Christmas Special from AnnSanta

Good day to you, my dear little Friends! How are you doing? How is your preparation to Christmas going? Did you send your wish list to Santa? Surely you did. You have been very good, supportive Friends who inspired Ann for many creative ideas. I have to thank you a lot for your encouragement and kindness. I owe you, all of you, a big Ann’s hug. I decided to try Santa’s role on this year and prepare something special. This year my special attention has been paid to filmmaking, one of the most exciting hobbies ever. Though I cannot call it “a hobby” anymore. It has set down roots in my soul. I am bonded. I think no matter of where life brings me I will go on following my crazy passion. Don’t remember if I mentioned it, but filmmaking to me is similar to a magical clock that brings back the time. The moments can be brought back while replaying. You might say that’s not the same. But I cannot agree. Capturing the moments and replaying them may let us appreciate what has gone and reconsider some events. As life is given only once, so we have to grab them and keep in our recorded frames. One day it can be called history. History of our lives!

No more word (I have already talked a lot), just click and make me happy by leaving a comment:

And I hope to receive your answers to the question asked in my film in the comments below.

Happy Sunday! Happy forthcoming Christmas! Only one week…

Love you all,


Yours Santa


54 thoughts on “Christmas Special from AnnSanta

    1. Dear Doug, you are most welcome to come and enjoy it. Your words are the best reward to me, since that’s why I am doing it…to bring some emotions, to enjoy the life and to smile. I am hugging you strongly and wish you blessed holidays with your fantastic family! Take care!

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  1. A few thoughts I jotted down while watching your video, Anna! Merry Christmas and the most happy holidays to you! And peace. Always peace!

    What should I do Before Christmas?
    – Finish shopping
    – Remember snow (your film is a wonderful help for that. What a white Christmas you are having.)

    Your Christmas tree is lovely. Is it your tree?

    It seems so cold. I want to run over with a thermos of hot coffee or something!

    Congratulations on the achievements you’ve made this year. You should be quite proud of yourself! Anyway, many of your fans are proud of you!

    What a spectacularly filmed display of fireworks! Just, wow!

    “Your dreams will be fulfilled.” Ann R.

    A disaster! Ha! Yes, if by “disaster” you mean “delightful”! Ha!

    Thank you Anna for the warm holiday cheer! So good to see you!


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    1. Wow, Jim, you are number one in my comments list. You prepared such a delightful comment that I am smiling from happiness now. Thank you for answering my question that I asked in my film, you are the only one who paid attention. Good luck for shopping. Well, it was cold, now getting warmer and not so much snow, however, thank you for thermos, I will need it. Yes, Christmas tree is mine, but a little confession (last years). I did not put my Christmas tree yet, since I do it later. You are so generous for compliments. I hope so much that dreams can be fulfilled, I guess I am more positive about them in my films than in reality. Here is harder! I know that such fans like you can help me with it and can always bring joy and inspiration. I am hugging you strongly!

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      1. Thank you for your sweet eagerness to be my lovely viewer, but wait a minute, what I will be doing in front of camera online without a script, without any lines and being able to cut the awkward scenes…

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      2. I also love it, I am sorry if I don’t visit you as soon as you publish something, since not always have time, but I definitely come back. I especially like your posts about receipts and your sweet babies, I feel like being present there!

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  2. Happy film from you, dear Ann πŸ™‚
    You have a lot of snow now, it looks nice and very cold, brrrr
    I do only turn on candle lights in the cold time. I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I lived in Denmark and it is okay here.
    I have bought some gifts too.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a glorious Happy New Year.

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    1. Dear Irene, your support and kind words are so important to me, they made me feel rewarded for my work. Yes, I know that people don’t like being cold, but it’s nice to see everything white. I wish you also Merry Christmas and fantastic New 2017. Hugs!

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  3. A delightful video, Ann, reminding me of how much I love a snowy winter – especially at Christmas. Lovely effects with the sounds of crunching snow and the odd strains of Silent Night, and the fireworks at the end were very effective. As for your question about what we should do before Christmas… I find the build up to Christmas as exciting as the Day itself. I love choosing and decorating the Christmas tree and buying presents for everyone. (I loved that even more when the children were all little.) Oddly enough I also enjoy planning meals for the family, who always come over Christmas, and attending the Carol Service. It’s just a fun time altogether.
    Thank you for the wonderful post. Like others above, we haven’t had any snow yet, so it was lovely to see your beautiful scenes. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh, thank you so much for answering my question. I am also very fond of this pre-Christmas period, this is the most magical one. It always inspires me for filming. I am so happy you enjoyed my little video, I did it with pleasure and admiration of beauty around me. This was real Winterland, I used was since now it looks very melted. However, there is a big hope to see new snow and very soon. These fireworks did have a great impact on me as well, so I wanted to share it with you! I am grateful for your warm comment that gives me an enormous feedback! Thank you! Hugs!


  4. Dear Ann, I loved your Christmas Special and didn’t think it was a disaster at all. Although all that snow made me fell a bit chill! I liked the birds and tried to chase them but I ended up standing on the computer keys and turning off the video. But Mom started it up again and we watched the wonderful fireworks! Have a Happy New Year and try to stay dry and warm. Love, Roxie D

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    1. My sweet Baby, you are the best! Thank you for watching my video, I knew you would love that part about birds, cunning girl! You too have great holidays and lots of fun, please stay away from that big tree that usually attracts your curious mind!

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