Fun Time with Ann (Pilot Episode)

I remember the first time it happened many years ago. I cannot tell you exactly how old I was, but not much, I was such a kid. Maybe I even did not grow up much, I am still that kid who takes on different outfits and pretends that she is an actress, singer, dancer and whose auditorium – her great-grandmother. The scene is as fresh as if I see it now. My great-grandmother sits in her dress and a floral pattern headscarf on the sofa and attentively looks at the curtains of the next room. Suddenly one of the curtains is slightly opened by a small childish hand and a funny girl stands on the impromptu stage. She wears her aunt’s high heel shoes and long colorful dress. It apparently does not suit her size and hangs on her awkwardly. However, this little silly star starts to sing and dance, and her granny (as she called her) smiles beamingly. The sunlight peeps through the thick window curtains and plays with its dancing spots on the head of the newly-made star. The dark unwelcoming room transforms to the sparkling scene where a new talent is born. Her voice is not the best, she hardly has one, and however, she does not seem to care. She enjoys being in the center of attention, she moves in her own tempo and nothing else matters. Her granny applauds and also sings with her, she looks so joyful. This silly little girl has already knows that one day she is going to stand on the real stage and the professional camera will be pointed at her…and fortunately she will just talk and not sing, lucky you are, my dear little Friends. Please welcome Ann:

Did you have fun with Ann? If yes, then how about a little look at my photo souvenirs shop:

Love you all!

Yours Ann


23 thoughts on “Fun Time with Ann (Pilot Episode)

  1. Oh, Ann! Your films are so captivating and fun! Watching them feels like spending a few pleasant moments with you. They transport me. Such lovely scenery! Such a fun, funny, and adorable hostess! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    1. Oh my such great compliments, my cheeks are blushing! I really had fun while filming and then editing and there is nothing better to me to hear you also had fun while watching. My films are so-called transformers that bring you to me to enjoy this crazy world together! You guessed my purpose so right. So see you soon in the next episode! Smiley hugs!

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  2. You are very creative and fun, Ann 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the next movie.
    NB: I don’t know, how many tags, as you use for a post, but you are allowed to use 15 incl. your Category, if you wish to be sure, that we can find you in the Reader. If you use more, your post will not be shown in the Reader. Just for you to know.

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    1. You are so sweet, dear Irene, and helpful as well, honestly, I did not know about tags. I will check on them now. You are so smart at such things. I am sincerely grateful for your important tips! Take care and hugs!

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      1. You are so welcome Ann. I have been blogging for more than 3 years and learned much in this time. Remember to share your own posts directly to your social media sites, when you publish. You can connect WP to mostly accounts, I think.
        Take care too, my friend.

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  3. Oh, the kid in you, Ann! 🙂 This is fun and very creative. I have you in mind, Ann. I have a big dream. I am not sure when it will happen, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. Keep it up, Ann. You are doing a great job. If you have to do one video for food cooking, how much would you charge? Do you have a private e-mail?

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    1. Dreaming never hurts and even more it helps you to be exactly who you are, our dreams are our inner worlds that have to be shown! I give you a hug and a smile, I am so so so so so so happy to hear you like that silly kid. I feel well to share my little caprice with my Friends, thank you, dear Anna! Yes, I have an email, you can write me Making videos for me is a pleasure and a challenge as well, I haven’t thought about prices. I may feel awkward about money question if I need to help my Friends.

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      1. Very well said about dreams, Ann.It’s okay. I keep your e-mail addy for future reference. Don’t worry about prices if you can’t tell me now. I know there are things to consider. We can always discuss it later. I wish you a blissful, productive week, Ann. Be well. 🙂 ❤

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  4. A lovely video, Ann. The views of the countryside are beautiful and your wonderful commentary made it all very special. I loved the idea of the child’s aspirations within you and hope you will continue to bring us such pleasure in future. You are so talented, Ann, and have such a wonderful sense of humour, and you deserve every praise for these entertaining and delightful videos.

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    1. Wow, dear Millie, you know how to make me happy, such a sweet comment! I feel good sharing with you my little moments! It is such fun! Thank you for watching and leaving such a wonderful comment! Take care! Hugs!


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