Late Evening At The River Dnipro

August Evening

Hours of tedious effort are required to awaken and exercise that talent, to write that riveting “one true sentence” that seemed so damn simple when read. That simplicity is deceptive. It does not happen by accident. Now it is a skill easily acquired. Writing is demanding, solitary, backbreaking work. A writer mined the tunnels of his/her brain using words for a pickaxe. A week’s effort might yield only one nugget that is worth keeping and you can weep with pathetic gratitude over that.”

Kyiv Evening in Lights

Friends, isn’t it perfectly said? I found this wisdom thought in the book I am reading now and it set deep in my soul. Writing arises controversial feelings in me. I do love putting words into nicely-structured phrases with some meaning, in the other moment I hate looking for words to create that perfect sentence which should look simple to be read easily. Very often I have images in my head and lack of appropriate words to transform them to paper. And I even do not mention the use of “beautifully tailored metaphors, similes and other stylistics tools”, which are essential decorators of every text. Writing is a mixture of hard work and a pleasure. Just not many of us are able to write. I am not sure whether I belong to that group of lucky beggars, though I feel very good when I write. Sounds banal, but it is true. Every story is the chance to dive into the unknown world, explore the unknown feeling, and even do something I am not dare to in real life. It is an enormous pool of unlimited possibilities. I am so tempted and you?

Bridge Lights

10 pm at my watch. It was a late evening in Kyiv. A sultry summer day gave away to coolness. At last I could breathe and felt relaxed. I was walking along the Dnipro River. A light breeze ruffled my hair. There were no thoughts in my head. Only my eyes were wondering among people chatting on the stairs to the river. I saw mostly their heads and heard their emotional voices. Some of them were in silence. There were loud music and car traffic not so far. Somehow it was not a usual evening. With my friends we decided to cross the bridge and enjoy the beach island. I have never been at that place before. The views from the bridge made me stop several times to click some photos. Sometimes my friends even did not notice my absence. Each of us was lost in some inner thoughts, words came out rarely. A trio was sharing a wordless talk. Soon the lights from cafes and night lanterns winked on the beach horizon. The beach was occupied with local lovers of romantic atmosphere. We took off our shoes and went barefoot sinking our toes in the sand. Underneath my feet warm sand was ticking me. The next instant my feet stepped to the water. Dnipro was lapping my feet. The bridge lights were performing a blue-yellow dance. One more click. There were lots of couples at the beach. I caught myself on being a witness of first unsure touches, passionate glances and sighs. They were yet not sure of each others feelings, they still go on playing flirting games. They did not know each other well, and they were so afraid to break that sweet moment. First dates, first touches, first kisses. A very peaceful scene at the beach in the capital city at the Ukrainian map. And somewhere away at the East there was a dead silence in the expectation of night firing. The picture is different. Instead of beaches were dirty trenches, instead of romantic lights were night vision glasses, instead of gentle river was a field with enemies coming close. Loads of cigarettes, constant jokes not to be afraid, weapons day and night, and danger at almost every move. Similar are mostly young faces only wearied by war. They also dream of love, kisses and sighs. However, the most intimate relationships they have are with their reliable automates. Kisses sometimes may be burning though. Two pictures described do not intercross, and yet are linked. Without the second cannot be the first. Without a death cannot be a new life…

Blue and Yellow Dance

Without being read I cannot write!

Yours Ann


74 thoughts on “Late Evening At The River Dnipro

  1. I am with you about writing! Paul Coutinho, who has a blog on WordPress told me something like,” Don’t worry about being perfect. Write!” There are many voices out there, however your voice is introspective, and insightful. I am not judging mechanics or word choice. What you did with this piece was to marry your internal world with what is seen on the outside. Many people only skim the surface and are fearful of the depths. Keep going! May I post something and reference this post?

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    1. Maria, I am actually very impressed with your comment, you did “feel” my piece, you even “touched” it. Your comment is very very beautiful and thoughtful. Such people like you make me keep on writing. Thank you so much. You can reference my post, you are more than welcome! Hugs!

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  2. You “weave” the words very well Ann! Once I started I didn’t want to leave in between. you’re great writer.
    Your picture of bridge is great too. What camera system do you use?

    I was always intrigued to know about war between Ukraine and Russia (though they deny they are involved) but I thought it might be something which might not be pleasant.
    In many ways Ukraine intrigues me, though it’s not really a tourist centred economy.

    Keep writing Ann!

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    1. Dear Arv, you made me happy with your kind comment, I feel your support and it gives me strength.
      I have not a professional camera, unfortunately. So, my technical abilities are very limited. My Nikon is a wonderful friend for the beginners. I confess I dream of a more professional equipment, but it’s deadly expensive, I hardly can afford it.
      I am glad you are interested in Ukraine. Yes, this country is not so touristic attractive, infrastructure is not well developed and service as well. However, there are particularly beautiful places that you won’t find anywhere else except here. But right now Ukraine is involved in war which it did not would like and it has even worse effect on the standard of living and economy in general. I would like to stress as a Ukrainian that Russia has started it and I do claim it not without reason. I have been a direct witness of it and I know what I am talking about. I have never had anything against Russia until the moment its soldier stepped on my land. Politicians will never tell the truth, but Ukrainians can and they won’t keep silence. We have no right because too many wonderful young people will never come back home from this war.
      My best wishes, Arv!


      1. Ann…I only wrote what I felt is right.
        I understand that a better camera enhances our abilities but our techniques make lot of difference. For example owning a Mercedes or Rolls Royce doesn’t make us a good driver, automatically! I too have been contemplating of moving on to a more professional equipment..only contemplating yet! I don’t know if that will happen or not..if yes, then when? we all have many things on our list and priority always win!
        BTW which Nikon camera model do you use Ann?
        I can only agree with you since the Russian aggression is now well established and unless the rebels are well supported in terms of military, moral and financial support they can’t continue like this. Mr Putin is well known for many things. I’m sure you know what I mean. Yes, it’s a fact it’s a common person who takes the burn. I have seen some documentaries on television about hardships faced by Ukrainians pushed by the war. I hope that all these things are put to an end. Ann in which field are you working?
        BTW, you and Lidiia are very good ambassadors to your country…your writing skills are very good and photography skills of Lidiia are exceptional ! πŸ™‚

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      2. That is so indeed, my dear Arv.
        Lidia is very talented photographer, she is professional and I adore her works. I’d love to learn from her and improve my skills as well. Thank you that you showed me Lidia’s blog.
        Well, I suppose it won’t be a surprise if I tell you that I work with languages.
        Perhaps you thought that my profession is more powerful or politically connected, but that’s not exactly. However, I am a loyal citizen of my ow land, I try to understand what is happening here, although even my eyes do not catch all the details!
        Being of the ambassador of Ukraine sounds extremely flattering! Thank you!

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      3. Ann, I did not think that you are connected with political influence. it was just curiosity.
        We all should be loyal to our country. it ‘s least we can do for nation. πŸ™‚

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  3. After a few minutes, I’m still undecided just what I want to comment about. There are so many perspectives in your narration of the scene at the Dniper River flowing in the midst of Kviv.

    Okay, my dear friend, here we go. Your contrast of love, and war was very well depicted. Tranquility and trenches are alive in my head. The feeling of sand under your feet can be easily assimilated. Then comes the linguistic structure of the narrative itself. Very well done, albeit English is not your native language. The images complimented the story as well.

    I greatly enjoyed your blog post and am hungry and thirsty for more. We pray for the lives of the soldiers at war on both sides of the trenches. This is a subject very near my soul, but I’m afraid that conflict is part of the human being. As much as we want peace, there will always be war at the end of the day. Since the days of Adam and and Eve, man has chiosen death and war. I want to be wrong, but history is there to remind us of the ugly face of war.

    In a nutshell, a wonderful read. Bring them on!

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    1. I knew you would understand my story and you would dig deeper, I was so right, my sweet Omar! You are so wisdom and you feel my words greatly. I am blessed with our friendship and treasure your opinion very much. In fact, your comments and attitude are the best rewards, until I have you I can write. Yeah, I am not perfect in my writing and often not so good as well. However, every my piece is written by my heart. It goes through my body. I am emotional and not so many people may like it. But that’s who I am. Not sure I will ever change!
      Lord bless you and your photography skills!
      Huge hugs and lots of wishes! Thank you!


  4. Great post and you really a good writer! I also like to write somehow and I would say that for me writing – is possibility to express something which was untold. Something which I want the world to know (or at least I would think like this;) or a special person but can’t tell because when it comes to the most important talks, we usually become speechless.

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    1. Dear Friend, I should give you a hug for your kind compliments, thank you so much. That’s so right that most of the time we are lack of words to express our feelings or thoughts, however, sometimes, we become inspired. Your photo works can inspire people! Have a lovely day and huge inspiration!

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  5. This is beautiful in every sense, Ann. You start with the disadvantage of not writing in your own language- and that’s huge!- yet you make your feelings known so clearly. I’m an admirer. πŸ™‚


  6. Magnificent, Ann! You should feel no hesitancy to consider yourself a writer! You have expertly woven very contradictory but true images into this brief peace to make the reader’s heart swell at the romantic love in one place, and tremble in fear at the horrors of war in another. And you did it all simply by writing about and photographing your evening walk with friends. Impressive!

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    1. Dear Jim, I secretly and innocently hoped that you would like my story and it did happen. I hope you are just not polite and kind, but honest with me. I also know that my writing skills are very limited and so childish, though this piece was written under the action of very deep emotional waves that have to be released. Awkwardly, still in my own very specific manner! When I write something like that I feel as if I did something very right, something very natural. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me, it is the best reward! As I said I cannot write without being read! Hug You!


      1. “though this piece was written under the action of very deep emotional waves that have to be released. ”

        Your ability to translate these emotions into words is what makes the writing come alive for the reader, Ann. It is a mysterious and wonderful alchemy!

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      2. Oh,Jim, you actually present me with the hope I cannot even dare to think of…your supporting words have such a profound impact on me…as if you managed to open the door to me!πŸ™‚ You’re able to uncover something hidden even from my curious eye…

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  7. Ann, you say it well. It is never easy being a writer. What appeals the most to me is the depth of your writing, the ability to transform an ordinary evening with friends, into something more meaningful and thoughtful. Your observations and imagination is what sets you apart. And your photography captures the lights beautifully! Hugs!

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    1. Dear Friend, I am lack of words to thank you for your thoughtful comment…at such wonderful moment I am perfectly content, you did feel my piece of writing, you saw the scene I tried to describe and you understood me. There is nothing better. It means a lot. I really appreciate your kind words. Hope I can improve my writing and make it always better. Hugs back and best wishes for the forthcoming weekend!

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  8. Dear Ann! Oh how I’ve missed reading your posts while I’ve been without a computer for over two weeks! :O I love your posts and this one is no exception. Once again brilliant with the most stunning photos. I want to go to Kiev so badly! πŸ˜€

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    1. You are welcome here anytime! My city is lovely, but can be not so pretty as well, sometimes I may make it with my words better than in reality. You are so sweet and I missed your comments and lovely stories! Come back online!


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  10. Dear Ann, the nuggets, yes! golden and deep, like nature itself…the buried nuggets in our heads! I love your deep and searching mind and PASSION about what you do, about LIFE and living it. You have the built-in fuel, keep chugging, the words are already written!
    I believe Colette also spoke about nuggets…I will try to find the quote!
    Much love on your wanderings, my vagabond soul goes with you,

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    1. Your wonderful compliments are so touching, they captured my heart β™₯, thank you so much. I cannot consider myself as a writer, i regard myself mostly as a pure romantic words searcher who is also a big dreamer. However, I am passionate about writing, I envy people who can write well. This is a blessing given by Lord.
      I think you’re one of them, dear Susana! Keep on enjoying this crazy, crazy world of words! πŸ’‹


  11. I didn’t find the nuggets quote but I found this one for you Ann:
    β€œPut down everything that comes into your head and then you’re a writer. But an author is one who can judge his own stuff’s worth, without pity, and destroy most of it.”

    (Casual Chance, 1964)”
    ― Colette

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    1. Dear Carl, there is nothing better for a modest amateur writer as I am than your sweet and rewarding words, I am so glad to hear you liked walking with me. It means a lot since I enjoyed sharing with you my thoughts and emotions. I welcome you at my blog and hope to provide something interesting for you as often as I can. My every new follower is my friend automatically. Let me wish you a wonderful day, mine is already such one thanks to your comment. Hugs! Ann

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    1. Dear Friend, I am so happy to hear your lovely compliments, you made my day very special. I so happy to see you here and welcome to my world. I would love to share it with you! Hugs and warmest wishes for a lovely day! Ann

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