Blue in Yellow

Blue and Yellow

Devoted to the Revolution of Dignity took place in Kyiv, February, 2014:

It’s hard to find the perfect rhyme

That could revive their stolen life

The “Heavenly Hundred” heroes

And so many left millions of zeroes 

With money soul without any fears

How much you want? How much you care?

I am afraid Ukraine is in monopoly-oligarchs fever

Two years past and no results

More thousands lost heroes

I wish I could, I wish I should

Bring back the light

And make this blue in yellow feel alive…













38 thoughts on “Blue in Yellow

  1. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I watched events unfolding in real time at the EuroMaidan. It was frightening, interesting, and inspiring, all at once. I saw Ruslana’s speech there, and many other performances and events, including the attempt to clear the square. I follow events in your country regularly via a blog belonging to a fellow who speaks Russian and Ukrainian, and who has experience in the region. I wish you all the best in the future!

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    1. Thank you very much for your wishes! I will try to do my best! It’s so good to know you have a friend who can help you to know the truth about my country! It’s pretty difficult, I know! You are very kind! Stay in touch!


  2. Beautiful tribute for your heroes, Ann.
    Already 2 years, wow! I hope something will happen soon. Something good for the people, not oligarchs.
    In Romania is the same. We wait since december 1989 to live better, but unfortunately is worse. 😦

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    1. Oh, dear Maria, hearing such a compliment from you, a very talented photographer is a real pleasure for me! You made me feel too happy! Thank you for your support! I feel it! Have a nice day! Hugs!


  3. I don’t have the requisite vocabulary to describe what I see, hear, and feel here, but the tree in the center appears to me to be reciting this poem to the stalks assembled around her.

    Wow! It’s quite stunning, the effect. Thank you, Ann.

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    1. You are looking very deep, Jim, i am so glad you could recognize so many things! I can tell you that writing this piece was very difficult, since topic is so painful that sometimes difficult to breath even. But I had to, because I heard a very specific song, which was played two years ago during this tragic days and it did not let me be calm. I will never forget it! Thank you for your kind words! I know I am not the best poet!

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  4. Beautiful and sincere…

    Please bear with my ignorance. Which direction do people really want to go? East or West? And if corruption is ingrained, changing leaders seems of little help—-it is hard to fight the system…

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    1. Thank you! Ukrainians do want to go to west, there is no doubt, they put their lives for it and they still do. We have never wanted to be a part of the “East”, at least our young generation. Yes, problem with corruption and system is huge. I ask this questions the same, how could we break this awful tough system…mission impossible, most probably…but when I think of that young deaths (the youngest who died during revolution was only 16) I could not stop fighting and believing that it is still possible. A lot of time is necessary, but I believe that it will happen one day…everything depends on each of us!

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      1. “everything depends on each of us! ”

        I cannot agree more. No one predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall. Neither the Arab Spring, nor Gwangju Uprising in South Korea, let alone the peaceful democracy transition of Taiwan.

        What really matters in all these changes is what people truly believe in. If we do have the conviction, then the change is just a matter of time.

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