Behind the Scenes

Hello to all of you, my little Friends! Hope you are doing well. I have been offline for some time, thus I did not post anything for a certain period and paid perhaps not enough attention to you. Do not bear a grudge against me. My mind (together with its beloved master) went out for vacation.Β  At least once in a year we have to let ourselves escape far away and set offline status. Certainly sweet gadgets are always with us. They are on guard of our cyber reality and not allow us to disappear without any trace. Moreover, Mr Internet accompanies our journeys and follows us to the most distance corners. I confess that this vacation was particularly good, since I was presented a visit at the very special place. This is a saint place for every freak filmmaker. Will you guess? Click on the link and the answer will appear automatically:Β 

Who will tell me what kind of trick I used in my short film? I am sure there are many creative specialists among you. I had such fun while preparing this 5-minutes tour for you. I had a goose skin, did not you notice? Kidding. However, it was really a fantastic experience for me to peep through cinematography hole. I found out a lot. As a filmmaker I could not share with you many secrets, but as a passionate fan of films I assure you that filmmaking is a hard and often exhausting process that requires a huge amount of knowledge and skills. Every detail has to be taken into account and played in the head. So many things have to be kept under control. You may not believe but that is true. On the creation of a few second scene usually work hundreds if not more people who are experts in the wide variety of fields. In my film you even have a unique opportunity to see a real space cabin used for The Martian…I do not joke, this is the same one used in the famous film. In fact, a lot of scenes from this film were made exactly at this studio. Unbelievable! I could spend endless time there. And I could talk endlessly about it, perhaps for some of you not so interesting as well. Hope I did not make you yawn from boredom. This topic is too dear to me and I usually forget about the time and the length of my posts. As it is known it should not be too long. Thank you for watching my film and reading my murmuring post. I am very grateful for every bit of your attention. I would appreciate any comment!

Your know I love you!


Yours Ann


40 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Fantastic, Ann! And what a treat it must have been for you to visit that studio! And what fun for you to share it with us! Thank you! So, my guess on the trick you used is “green screen.” Am I right? Do I win a prize?!!

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  2. Ann, this was so much fun and I watched carefully, your use of the green screen. I am going to begin a film-making class next Saturday and hope to learn much. I think I’ll share my experiences in my posts. But I do love your films and especially the part where you come on the screen to talk with us! Hugs, Clare

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    1. Oh my, that’s great news I will follow your posts and surely you will teach me something new. It sounds so exciting, dear Clare! Fantastic! For me the world behind the video camera is the most interesting. You will be impressed I am sure! I will keep an eye on you and your great achievements! Hugs!

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  3. Interesting video and tour. I know about green screen effect and I used to make some short videos, but I`m not so much experienced into the video process. I am really excited to know which was that place from your video, where is it? I understood that it is something special for the filmmaker, but tell me more please, where is this studio where you can see the cabin from the Martianin?

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    1. Thank you, Lidiia! Yes, you are right I used a green screen effect in every place where I occur in the video. And surely in the last minutes as well where I talk. Surely, I am not so professional as most of the filmmakers, but I am excited to get to know more on some film tricks.
      The cabin from the Martian can be seen at the Korda Film Studio which is near Budapest. You can have a tour with a guide there. At this film studio the crew of the film was working on several parts of the film.

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      1. Wow, great. I didn’t know that they were working on the film in Hungary. I thought it was completely US based film. I thinlk you had a great tour so I wish you to get more inspiration and gain more experience to create wonderful full-length films =D

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      2. Thank you very much for your kind wishes, dear Friend! There is a long road to learn for me yet. From the guide at the studio I found out that even scenes inside the cabin of the spaceship were filmed in one of the Budapest shopping mall pavilions. I really learnt a lot!

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  4. This is a really great post, Ann, and I’m happy that you were given the wonderful opportunity of visiting the film studio. I’m not a film-maker myself, but I enjoyed sharing the visit with you. It was made especially nice by your personal appearances and the little talk at the end. I’ve loved every little film I’ve seen of yours so far, and you’re so determined to become even better at it. So I’m really looking forward to the next one. πŸ™‚

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