Séta a kálmánházi tó körül – Walk around the lake in Kalmanhaza

Spring is in the Air! Please enjoy wonderful photos of my sweet Friend! Breathtaking!


Tegnap a tó körül sétálva nem tudtam megállni, hogy ne készítsek képeket a tóról. Igaz, még csak tavasz eleje van, de a fű már kezd zöldellni, és egy kis víz is gyűlt a tóba, az összkép pedig magával ragadott. De elég a szavakból, jöjjenek a képek…

Yesterday walking around the lake in Kalmanhaza (Hungary) I was not able to stand not to make some photos about the lake. However, this is just the beginning of the spring, the grass is getting green and some water is gathered in the lake, so the view is caught me! Stop talking further, lets see the photos…


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18 thoughts on “Séta a kálmánházi tó körül – Walk around the lake in Kalmanhaza

  1. Spring is most definitely in the air, Ann, and your photos show that beautifully. It may sound odd to you, but the landscape you show in these photos is very similar to that I see every day on my walks. The land here – on the western edge of Lincolnshire, UK – is flat, with ponds, streams footpaths and woodland that look just like yours. We haven’t any big lakes close by, but there are plenty further out. Thank you for sharing your wonderful breath of spring.

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