At the First Taste

Saturday evening, first weekend day after busy week, nice dancing music, cosy kitchen, delicious food and beautiful lady Ann…these are the main ingredients of today’s Chef master class. Β You can not only find out a new receipt, but also have some fun spending time with Ann and her own Chef-Cook. And in the end of the film be ready for a surprise…not a word more, just click and make me happy with your comments below (I need them as fish water):

Have a great winter weekend!

Love you all,

Yours Film Director

23 thoughts on “At the First Taste

    1. Thank you very much, dear Irene! I do have fun anytime I press record button, it’s a constant pleasure! Moreover, I get a great feedback from people like you and it is even better! I like seeing how world smiles! You too have a lovely weekend! Hugs!

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    1. Oh, yes, Mon, I did have! I knew you love them! Hope one day we can go somewhere together and taste sushi, won’t it be great? We can make some nice film as well! You too have a great weekend!


  1. Now I am hungry for sushi and wanting to go sledding!! Thank you for sharing this with us, Ann! As always it’s a delight to hear and see you and to share your artistic talents! I can barely wait for the Christmas episode! Be careful around the mistletoe or your fans will have to kiss you! πŸ™‚

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    1. I am not afraid, dear Jim, it’s always a pleasure to get kisses from my fans, I’d love that! You even cannot imagine how happy I am to know you liked my little cooking story! You’ve got an invitation for sushi anytime! I will try to make up my Christmas story ASAP! Have fun!

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  2. You are a great sushi cooker! I would like to join your meal, hahaha=) Once I cooked about 1,5 kg of sushi for the New Year celebration and it was a great challenge =) Great video and beautiful winter wonderland ❀

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  3. Beautiful post, Ann. I’ve never tasted sushi, but perhaps I should give it a try! And I loved the wonderful snow! It looks like a wonderland that few of us ever get to see … so crisp and pure. I hope your winter continues to be so lovely.

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    1. Thank you a lot, dear Millie, you definitely should taste them, very delicious. As you see you can cook them even at home. Well, I confess that the ingredients used are simpler than in restaurants, but taste is still lovely. Gentle rice and salty salmon with some avocado is always beneficial. Here is real winter, I am working on my Christmas Special video where you will see even more snow, I can assure you will be transformed to Winterland with rosy cheeks and nice views! Hugs!


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