Competition Winner Announcement


It is Friday, July 8th, and this one is very special since I have the biggest pleasure to announce the winner of my competition set up one week ago. I would like to thank you for your fascinating stories about your names you were so kind to share with me. I am absolutely happy to read all of them, I found so much interesting about each of you and felt closer to you, my little Friends. I got a lot of comments and my face was beaming. You were truly kind and sweet, thank you so much, it does mean a lot! Every story was interesting and it was a difficult choice, but the reward is only one! I love you, my Friends!

And now I am honored to announce that the reward goes to….(drums please)…goes to…goes to…Trail Walker (Carolyn) who was so sweet and told us a very lovely story about her name, which took my heart at once! Thank you very much, dear Carolyn, for your amazing story and I hope my postcard will make your day a bit more special. As it was mentioned in the rules, the winner can choose a postcard that will be delivered to her home. It can be this new postcard presented today in my post or any of the postcards presented in my previous competition post. As I mentioned this is an absolutely free of charge present designed with love by me. So, dear Carolyn, my sincere  CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR REWARD IS WAITING FOR YOU!

HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS! I hope you enjoyed this competition as much as I did and I look forward to having more such competitions soon. I believe that life is worth of arranging such little things and doing everything possible to make THIS DAY A BIT MORE UNIQUE AND HAPPY!

See you soon!

Yours Ann


27 thoughts on “Competition Winner Announcement

      1. It will be, Monica, happy and wonderful weekend! If case not, then let’s keep in contact. In case you need any support or anything, please let me know. You are a very wonderful personality, Mon, I would like to see you always happy!

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  1. Wow Ann…I have been traveling and I missed your announcement of the competition! I would’ve loved to participate! Well, next time I will 🙂
    And that is a lovely gift to present…it looks beautiful!

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    1. Dear Maverick, thank you, you are kind! I confess you were my second nominee, since your story about grandparents and your second name are very very interesting. Just you know the winner can be only one, but I bet next time you have pretty nice chances, how about that? Have a wonderful weekend too, Friend!

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      1. I know it, thank you, my Friend. I confess I try to attract some attention to my postcards, but it seems it’s not that easy. Nowadays, such things are not popular! Have a wonderful weekend too, my Friend!

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  2. Thank you, Ann, for the lovely postcard. I am so surprised to win your contest, but I am delighted too, and looking forward to the arrival of my prize. Thank you to everyone who was so kind to congratulate me.

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  3. Oh, and I forgot to say that I am choosing the postcard at the top of this page. All the flowers are beautiful. I love how colorful it is. You are very gifted in your creations.

    Thank you again.
    Carolyn (Trail Walker)

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Carolyn, I feel so rewarded with your beautiful compliments. I am glad you made a choice, so today I will start the procedure and hope soon your postcard will be delivered to you!


  4. Fascinating competition, Ann! And I have learned about what you know how to motivate people, organize things, and throw a party!
    Thanks so much and have a terrific week ahead!

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    1. Hugs back, dear Antonio! You presented me such a great compliment. Well, I have some doubts about my organization skills, but I enjoyed this competition very much, even more I enjoy the possibility to prepare a prize for the winner, it makes me feel very happy! Surely, my present is very modest one, unfortunately, I have restricted possibilities. However, I hope in future I can deal with such things more often. The community here is so wonderful and inspiring, thank you very much. You are a great supporter! You too have a terrific week and many fascinating moments. Take care!


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