Snow & I (Fun Time Series)

Dear Friends, as I promised you here a good choice for this weekend – my film. A new episode of Fun Time with Ann (with Ukrainian subtitles) devoted to snow, winter and fun. Where there is Ann, there cannot be a serious topic, though do not forget that I do usually talk unserious about serious. In every joke there is a piece of truth, right? Thus, this is a very serious work which took lots of my time and knowledge. I confess that this is the FILM I IMAGINED FIRST and only then filmed. I played it in my head before pressing record button. I guess better not to talk much and let you watch, and share with me your after thoughts. You know how much I treasure every your comment and like. They are vital muses for my creative and hungry mind, yeah, I am very hungry for your comments. Be generous!

Enjoy weekend and relax well!

Love you all,

Yours Crazy Director

P.S. What would you say if I tell you that I have a wish to write an ebook? Any ideas on topic? Looking forward.


40 thoughts on “Snow & I (Fun Time Series)

    1. Oh, yes, Jim, in fact, whenever I am outside I have always thoughts, most of them philosophical! Cannot agree that my say is wise, I did mention common things, we know about them all, just sometimes forget. Thank you for watching and sharing your ideas! I am so grateful! Hugs!

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  1. Hi Ann, I enjoyed your “silly” snow film! Your commentary is great because you are just putting yourself out there – transparent and un-polished. Folks appreciate that. As you have seen from my photo-blog, we have had a record snowfall in Vancouver, Canada! Thanks for dropping by. I’ll have to re-visit your site when I have more time. Keep up the good attitude and watchout for snowballs.

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    1. Thank you so much, my Friend. I do enjoy filming and always have fun. You are right, I am honest and open, there is nothing to hide, I just would like to spread the joy I’ve got from nature, winter and snow. I love it and would like to share with people. I know that you are covered with snow, I love your country, I dream of visiting it one day. Some of my far relatives live there. I admire your nature. You are most welcome at my blog and vlog, I’ve got many videos at my channel, drop by and have fun. Life is only once, so why not just have fun! Hugs! Thank you a lot!

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      1. Very nicely done and I particularly like the animated finale! Yes, I think “Hello, Friends” is always a good start to any endeavor. And you should use it in your Academy Award Speech when your dream is realized. Your are a unique, shining snowflake, Ann. Hold on tightly to that joyful spirit!

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      2. Thank you, dear Clare, I will follow your advice! Oh, such a sweet compliment about snowflake, I blushed. Well, I will definitely use this phrase during award speech and even more I mention all of my little friends…I swear! You do inspire me, my Clare!

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  2. A lovely snow-filled video, Ann. The scenery is so beautiful and I can understand why you say you can’t imagine a year without a cold winter, or changing seasons. I love the changing seasons. too, although in the UK we don’t have the white winters that you have. I really enjoyed your commentary and watching you playing happily in the snow. As for how to address your blogging friends… I like Hello friends / dear friends or even My dear little friends/fellows as you used to say. In other words, I’d be happy with whatever you wish to call us.
    Keep following your dreams – and an ebook sounds a wonderful idea. I imagine you’d write a non-fiction, probably about film and photography, but perhaps a fiction, set in your country would be great. You have so many gorgeous villages and historic sites.

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    1. Dear Millie, thank you very much for such great comment, thank you for helping me with the phrase for my films, your opinion is valuable. I am so happy you enjoyed my scenery, I did have fun while filming it, I just could not stop wondering how beautiful it is around me and how lucky I am to be able to freely stroll there. It is a blessing and pleasure that I had a wish to share, I did it and feel great. I guess you are right about my non-fiction ideas, I would like to talk more about my country and culture, however, I would not like to be deadly serious, I prefer writing in entertaining way to provide light and informative reading to my readers. One key factor is that I cannot write without any accompanying image, so book will be with photos. Thank you for you kind support, hope I won’t disappoint you, since I am not such a good writer!


      1. You are an excellent writer, Ann, and very creative. But all authors need to have their books edited., anyway. A good editor will spot any errors in grammar, punctuation, spellings and typos etcetera. Having your book edited is an extra cost, but it is well worth it. Good luck with it! 🙂

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      2. Thank you for your sweet words, dear Millie, I appreciate your opinion so much, since I admire your writing talent and skills. Yes, I know that editing plays a key role in successful publishing. Finding a good editor is challenging, you are so right. I know it is a long procedure, however, a very entertaining one. Thank you so much!


  3. I”be found you via Clare Sweeney and I’m very pleased and smiley that I have. Loved this little filmic ditty … but being a closet Snow Queen (with a warm heart), I would – wouldn’t I!

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