Seasonal Postcard Series (Magnolias)

Wherever you travel to, I would love to receive a beautiful postcard.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Postcard Magnolia

The world before us is a postcard, and I imagine the story we are writing on it.
Mary E. Pearson

Back View.jpg

Hello, my dear little Friends, I have discovered  a new field for my inspiration – postcards. It is the unknown passion for me. I believe that postcards made with love is an artistic expression of our mind and heart. I would like to share with you mine! In case you like it and would like to have, let me know. Certainly the designer’s signatures and text can be deleted upon your request, and your own text will be added if required.

Postcard 2

“How lucky I am to see

The bloom of the white magnolia tree…”

Magnificent Magnolias

Oh beautiful Magnolia, you’re blossoming again.
It’s early Spring and there you are like you have always been.
Your glorious Spring time beauty is wondrous to behold,
But it is such a little while until your blossoms fold.

Postcard Pink Magnolia.jpg

It only seems a day or two from when you’re in full bloom
That petals start to flutter down and leave me with sad gloom
The reason I feel gloomy is that just once each year
I see your gentle beauty, then wait another year.

Pink Postcard

Upon this wondrous earth of ours are many lovely things.
In spring I marveled at the sights the kind your beauty brings.
Oh beautiful magnolia, you are by Heaven blessed.
Spring time has many wonders but you’re one of the best.

William M. Wismer
Postcards you can see
were designed by me
Happily inspired by a very beautiful tree…
Yours Ann

38 thoughts on “Seasonal Postcard Series (Magnolias)

  1. I am so glad Spring finally came to your Motherland with a burst of life and color. Not only you are a wonderful video producer, but also a designer of postcards.

    We are so fortunate to be your friend and enjoy your artistic work. Bring them on, Ann. Bring them on.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Omar, your words are so wonderful that I feel happy while reading them! Hope I do deserve them! I just like doing it, I mean capturing, editing, designing, filming…and so lucky to have such sweet and kind Friends who always support me and encourage! You do inspire me!


    1. Dear Susana, i’m so happy to know I have my soulmate, yes, we are at the same wave, we like beauty and we enjoy it. I would love to present you any of my postcard for your collection in case you like a particular one. Think about it, it’s free of charge for you. I know that my postcards are not perfect yet, I am just learning the design process, but if I create something you will like specially, then let me know. I can print it and send via usual post or via email and you can print it for yourself, whatever you like! Keep it in mind, my Friend!


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