When Fall Comes





Hey, hey, hey, how are you doing, my Friends? It is high time we had a sweet chat, don’t you mind? I confess that I found myself spending more time for my crazy filmmaking. Hm, what can I say in my defense – I am just so fond of the process. Let’s say that I mellow out a lot when I can press this terrific “rec” button. I undergo metamorphosis and jump like a ball. Oh, that is so rightly said. I guess I can never be bored of it. No way. Euphoria goes through my veins and floods me. And when Fall comes everything is even more perfect. The most beautiful and creative seasons ever. Fall is the best present for every artist. It gives you everything you need. The largest choice of colors, shapes, sounds, moods and la-la-la. The most unpredictable season as well. In the morning you pull your cap over your ears and in the afternoon you take off almost everything. Today sun smiles at you and makes you feel high. Tomorrow grey clouds chase you and make you feel down.



Dear, dear Mr Fall, what does you bring us today? Indian summer with colorful crackling leaves and delicate webs flying all over or unwelcoming dark cloudy and cold scenes accompanied with the only wish to hide under the warm blanket with an interesting book. Such a capricious Mr Fall. Yet I fell in love with your first falling leave. As I heard catching leaves in Fall brings good luck. I am willing to catch 12 for every month of the next year. Every leaf means a lucky month. I need them to fulfill my goals and dreams. And then share them with you. Today is no exception; there are new pictures to admire and new souvenirs to check (every Monday discounts, codes are at the site).



When Fall comes I took my Nikki and Cami for an inspiring walk. And what do you do when Fall comes? Please, please write me in the comments below. My ears are eager to hear and my eyes – to see!



Catch Your Fall!




52 thoughts on “When Fall Comes

  1. We don’t get such dramatic fall here in Jaipur. in fact we don’t experience color change in leaves or leaves falling from the tree. The winter is not that harsh.
    Why do you mention Indian summers Ann?

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    1. Well, it’s very pity, dear Arv, since it is the most amazing period. I mentioned Indian Summer because in our country such title is used to describe the warmest period of Fall when weather is sunny and spider’s webs are flying everywhere. In fact, I used the officially accepted translation in English of such period, though in my language it can be translated directly as Women’s Summer, when the talk is about women older than 45. It is like second summer, second youth! Hope the meaning is clear to you!

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      1. Monsoon is period marked with rainfall after a long spell of summer. In summer the temperature soars to 45-47 C. Agriculture in India is largely dependent on Monsoon. Rains in India are something everyone enjoys and looks forward to

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    1. My dear Irene, you always make my day so nice with you great compliment and help. I owe you a huge hug and many sweet thanks. A good camera is really the key to success. Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive as well. Hope your sales are growing! Enjoy your Sunday too! Hugs!

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  2. I absolutely LOVE fall. I always go for more walks with my dog to enjoy the weather and the changing leaves. I like to go to fall festivals, such as the Johnny Appleseed Festival. And fall means its time to go to haunted houses and forests!

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  3. Such beautiful pictures Ann, I agree with you – fall is the best season! It’s so amazing with all the colours and the cold weather! And don’t worry about spending too much time on the videos, because we all love them and I can’t wait to see more! 😀

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    1. You are so sweet, my dear Mel, you do encourage me a lot to pursue my crazy hobbies. Did you watch my latest film Fun Time with Ann? I smiled a lo while editing it. Highly recommend. The link in my previous post or just type the title at youtube, I’ve got my channel there! Love you!


      1. Dear Mel, sweet Mel, I am hugging you strongly for your sweetest, most awesome compliment! I am so HAPPY now! So happy to know you enjoyed my video! What a great day! You are the best!

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  4. Sitting in my daughter’s apartment in Harlem surrounded by the concrete and steel of New Your City, it’s comforting to see these beautiful photos of the natural world (and of course Ann, your photos are brilliant)! Thank you so much for this brief respite before we plunge back into the urban wilds for sightseeing and other tourist activities!

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  5. Beautiful products, Ann. Congratulations. You are right. Fall is the best and the most beautiful season because of the changes of vibrant colors of leaves. It’s like a canvas. I love it. ❤ I love watching your videos, so keep them coming. All the best, Ann. 🙂

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  6. Absolutely lovely photos, Ann. Autumn (as we call Fall in the UK) has been my favourite season for as long as I can remember. Collecting conkers for conker fights as a child helped, of course! The colours are truly gorgeous, and you’re right about ‘Indian Summers’. We all hope we’ll have one every year. Sometimes, we have warmer and drier autumns than summers in the UK. They are real Indian Summers. Our autumn colours are just deepening now. Thank you for a wonderfully colourful post. The red squirrel finishes it off perfectly. 🙂

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    1. Dear Millie, I do enjoy autumn and even more I enjoy sharing my own autumn with such talented artists as you are. You do feel so right. Thank you so much for your absolutely gorgeous comment. My eyes and ears are so happy! Hugs! Best wishes!


  7. beautiful gifts you share here. I wish you a lot of inspiration for your autumn film work =) I am still waiting for so called “Golden Autumn” to catch the perfect shoots… but it’s rain and cold during the whole months. However, yesterday they turned on the central heating, which means soon it is going to be warm outside 😉 as usual)

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