Friends, friends, friends! We haven’t seen each other for one week. How are you doing? Did you have a busy week? Mine was a bit busy. How lovely it is to stay at home for weekend and do just what you like. Edit your film, publish your photos and read your comments. This makes me feel good as if there is no distance and i just look at you while sipping a hot cup of tea with a delicisous sandwich…It is still winter in Kyiv and there, at you? Aren’t you drinking tea ☕ now? How do you like spending your weekend? What is your favorite relaxing exercise? I would love to hear…and feel a bit closer to you 😊…




Have a happy and relaxing weekend! Have some time for things you like!

Love you,

Yours Ann


54 thoughts on “Homie

  1. Dear Ann, how lovely to see the photos of where you live, and it is still cold there! We are living on the island of Gozo for the whole winter, but the temperature is around 15C and very pleasant with the sunshine, a warm sunshine.
    At the weekend I like to change my routine (I am retired), and do something different. Usually my partner and I visit a different place here on the island which is beautiful. My partner likes the sea air and see the boats. I like everywhere because I find something beautiful everywhere, like the rocks, the nature, people.
    Enjoy a lovely day tomorrow, looking forward to more photos of your area.
    Kind regards from Agnes

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    1. Dear Agnes, I am happy to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your weekend plans. I confess I have never heard about Gozo island, where is it? Sorry, I am not so good at geography, it seems ☺ …however, you description draws beautiful images in my head! I am fond of water and everything connected to it, It’s calming being next to it and just relax. You are like to live in such picturesquer place… Nature is my soul mate, I feel great every time I am out…i will try to share more photos! Thank you so much 😊! Best wishes for lovely weekend! Hugs!

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  2. I’m happiest when I’m out and about, Ann, but both of us have had heavy colds since we came back from the Algarve. I’m feeling properly grumpy 🙂 We did go looking for Chinese dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year today, but we weren’t out for long. Roll on Spring! 🙂 Enjoy your cuppa!

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  3. Such lovely colours in your photos, Ann, despite the weather being so cold. We have had no snow here this year and other than a few heavy frosts, it’s been relatively mind. Just our usual grey and miserable weather. I like to spend my weekends having nice long walks before settling down at my computer. Cups and cups of tea are a must! 😀 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Ann. 😃

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    1. Well, yes, weather can be different, but it’s important to still enjoy walking no matter. I appreciate your kind compliment, that’s a very dear place to me, sweet home! You too enjoy your weekend, dear Millie! Hugs!


  4. After a lot of rain, we are having gorgeous weather here in California. Yesterday and today we didn’t even need jackets. Sorry about that. 🙂
    I like to take short trips to places I haven’t been before. Staying home and drinking tea with a good book is also a favorite activity!

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    1. Aw, dear Mel, you will definitely spoil me with your too kind compliments! I am very happy seeing you and sharing with you my modest pictures! Thank you, Mel, you know how to please me! Big, big hugs! I love your blog and posts about Iran, they are unique!


    1. Thank you so much, my Friend! I am editing my new film now, which is going t be published soon in youtube and here as well…
      Happy to meet you too, thank you for your kind comment, I appreciate it much! Hugs!

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  5. Hi Ann, thanks for liking my blog. I live on the west coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. We have had a lot of snow in the past week. My entire social life has been on Facebook and the phone this weekend. I suppose I will have to make myself go outdoors this week. I have been avoiding leaving my home.

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    1. Oh, I can imagine, we have here also a lot of snow, which I enjoy and continuously film, however, I understand that it can be pretty challenging for people! Thank you for dropping by! Most welcome!


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