Seasonal Postcard Series (Irises)

Happy Birthday Irises

We all know that Greek work “iris” means “rainbow”, however, I did not expect that a rainbow has so many different colors. Ready to admire the beauty? Yep!

Happy Birthday Yellow Irise

I confess I was making pictures with my mouth open from wonder how beautiful they are! I wanted to make a perfect capture to prepare such a postcard for you!


The Greek goddess Iris was a messenger  on Mount Olympus. Her task was to deliver a message from the “eyes of the Heaven” to earth by the “arc of the rainbow”. Thus, Iris is a symbol of some idea and message. What are you thinking of today?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas! And happy birthday to all who are celebrating their birthdays today or this month, or this year! Why not!

Yours Ann

Ukraine, I Am So Proud Of You (Eurovision 2016)

Dear Friends, you all heard a million times how I love my country and I am very proud of being Ukrainian and not only today! Our Ukrainian singer Jamala won this year Eurovision contest and I would like to share it with you. Her song “1944” was dedicated to her great grandmother who was forced (by Russia) to leave her place of living 75 years ago. In 1944 Crimean Tatars were deported from the Crimean Peninsula as a result of state-organized and forcible action, ordered by then Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. And in 2014 Russian Federation annexed Crimea with a weapon in her hands and stated that Crimea is their territory. You may call that this song is political and, to some extend, it is true. However, this song is a real tragedy which is possible even nowadays and World should know about that. This song is a message for all of us not to forget that somewhere there is war and people die until we sleep peaceful in our beds…there is nothing more important than PEACE in our world wherever we are!

Please listen to this song, I have tears in my eyes when I am listening:

She is perfect as her nation to whom she belongs!

Love you all!

Yours Ann

How I Met a Puppy

Puppy Boni

“I’m convinced that petting a puppy is good luck.”
                                             Meg Donohue, Dog Crazy: A Novel of Love Lost and Found

I think I agree with you, Meg, at least I had such a feeling when I met Boni. The cutest Akita puppy ever. I spent with her a day full of lovely mischievous adventures. A two months puppy who is worse than a baby and even more demanding. She needs your 100% attention and does not get used to any restrictions. She disobeys all rules and puts her upper feet on your legs in an attempt to attract your attention while you are sitting at the table (as in the picture above). Moreover, she barks and shows her voice in case you still go on chewing without recognizing her. Boni looks innocently at you while climbing one of your leg or tasting one of your slippers, or one of your drawer’s handles. She is a sweet little imp energetic 24 hours without charging!

And now you are looking at her dad, serious Mr Yuko Sun! Don’t you find that girls are always similar to their dads? They are, indeed!

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
                                                                                                                           Josh Billings


Making Yuko Sun’s picture was a real challenge. He doesn’t like posing at all. I was chasing after him. I guess I was pretty lucky when he sat in the bushes and even turned his head to look at me. Perhaps Yuko became rather curious at the lady with a camera pointing at him for so long. Or maybe he even felt pity and decided to give me a chance. His glance is very intense and suspicious a bit. As if asking me: “Lady, what do you want from me?.

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”
                                                                                                                  Andy Rooney

Sleepy Boni.jpg

Boni is a teddy bear especially when she sleeps, which happens very rear. This girl is a source of boundless energy. Take my word, until she is somewhere in a room and her eyes are open, you won’t be able to have your usual lunchtime nap. Forget it. This young lady will bring you something to play or will try to jump to you and start poking her tiny wet nose everywhere. Be aware that puppies after playing or being too active like drinking water and as well-mannered ladies will try to wipe their wet mouth with …not a napkin as everybody usually do, but your shirt’s sleeve. Adorable little lady!

“Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.”
                                                                                        Dean Koontz, False Memory

Let's Play

Also Boni as her dad likes looking at the mirror. They are those dandies. They are very proud of being certified Akita. Yuko Sun is the champion of many dog’s competitions. He often goes abroad to show people how handsome and smart he is. Although, owners of Akita cannot boast about their being obedient. I heard that Akitas have their own character and may not follow your commands. They are incredibly intelligent and loyal dogs though, and are loving, devoted and gentle towards their master and family. The Akita is also known to be a good guard dog as it is very suspicious of any person or animal that it doesn’t know.Akitas consider making eye contact as a form of challenge for dominance.That’s I felt and you?

 The Akita  first bred in Japan in the 1600s. The Akita originates from the Akita Prefecture in the north-east of Japan, hence it’s name. During ancient times, mothers in Japan relied heavily on their pet Akitas to take care of their very young children. While mothers worked the fields, their pets played nanny to the children at home.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ”
Roger A. Caras

Gucci In the Bushes

Yuko Sun’s and Boni’s masters seem to be the happiest people, at least, that’s what I saw while looking at them. A big family where dogs play even more important role.  I was lucky to meet the Akita puppy and her dad! Dogs are our best friends!

I was smiling while writing this post, hope you can join me and smile in reply!

Happy smiling day!

Yours Ann

Lifeclicker (Issue 1, page 4)

Not Seriously About Serious Things

Have a blooming day!


You can go as far as your dream!

Let Us Have Fun Click

Spring is a romantic time of year!


Today in the heading “Let Us Have Fun” I would like to kiss you…are not you surprised? You should be, as I am planning to overwhelm and confuse you, although I am not sure it will be successful, since I can be even more confused. Anyway, who do not like talking about kisses? Hands up! No, I do not see your hands. Thus, you do like it. Every person remembers his/her first kiss. It is the most innocent and sweet reminiscence of youth. Who will refuse to get back the time and enjoy it to the full? That’s it! In our modern almost ugly world we seem to be lack of that first feelings and emotions. We are so thirsty. Therefore, I decided to use my magical mouse and plunge into the unknown world of honeyed kisses (or with another flavor) accompanied with my lilac photos!

Stay in touch!.jpg

Did you know that the word “kiss” origins from the old English cyssan, which is from the proto-Germanic word “kussijanan” stemming from the sound kissing makes. Let us try. Make yourself comfortably in a chair, relax, stretch out your lips, and close your eyes…oh, almost forgot, did you refresh your breath? Then go ahead to the bathroom, use some mouth liquid or just brush your teeth. Great! (Why I want to write “Ready! Steady! Go!” it is not a racing or is it?). Oh my! So here it is the moment when you, my dear readers, and I will share our first kiss. We have a noble purpose, we need to check whether we are able to reproduce this sound or not. Not because you like me. It is not that I am not attractive or you are. It is just because we do not know well each other and…muah (at this exact moment some strange lips from my big screen suddenly covered mine). Wow! Not bad! But, sweetheart, sound was completely another. Therefore, theory is theory, and in practice everything sounds different! One more thing: sugar, why did you use your tongue? Bad Boy! Aha, I guess you just wanted to make me change the subject! No problem!


“Kissing is passion and romance, and what keeps people together,” says Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing. The first recorded kiss is in the early Vedic scriptures, dating around 1500BC. It describes people as sniffing with their mouths. I guess ancient people were smarter than we are. Kissing is not only an emotional pleasure, unity of two souls, but also very healthy. Among the benefits of a good kiss: that extra saliva washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plaque, says Mathew Messina, DDS, a private practice dentist in Fairview Park, Ohio, and consumer advisor for the American Dental Association. “Still, I would not go around advocating kissing after meals instead of brushing,” he says. See, guys, brushing cannot be replaced with kissing. Do not be lazy and remember that hygiene is at the first place. Also, be aware of the fact that fresh breath helps to make this moment more romantic. Nobody will kiss a person whose breath needs a good cleaning service. Moreover, kissing might even help you lose weight.  During a really passionate kiss, you might burn two calories a minute. Great? We can cross our morning exercises out, better let us kiss. One more fact, kissing helps us release tension and stress. When you come after work, grab your wife or husband and give him/her a hot kiss, result will not wait you long. In case there is nobody at home, kiss your dog or cat or your TV screen, anything you will find, but do it and you will feel better. I know that this is not the same; however, there can be different situations.

There is always hope!.jpg

After kissing almost everything you found around, I would like to offer you a break and check something. I decided to make a study on different types of kisses. There are plenty of ways how you can kiss each other. Here I need extra help, I Googled a bit. It is said that every kiss is a talk of two souls (or more) and it differs from the next one. Can I be honest with you? My favorite kiss is the forehead kiss. Somebody can call me silly and girlish, and I agree with you. But, little fellows, this kiss means a lot, since it symbolizes true friendship and innocent intimacy. If you touch your partner’s forehead with your lips it means you completely trust each other. As if the bond you share is practically unbreakable! Then, I am a fan of cheek kiss; it is the most innocent and intriguing at the same time. Who does not know French kiss? One of the hottest and most difficult kisses. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master. Is there an expert among you? The single lip kiss is also a very exciting one. If done in the correct manner, this kiss can send a strong romantic signal to you partner. Lingering lip kiss is a closed mouth kiss that lasts for more than 20 seconds. Lingering lip kisses involve the lips only. This kiss serves as an indication of deep love. I was surprised to hear that there is a lizard kiss, wow! It is done in quick strokes. The lizard kiss is usually practiced just for fun. Oh, there are so many more, but I feel that it is better to stop here or some of us need a bucket of cold water! Let us cool down a bit. Topic is too hot, please switch on some fan! Not to mention Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl and I liked doing it”…wow, it is really getting hot here!

Lilac Chat.jpg

In conclusion I would like to introduce you a Kissenger. Singapore-based company Lovotics has created a range of robotic kissing toys that allow long-distance lovers to transfer kisses over the internet. The strange creatures – called Kissengers – look like little spherical pigs and have an artificial mouth that provides “the convincing properties of a real kiss”. The idea is that you’d be Skyping your loved one and, when the moment takes you, you’d pick up your Kissenger and lock lips. Be quick – the amount is limited! Muah!

Yours Ann


Magyarorszag Mysteries with Ann


It is Easter in my country and for all Orthodox Christians, so “Happy Easter” for whose who celebrate and for those who not “Happy Monday”, I hope day is not too busy for you!

I again took my camera and went for a journey to my mysterious Hungary! You have already read  one of my first posts devoted to this fabulous country and found out a lot. Now I introduce you my new film about some unknown and not typical places in Miskolc, one of the Hungarian industrial cities, which is the third biggest one!

Magyarorszag or Hungary (in English) is the unknown little country situated in Western Europe. I bet not too many of you have even heard about it. Thus, this is a unique and exclusive chance  to visit it with me. I think it can be interesting and funny as well. We will walk among nature and enjoy its most beautiful places. Also we will play football, catch fish and have a drink! Aren’t you intrigued? Then click on the link below…

Don’t forget to share your opinion and invite me to your favorite place! I will bring my camera, deal?