What Women Want?


What Women Want? This question has been asked many times by different men and every time they could not find a proper answer. Am I right, guys? Although sometimes I ask this questions also, myself, and still no good reply. Yesterday was the International Women’s Day, however, perhaps you forgot about it and didn’t pay too much attention, or even you didn’t celebrate it. Nevertheless, I would like to try to find the answer to the well-known question that occupies every men’s head and comes to light every time when a woman again wants something…

Azaleas Feminitity

I believe that my photos about beautiful azaleas and camellias will be a wonderful accompaniment to my words, since flowers are like women, capricious, enchanted and extremely mysterious. We enjoy looking at them, but hardly know how to deal with them. How to keep their beauty, how to make them satisfied and happy. Sometimes the more we try, the worse it is. A simple care and love is not enough, there is necessary something more. And what is it, girls??? Let’s try to find out…


There are different women. Some of them want a rich husband who will provide them with a  castle, an expensive car, and a golden bank card. Maybe I am going to be cruel to you, ladies, (forgive me if you can) but I do not respect such women. They are similar to Barbies, dolls with a dollar sign instead of heart. Such dolls don’t feel anything, don’t do almost anything, except for sitting in spa saloons and gossiping. They are useless toys with angelic beautifully decorated faces that will fade as soon as money is over. I don’t envy men who have dolls at their homes. Surely, money can do wonders and dolls could be kept always in their best shape, but time is merciless even to them. ” A rose will bloom and then will fade, so does youth…” (song from Romeo and Juliet film by Franko Zeffirelli, highly recommend you). A very bright image haunts me from yesterday…let us imagine a young girl in high heels and a young man with a big wallet in his hand (and a bouquet of roses) are walking hand in hand…for a first glance it looks pretty romantic and my eyes enjoy the view…seconds later I recognize that a girl hardly walks in these shoes, it is not that easy for her, but she cannot wear more comfortable shoes that do not suit her dress (no, no way)…and a man, he wears his best jeans taken somewhere from a shelf entitled “for special occasions” and proudly keeps his BIG wallet in his hand as a symbol of I-will-do-wonders-be -kind-to-me-tonight…do you still believe that their relationship is based on feelings? Nah…

Red Azaleas

On the other hand, there are women so-called warriors, who can stop a galloping horse, enter a house on fire, and who know exactly what do they want from their life. If you meet such a woman, then consider yourself a damn lucky guy. These women are diamond cut jewels, grab them and hug tightly. I do not joke, I am deadly serious. Unfortunately, I don’t belong to this category, but I know such women exist. By the way, many Ukrainian women fall into this category. The most brilliant example is Nadiya Savchenko, a Ukrainian military pilot, who was kidnapped and from the Ukrainian territory to Russia in Summer 2014. She is being used by Russia as a symbol of power over other nations. Savchenko is accused of involvement in the deaths of two Russian journalists READ “while defending her country against Russian invasion”. For that Russian prosecutors demand 23 years in prison for Nadiya Savchenko although the case against her is fake. Nadiya stopped drinking and is on dry hunger protest since last Friday. One little lady threw down a gage to Russian imperialistic machine. She has already won by being a staunch fighter for her freedom. That is the example I would like to follow and you?

Great Camellia

How about women who are alone like this flower, but they are still decisive and do not give up. Just look around and you come across so many of them. Life fed them to the lions. They fight tooth and nail. They are often without husband or any men, since they are usually too strong. Men can be too scared of such women, but that’s another topic…

White Azaleas

The most of all I would like to consider a woman as a personality who has her own wishes and demands. She is a person, a human being with her ups and downs. And what a usual human being wants? I guess the same simple things…It is not that complicated as it may seem. In fact, it is pretty easy. We are all human beings and we should respect each other. Sometimes I feel that respect and mutual understanding as well as ability to listen are the key factors to the problem “what do WE want?”. I used “we” because no matter of sex we are all very capricious creatures who frequently do not know WHAT DO THEY WANT? What do you think, my sweet little Friends???


 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Yours Ann


39 thoughts on “What Women Want?

  1. I think what women want is a question never to be answered because every woman is different… I hate people who give relationship advices because I believe every relationship is different and can’t be advised for like another! Women only ever need someone who can understand that they are human and are prone to err just like any other, they just need someone to love them and embrace them with a pure selfless heart. That’s the common denominator. What else a woman wants is to be figured out by the man alone! 😉

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    1. A very great comment, my dear! I still would not like to differentiate too much about man or woman. There is not much difference between us, except for anatomical. The most important is that no matter of female/male each of us is a person who needs usually simple things. I also don’t like advices and usually I do not give them. I just would like to remind all of us that we are human beings, very simple ones! Thank you so much for your wise words! Have a great day!

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  2. A lovely thougt provoking post as per usual and flowers mmmmmm what would I be? ” A Cactus” some days or an Orchid other days…..Your first descriptors describe to a T most of the girls( cos some are) very young and women here…well it is Thailand and also an popular destination for the rest..which is why I am moving on because I feel I am not a good fit…I live on the outskirts of it all..would make a good bok…ha ha…now that’s a thought :D. Have a lovely day 🙂

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    1. You are fantastic, Carol, so many lovely words! Hugging you! Yeah, you should definitely write a book and please advertise it here, let us know about it! we are so curious! I was happy to hear you! Have a nice day!

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  3. “We are all human beings and we should respect each other.”

    Yes! And sometimes we should post pictures of lovely flowers and clever words! I don’t know if it’s what women want, but it is what I want! Thanks for another entertaining post, Ann!

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  4. Very interesting post with beautiful photos! This is true that women are like flowers! But they want? Most probably a nice, comfortable and safety and peaceful life! And I very hope, that Nadiya will be able to enjoy such life, and somebody will save her!

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  5. Enjoyed your write up! I think what women want is difficult to say, first of all because I would ask ‘what do humans in general want? They want happiness, peace, security, beauty, friendship and challenge, and perhaps, adventure, learning. Some women though want more, they want babies, something to care for, to nurture. Others want to be free, yes freedom above all is very important to many of us, freedom to think what we want and to act on this in the way we see right, this can be done within the traditional roles really or also in other ways. Woman want to be treated equally and with respect. They also want to be loved for who they are, not for what they achieve. That is all I can think of right now.

    I love your flower photography. And thanks for making us think.

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  6. A lovely post, Ann, and beautifully and appropriately illustrated. What women want isn’t an easy question to answer, especially as all women are individuals. We all want to be accepted for who we are and have our views listened to. In some countries today, women do not enjoy the same ‘freedom’ and respect as they do in others, which I truly hope will change one day.We all want to love and be loved and live happy lives (and that applies to both men and women)., Your pictures of flowers are really lovely!

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    1. You are so right, Maria, and I do hope that such women exist, even more, I consider you are such a strong woman and I admire you a lot for that! I believe I should learn from you a lot! Thank you so much, I wish you all the best!

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  7. Such a thoughtful post.. I love how you have compared flowers with women.. And I agree with all the comments here regarding what women want. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and an even more beautiful post!

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  8. Ann, you are so diverse! And thoughtful! And faithful!
    Today is Father’s Day in Spain.
    I just updated today’s blog, I put a photo of my father.
    He’s a flower too.
    I’m sending much love from international Women’s Day, Spanish Father’s Day and Bless The Water Day!
    Every day is a love day!
    Much love to you dear Ann, flower woman, wise and full of surprises too!

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  9. A lovely post with wonderful photographs! Though women are comparable to flowers as you said (I too personally feel so) but still women are mysterious and difficult to understand by men! May be they are made like that with a purpose behind it!

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  10. Tough questions! A good post that makes me think! I don’t have answers. I tend to live one day at a time and live each day to the fullest, harming no one…just hugging Garfield my inanimate furball 😄…I am woman, hear me roar maybe 😉

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