is already in our mind, heart and soul.  The most inspiring period, especially for me, since I am engaged in a new venture. I started to write an ebook about Ukraine. 10 stories spiced with interesting and unknown information as well as decorated with unique photos. What will you say? Would it be interesting to you? I appreciate your answer. Thank you.

Have a relaxing Sunday evening and successful forthcoming working week!

Love you all,

Yours Ann


12 thoughts on “From Winter to Spring One Step

  1. A beautiful video, Ann. You certainly know how to entertain us with views of your lovely country, as well as with fanciful and pretty images. Spring is in the air in the UK, too. Spring flowers are blossoming in parks and gardens, bringing us some lovely splashes of colour. I’ll look forward to seeing your posts over the next few weeks when you show the colourful blossoms of your homeland,

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Millie, I appreciate so much your wonderful compliment. So happy I was able to entertain you with the views of my country, that’s the purpose in mind. I will try to film the first flower bloom and share it with you, Spring is the most welcome period for most amazing scenes. I wish I could visit UK and enjoy your wonderful views, it’s my little dream. UK is so rich for landscapes I admire so much.


  2. Dear Mel, how lovely of you to present me with the compliment of the day, you are so sweet. Thank you for your encouragement words regarding my ebook, I do hope I will be able to produce something interesting to read. My goal is to talk about Ukraine and share something which you might find out only from me, from the person who knows it from inside. Pretty challenging, but so exciting.


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