Ukrainian Christmas

Hello, my little Friends. I know that all your Christmas holidays are over and you are fully immersed into your working lives. I confess that mine are over as well. However, I would like to put a full period with my last short film devoted to something new about my own Christmas.A short film about my Christmas…songs, food and Ann on ice…these are not all the components of Ukrainian Christmas, but you still have a great chance to glance at my Christmas day in Kyiv. Promise to prepare much more serious for the next Christmas and tell you more, trust me there is a lot yet to show, you cannot even imagine!

Please make me happy and leave a little (almost invisible) comment!

Love you all!

Have a lovely week!

Yours Big Dreamer


27 thoughts on “Ukrainian Christmas

    1. Thank you so much, my Friend! You are not late, thank you for the greetings. I am very happy to know you liked my little film, it was a bit spontaneous, but energetic. My pine tree is really the most beautiful and charming, I cannot have enough of it, just wonder how beautiful it is! Have a love day! Hugs!

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  1. Lovely video Ann πŸ™‚
    I hope, that you will like a little constructive critic. Your texts for the food etc. did disappear so fast, that I didn’t have time to read them at all, which would have been good too.
    All looked like a nice Christmas time.

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  2. Hello anroworld, you’ve done great to make yourself and your viewers happy by creating such a lovely short film. It portrays the entire delightful spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas and a happy 2017 to you and all your folks!


  3. As Latvian I know when Christmas for Russian and Ukrainian people is. I hope you had a merry Christmas! Well, time to embrace the new year. Have a great year!


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