Magyarorszag Mysteries with Ann


It is Easter in my country and for all Orthodox Christians, so “Happy Easter” for whose who celebrate and for those who not “Happy Monday”, I hope day is not too busy for you!

I again took my camera and went for a journey to my mysterious Hungary! You have already read  one of my first posts devoted to this fabulous country and found out a lot. Now I introduce you my new film about some unknown and not typical places in Miskolc, one of the Hungarian industrial cities, which is the third biggest one!

Magyarorszag or Hungary (in English) is the unknown little country situated in Western Europe. I bet not too many of you have even heard about it. Thus, this is a unique and exclusive chance  to visit it with me. I think it can be interesting and funny as well. We will walk among nature and enjoy its most beautiful places. Also we will play football, catch fish and have a drink! Aren’t you intrigued? Then click on the link below…

Don’t forget to share your opinion and invite me to your favorite place! I will bring my camera, deal?

34 thoughts on “Magyarorszag Mysteries with Ann

      1. We don’t – They’re usually related to religious festivals, but today’s is different – its so the Bank Workers can get out into the sunshine and fresh air Ann
        (but it usually rains and they get stuck in cars with their grumpy partners and squalling kids LOLOL)

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  1. This is by far the best of the three vidios I have seen. The central figure is of course You who intermingles with the different sections of the video.

    I like your demeanor—dancing, smiling, clothes, and tone of voice. Needless to say, your beauty is dazzling, speciall your long hair. In my opinion you are making progress in big leaps.

    In Spanish, Hungary is called Hungría. Very similar to what you mentioned. Interesting to know it means “land of the Huns”. In the West, Hungary is known for its picturesque population of gypsies or Roma people. They are continuously drifting to different European countries in search of a better future.

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    1. Dear Omar, that’s the best reward from you, I am speechless even…there are no good words to describe how delightful to hear your compliments, which I hope I deserve, although you know that I am a very modest girl who understands that a lot should be learnt yet! However, you gave me a reason to improve further! I am hugging you and smiling now! It means a lot!
      I should admit that there are lot of gypsies in Hungary, they are the part of the country, maybe not the best one. There is a black sheep everywhere! But the whole nation should not be judged by them, don’t you think so?
      Have a good day! Take care!


  2. Ann, I feel like I use the word “delightful” in describing many or nearly all of your posts. I must insist that it is not overuse of the word when the description is entirely true!

    As proof, witness that your film inspired this verse:

    To dance with Anna
    A beautiful delight
    It left me swooned
    Like that poor bloodied knight!


    An amazing and gorgeous film. Thank you!

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    1. Hugging you, dear Melissa! You are so sweet! Yes, there are so many places to explore in Hungary yet, even I didn’t see all of them! I am so happy you liked my video! Take care and stay in touch! Hope you are well! Hugs!

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  3. Beautiful video, Ann 🙂
    I loved to see those places with a beautiful guide like you. It was very funny to see that frog which carried her kid in her back. It was also funny to see you playing football and scoring a goal in a such a little goal :))
    I also liked when you danced in the castle 🙂
    Very nice post my dear friend
    xoxo ❤

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    1. You are the best, dear Monica! You know how to support my little film attempts and made me feel that I did something interesting! You are a wonderful person and a very talented writer, I hope one day your dreams come true! I wish it for you with all my heart! Enjoy your weekend! Hope you are doing well! Big hugs!

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  4. Your photography/filming skills are wonderful, Ann, and I absolutely loved your video. The beautiful places you showed are not ones we would have considered for our holidays, but you’ve given me something to think about now.
    The presentation of your video was excellent. I loved all the different scenes of springtime and the magnificent castle, and the music you chose for each section fitted perfectly with what you were showing. Your dancing made me really smile – you looked so happy! A wonderful post all round.

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    1. I don’t know how to thank you for your fantastic comment, it makes me so happy. The best reward for me is to know that people like watching something I created. I enjoyed working on it and was happy to share with you! I know I should improve my video skills yet, so necessary to practice a lot. I have to admit that knowing that people like my films is the best feeling ever. That;s why I do it!


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