Whity Wonders…


George Whitey is a serious young rabbit who would like to discover this world and understand how everything works. He is very curious (and not only  about some delicious vegetables served him as a daily meal) about almost everything around him. Ge Whitey is a rabbit whose long ears are able to catch the smallest world vibration, he is usually frustrated by his ability to catch those weird signals, nevertheless, he is intended to use it  for his own sake. That’s why he does not like sitting in his cage for a long time. He likes going out and wondering what’s going on?

Therefore, Ge Whitey wonders why people do eat meat and other strange food. Ge is completely satisfied with his daily menu which includes: a variety of greens such as cabbage/kale/broccoli/parsley/mint (keep in mind that it should be in small amounts to avoid stomach problems), 25g (an eggcup-full) of pellets, carrots and apples (hm, most delicious) and etc. In fact, Whitey believes that healthy green food might help many people loose their extra weight and feel much better.  Hey, fatties did you hear that? Some of you who are afraid to look at the mirrors can take good care of themselves by simply eating more greens. And that’s not too difficult.

Whity and His Girlfriend

Mr Whitey knows that a key to good spirit and happiness is a lovely partner. Whitey wonders why there are loners at this planet, it shouldn’t be, it’s not right. Recently, George met a sweet lady Martha who is the pretties female rabbit in his neighborhood. Unlike people (who think too much of that odd flirt and courtesy rules) Ge just ran to Martha as soon as he saw her and brought her the whole cabbage hidden under his straw bed for special occasions. Martha was so impressed with his gift that she immediately fell in love with him. As it is known the road to rabbit’s heart goes through the master’s garden with delicious cabbage, right, guys!

George Whitey and Martha Bell will go marriage soon as Martha is already in some “interesting state”…woooho, don’t worry, folks, this is the 21st century, let’s take it easier. A wedding ring or a stamp in the passport is not that important. Let’s be honest. Many of the brides wear white innocent dresses due to the fashion only, am I right? Most of them are not so innocent already…please no offense! It is life, Mr Whitey understands that soooo well!

Whity Wonders

In case Ge meets some life problems (there might be not enough carrot in his master’s garden) he tries to go out and even imagine (for a while) that he is a human. It’s quite a promising experiment that might provide you with unexpected results. Whitey thinks that such transplantation (excuse me, transformation) can let your relax and forget your problems. Additionally,  you will try to imagine what other much more serious problems exist in this world and then yours seem already not that serious as before. Do you have any doubts? Then try it…let me know!

Whity Ignores You

Being angry is not the the best state, but Whitey suffers from it quite often.  He usually sits in the way shown in the picture and pretends that he ignores you by showing his little tail. Ge Whitey recommends you to stay away from him and let him cool down. I guess everybody can have such a mood at least once in their life, so don’t disturb each other and you may avoid some storm at a sunny day!

Sometimes Whitey finds difficult to cope with Martha’s caprices. Aw, that women. Who will ever understand them!  Very often Martha is a caring partner who makes their home so cozy. However, when she needs something extraordinary (like an apple juice in the middle of the night), oh my, Whitey pretends to be sleepy and does not respond to her bumps. Martha is also a bit crazy about cleaning, she claims that everything has its own place. Who can blame her for that? Ge although sometimes does not understand her rules of order, he likes to leave things somewhere closer to reach. Not to mention that ladies usually have periods of drastic mood changes, oops, better to be as far as possible and bring her something sweet in order to avoid the waves! No matter of anything, Whitey knows that life is happy only if Martha is somewhere close and chews her greens. He feels content and ready to face all the problems.

Little Whity

Ge Whitey is a smart guy, he is just a rabbit, but his thoughts and ideas sound not bad. I can learn from him a lot. I also like wondering and ask many questions, just sometimes I still get no answers to many of them. Rabbits or humans, we are very different, however, maybe similar at the same time. I am not going to go so deep as to compare our anatomical structures and so on, I prefer looking at Whitey and his family and get some positive energy from them. They seem so funny with their big ears, clumsy jumping and noses poking to everything which looks eatable. They discover this world and wonder why it works in such a complicated, most of the time, strange way. So I also wonder…

Wish you a wondrous day!

Ge Whitey, Martha Bell, and Ann 




39 thoughts on “Whity Wonders…

  1. Ahahaha, such a sweet couple! I do totally understand their diet, tell us there is room for them and enough of their fav food if they are planning a honey moon in the Philippines 😉 Although they will have to endure some serious sun, but they can have the Newly Weds Room in the shadow, with aircon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great offer, Ge and Martha will think about it. But maybe they have to postpone their honeymoon since Martha gave a birth to babies today, and you know that children will change your plans! So generous of you, sweet and happy thank you hugs! You are the coolest, Estelea!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. He is very cute! I lived in a place where dogs weren’t allowed, in Sweden. So I bought a Flemish Giant rabbit. She was awesome, 24lbs! Her name was Lucy. She lived in my apartment, and used a cat toilet. When I was sitting in the couch, she was right there next to me, just like a dog.

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    1. What a lovely story, dear Maria! Thank you for sharing. Rabbits are really cute animals. I was visiting my relatives who live in the countryside and met there these little rabbits, they made a big impression on me and I made up a story about them, they actually inspired me a lot. I think every pet can make your life happier and bring a lot of joy! I think you will support it! Many hugs and best wishes for weekend! Take care! I was happy to chat!

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  3. I loved your story about George and Martha, particularly your descriptions of George’s moodiness and Martha’s penchant for apple juice in the night. Are these two related to Alice’s white rabbit? The one that fled down the rabbit hole? George and Martha seem very calm and not as frenetic as him. Perhaps they have more time on the hands (paws)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess so, dear Clare! George and Martha are a bit different from Alice’s, but they are also pretty funny and they enjoy their life to the full while eating carrot…
      Thank you for being so kind and supportive! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. A sweet little post, Ann. Ge and Martha make a very handsome couple, and from the interactions between them, they obviously adore each other. 🙂 We’ve kept many rabbits in the years when our children were young. They make ideal pets and are such gentle creatures. Their favourite food was not so much the carrot itself, but the greenery at the top.

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