Quote Challenge Day 2: Child’s Face

Happy Tuesday, my little Friends! It’s a Quote Challenge Day No 2. Do you remember that my dear Friend, Maria from Maria Jansson Photography challenged me to participate in a three day quote challenge and I happily accept it. Here we go…

Rules are the following:

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day

And you do remember that I like breaking the rules (oh, pardon, not I, but my crazy imagination likes)!

Little Girl

” I can endlessly look at a child’s face, whose innocence and curiosity can be only compared with yours, when you were of her age!” (AnRo)

Don’t you agree? Today, when you have some free minute, find your child’s album and take a look. I am sure you were even better than this cute little doll. And you were as innocent and curious as she is. But then Lady Life did a lot to change that look to this one…look at the mirror? What do you see?

I would not like to simply nominate every three blogs per day, I am intended to do something even more interesting. I just would like to introduce my nice friends and their blogs! All of them are great creators who inspire me for my posts!

Please welcome (do not miss a chance to visit their blogs, they are awesome):

Lizzie from Laughs With Lizzie, a very funny girl from New Zealand, who dared to open her own YouTube channel and share with you her fantastic world! Thank you, dear Lizzie, for your nice sense of humor and great ideas! You do make me laugh!

Frances from lovingleisuretime.wordpress.com, who always makes me feel hungry with her exotic and delicious receipts. She also makes beautiful pictures and finds perfect quotes for each of them. Thank you, my dear Frances, you always inspire me to try something new at my kitchen!

And the last for today, but definitely not least, Janet from jcrhumming.wordpress.com, a talented artist whose masterpieces always make me think a lot and catch the hidden beauty of this life. She is an artist with a touching heart! Thank you, my dear Janet, for making this world so vivid and bright!

Stay in tune! See you tomorrow!

Yours Ann




18 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 2: Child’s Face

    1. Sweet Anil, I wish I could say yes, but no. It’s a photo made during one of the parties in restaurant. I do not know this girl, but her beautiful and innocent face caught my attention and I decided to photograph her! I was not so pretty in my childhood, believe me!

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  1. A lovely photo, Ann, and a delightful quot to go with it. I know what you mean about the innocence and curiosity in a child’s face. Life is all so new to them, and they want to know so much about it. As for me…when I look into the mirror nowadays (60+ years on from the age of that sweet child) i can still see glimmers of the child I used to be. I have a photo of me at about the same age as the little girl, and I still have my chubby cheeks! Haha. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I also can recognize this curiosity in me yet! However, face shows some other so-called life prints on our faces! But in our soul we are kids and it doesn’t change that much! Thank you, Millie, thank you so much!

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