Grab A Bag


Every lady needs a bag…and not only one. Right?! In the wardrobe of any lady should be not less than 6 bags of different shape, size, color, and for various occasions. All of them take comfortable places at the shelves of the lady’s wardrobe and wait to be recognized in time. It is a very essential to pick up the right one for the right occasion and appropriate outfit. If bags can talk, what would we hear from them then? I suppose they would try to teach us that  going for shopping is not possible with an elegant clutch under your arm, as trying to squeeze there a piece of bread might be too challenging. Your pretty Ms Clutch would frown at such a thought even. Such dame’s loyal assistants can play  a key role in placing only luxurious occupants such as Mr Smartphone, Mr Wallet, Mrs Lipstick, and Ms Keychain. Seats are taken according to the tickets bought. Thus, we have to have an extra bag for shopping, which should be spacious and not so graceful. I believe Mrs Shopping Bag has to be of an  obese shape. Her primal mission is to provide enough space for vital food products or sometimes something else as well. Mrs Shopping Bag should accompany you almost everywhere, since we face so many difficulties with big things to be taken with us, for example, our lunch. We should keep in mind that lady Working Bag is of too noble origin to be able to provide such a service. Oh no, she is too business like. However, the most responsible from all of them are Mr Rucksack or Mr Suitcase. Yeah, two responsible females in the ladies’ circle. There should be always those ones who will keep everything packed and in order. What can I say! It is so beneficial to keep a cock in every henhouse. Would you agree, ladies?



Love you all!

Yours Ann


23 thoughts on “Grab A Bag

  1. Bags are the uttermost necessary item 🙂 We hardly use them here though, only a couple of big ones, big enough to squeeze all our beach towels 😉 Did you make those ones?

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    1. You’re are so right, dear Estelea! And it’s good that you do not need many of bags there, only for towels. Well, I make pictures, design them and shop print them on bags and deliver to the customer. 😊 That’s how it works! I am happy to see you here…hugs!

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    1. That is so sweet of you, it makes me feel soooo goood, dear Jo! I am giving you a hug. I do advertise my designs everywhere where I can, twitter, FB, but I cannot boast about sales, unfortunately, I face zero number now! However, I’ve got wonderful reward after your compliment!


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