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Not Seriously About Serious Things

Green, Blue and White


Mental Food Click

White Bloom.jpg

When you are under stress, pay particular attention to the need to nourish your soul with good foods. That is what I am planning to do now. I would like to feed you, my little Readers. Be good, put your business deeds aside, switch off your brain and let us think about art. I sit on the edge of your chair and we will have a small chat.

Bright Land

Money kills art. A real art. Probably you are wasting your talent somewhere in the office, because you have to pay your bills. You need to eat and feed your family. Your job is not where you can be creative. In fact, it can even kill any desire in you to create anything. It is a sad truth. You cannot let yourself always dream, since our biological clock ticks constantly without any stop (only if the battery goes wrong). Time does not stop. Hardly you can let yourself fly in the sky and dream what if, what if? You also may not have enough money to start doing what you like the most. If you are a musician, you need nice instruments and equipment. I live in a big city and use public transport every day, very often I meet musicians who play for money in transport or at streets. They are really great guys, very talented and professional. But who will sponsor them, who will invest in them, find them a good agent who can advertise them and show how everything works. Chances that some business man will be passing by and hear them are very few, as rich people do not go by public transport. Therefore, what else is left? It can be a pretty good practice for them as well. The more they practice, the better they sound. However, where does it bring them? Yeah, they are likely to earn some bucks and can have some fun; nevertheless, they are forced to come back to reality, ugly reality! The same happens with many photographers, film-directors, artists, actors, screen-players, writers, poets and many others.

Branched Tree

After being rejected by the world, you are still trying to find some happiness in real life. You play your songs for friends at parties. You make some photos while walking in the park. You write stories and share them at social networks. Sweet attempts of big dreamers to catch a glorious moment that can make us alive and free. Creative people are so weird. They hardly enjoy simple things. They always need more. Are you familiar with this feeling? Then, welcome to our League! Hopeless dreamers who believe in wonders! It is often said that the great dreamers are nice, but they are far from the world (or more bluntly, they would do well to land, one day). I wish I could bet, but I am not sure now! The more I look at the world, the less I understand. It works wrong and somehow not fair. At such desperate moments I need to have a break…

At The Peak.jpg

And go out. I need some fresh air for my too fast working brain. I am following my instinct, I am heading closer to nature. We are all the children of nature. Nature gives us extra energy and makes us feel better. Thus, I am here, in my park, where I like walking a lot. Weather is amazing, everything is blooming. There so many different colors that I am lack of right words to describe. But I am so happy like a child. My Nikki (photocamera) is with me, sitting in my hands, and I am smiling and excited because I will make a picture, no, I will make a lot of pictures. Several seconds before I was on the urge of big sadness, and now look at me – I am a bouncing ball. Here, at small piece of territory I feel myself like at home, which I know like the back of my hand. You also have such a place, your own shelter where you creative spirit feels the best, right? Tell me more about this place? Do not be shy! Such perfect places make us who we are. They change our dreams to reality!

My Inspiration Place


32 thoughts on “Lifeclicker (Issue 1, page 3)

  1. This is very deep post, good for people who like to keep their thinking juices flowing. I could comment plenty about your statements, but that would take a long, long time and your readers will maybe be bored.

    Suffice to say to you enjoy what you do, away from the roaring crowd and share it with your readers.

    Nature is our Mother, and being on her lap is always a comforting situation. Your pictures blend it perfectly with your words. Enjoy and Carpe Diem!



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  2. Nature always makes me feel so wonderful. You’re right, Ann, we feel free only when we are in a beautiful place. And when we feel free our imagination and creativity do the job for us. 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My job allows for much time to get the creative juices flowing, but very little time to act on them. I get very frustrated with all these ideas in my head and no way to act on them. Most days it seems like I’d save myself a lot of stress and headaches if I just quit dreaming, but I can’t and I won’t. Someday I’ll get all these stories out of my head and I’ll find the time to go take the pictures I dream of, someday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never stop dreaming, Doug. I understand your frustration, it happens with me too often, we hardly can put our crazy dreamy images into reality…but we are real and alive when we are in dream! Dreaming makes us feel happy and inspired! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. You express the tumultuous course of the artist’s spirit with hard-earned wisdom, Ann. I am glad you have a good friend like your Nikki to help you see the beauty of life around you when your dreams seem futile. There is a poignant, razor sharp irony in the turmoil our dreams can cause that only our art can calm, when our dreams and our art are so inextricably combined.

    Continue to dream, Ann. Continue to point your lens at the world. Continue to share what you find there with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely wisdom Jim, you do get the point and it went through your veins! You know you make me always wonder! Your comment is a little masterpiece, you know how to put thoughts into words! Magician!

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    1. I envy you! I adore beaches and oceans, I am a completely sea girl…however, I have no t so much opportunity to be very often at seaside, but if I could I would choose to live as close as possible to ocean or sea, this water worlds make me feel unbelievably happy! Thank you, my Friend! Hugs!


  5. Such interesting thoughts, Ann. Art vs Money. Dreams vs Money. Idealism vs Pragmatism. Very tough choices indeed. But, doing what makes you happy should probably be top of your list. Wonderful advice! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, my sweet Friend! I know I probably sound too serious, but I wrote only about things that I face myself. Unfortunately, I am one of that hopeless dreamers who cannot deal with what I like most, since I have to earn for my bread! However, there always exceptions and optimists! I believe you are!

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  6. Ann, this is a very beautiful post. You have obviously thought a lot about how the necessity to work 9-5 to make ends meet can totally kill creativity. I’m an example of that. With six children and a husband who had to retire early following a car accident, I had to work into my sixties. Only now can I write the books I’ve been wanting to write for many years.
    I’m glad you have that lovely park to lift your spirits.

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