Lifeclicker (Issue 1, page 2)

Hello, my little Friends, how’s Monday? Tough, yeah, it can happen. I offer you to turn on the next page of my online journal and find out what’s new in modern technologies world. Ready?

Modern technology is everywhere. It develops so fast that we hardly can follow it. But we are dependent on it. Just look at yourself right now…(read more by clicking on the pictures below).



Here is the link to check it out: You should just install the webplayer, which takes several seconds, and enjoy it!



11 thoughts on “Lifeclicker (Issue 1, page 2)

      1. Sorry, Ann. My Google Chrome says that cannot run this app and Internet Explorer says that the webplayer contain a virus.
        Anyway, I saw in your photos that it looks amazing 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jo! Sorry that it caused you so much trouble, but I am happy you were successful and saw my gallery! I will prepare easier way next time! Have a love day! Take care! Big hugs!


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