The Eye of The Sea Fairy Tales

Morskie Oko

Morskie Oko (the Eye of the Sea) is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane, Poland.  A long time ago here were only forests, fields and meadows. A noble Polish gentleman who called himself Sea lived here. He had a pretty daughter. One Hungarian Prince fell in love with her and asked her father for her hand. However,  such marriage was not meant to be, since the Prince was not a Pole. Once Sea had been called to set out with the king on a military expedition. Before setting off Sea had locked his daughter in the monastery and threatened to curse her if she would disobey his order and run away with the Prince. His daughter became reconciled with her lot. Thus, Prince was not ready to give up. He decided to conquer his beloved girl’s heart with the help of jewels. Forest fairies who saw all his presents predicted that Prince would be rich soon and decided to help him They showed him a secret path to the castle. Shortly afterwards Prince together with his powerful army had conquered the castle on the top of the hill and married the girl. Unfortunately, Sea did not come back from his military mission and his daughter cried so long and desperately that her tears became a lake

Morskie Oko, Zakopane

Many centuries ago local habitats thought that this lake was secretly connected with Mediterranean Sea. It was believed that trunks with gold and jewelry were traveling through that passages and arrived to the lake where seamen collected them. Therefore locals dived to this lake to look for treasures. All their efforts were useless, many of the divers had never come back…

Nowadays Morskie Oko is the most attractive lake for the tourists. It is not so easy to reach, you have to walk approximately 9 km on foot. Alternatively, you can choose a cart with horses. The lake is quite large, walking around will take some time. It is one of the most popular attractions to not only foreigners, but Polish tourists as well. You may be lucky to witness even some wedding shooting on its banks.

The Eye of the Sea is not anymore a pool of girls’ tears or a death place for gold divers, it became one of the most beautiful and important lakes to be visited. Its past mysterious pictures are mixed  with its present happy images. So many feet walked there and so many pictures made. So many legends are made up, and so many memories are stored. Perhaps mine are the modest ones, but they still made with passion for nature and its designs. I love your designs, dear Lady Nature! Thank you for the inspiration! I owe you a lot!

And what are the sources of your inspiration?

I’d love to hear your comments!

Thank you and happy Thursday!

Yours Ann

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52 thoughts on “The Eye of The Sea Fairy Tales

      1. I’m not surprised that you like fairy tales, Ann, seeing how you are somewhat of a fairy yourself! 🙂 We did a big family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee back in June and that was plenty of vacation! How about you?

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      2. Fairy or just a big Dreamer? Wow, you seemed to have fun. It’s good. I have not been on vacation yet, but it’s looming, I hope. Now so many tasks to work on and so many new challenges…
        By the way, soon I am planning to publish one of my latest movies, my Studio works in full swing…

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  1. Oh, I love the story, Ann! It’s beautiful and captivating. Great post. This place is definitely a sight to behold. No wonder it inspired you so. Mother nature never failed us indeed. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely week, Ann. ❤

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  2. Such a beautiful places. And your photos are great! I could more than agree that nature could inspire in so many ways. As for me my inspiration if to choose something concrete is water: lake, river, sea, ocean – and the more water – the more inspiration 😉

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      1. This is a beautiful dream) One of my dreams is similar – I want to visit all the oceans in the world 😉 For now I just visited the Atlantic and I count it like I’ve visited the North Ocean

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  3. A delightful story, Ann, and it fits the look of that beautiful lake perfectly. I agree with you that Lady Nature makes the best possible model for artists and photographers, as well as inspiring many poets and authors. (It’s interesting that you call her Lady Nature. In the UK it’s always Mother Nature.) Lovely post! 🙂

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    1. I used Lady just for a change, surely I know about Mother! I am hugging you for the sweetest compliments, you make me feel so happy, Millie! I am rewarded by such wonderful follower, reader and friend!


    1. Thank you, my dear Estelea, glad I made you interested! It was a lovely ride in a cart to that lake, I enjoyed it very much. Surely, I could walk as most of people, but we were afraid that we will miss the daylight and won’t be able to make pictures!

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