Lifeclicker (Issue 1, page 1)

Dear little Friends, today is the leap day that comes once in four years. A very unusual day and I would like to make it even more special. I am ready to present you my first page of the first issue of my journal called “Lifeclicker”. One month ago I wrote a post devoted to a crazy idea to prepare something like a journal written by a non-professional person. And so, I did it. I think I was too ambitious in my intentions, but I enjoyed working on it. I do like experimenting and trying new things. This is one of my latest ideas put into reality…


Looking forward to hearing your comments! Happy Leap Day! Make a wish and it will certainly come true!

Yours Ann

Life Is So Endlessly Delicious

Hey, lads, is anybody hungry here? You are welcome to have some delicious minutes with me. But be aware there is no “taste” button here, you are unlikely to be able to taste anything. Don’t even think!

Fellows, I would like to steal your precious couple of minutes and introduce you some of our Ukrainian traditional food dishes. I promise not to talk too much or too long (although you know me, I hardly can keep this rule), but share with you something interesting about our typical cuisine!

Today in our menu is Vareniki (don’t look at me like that!), sweet Friends, I know that is a very odd word, which has no translation, don’t be in a hurry to your dictionary shelf, you won’t find this word anywhere, since this is a pure transliteration (a very professional term) of the Ukrainian so-called dumplings. Let’s get closer.

In Ukraine, it is said that no vareniki, no holiday! And the truth is it’s hard to imagine a Ukrainian who has never tried these wonderful stuffed dumplings. They were prepared by our grandmothers and are now one of the most beloved and popular dishes in the Ukrainian cuisine. A little history – vareniki are not only a tasty dish but they have a special meaning in Ukrainian culture. They are given to young people on the second day of their wedding (Ukrainian weddings last for 2 days) as a symbol of prosperity for the new family. And when new babies are born again friends and family hand vareniki to young mothers with the words – so that your belly is always full. It’s no wonder why we have so many fatty Ukrainians, they cannot imagine their life without vareniki. Stuffing can be different, typically meat, mushrooms, potatoes and cottage cheese. Almost anything you want. In the picture they are with cheese. Enjoy your meal (but there are only five vareniki and ask for more is not allowed)!


 And how about potatoes friend with onion? Huh! Personally I do not like friend onion, most probably I will take my magical shovel and start the digging. I may be lucky to find a lot of things, which I will put into somebody’s else plate. How smart! Changing the subject, Ukrainians (including me) do like eating potatoes, they adore potatoes and even can eat potatoes with potatoes. We are crazy about it. And you? Yeah, it’s not so healthy. As far as I know potatoes are about 80% of water, in fact, it is even good for our body, as we should drink more. That’s why I don’t see any serious reason not to eat it. I will, you cannot persuade me. Good news for fans of mash: humans can apparently survive on a diet of just potatoes, and milk or butter, which contain Vitamin A and D, the only vitamins missing from the humble spud. Getting back to history I remember that there is some argue about who and when brought potatoes to Europe. The most interesting is that many Europeans did not know what potatoes are, they were using its flower as decoration for their outfits. Can you believe? They were not so smart to check that under flower, somewhere deep, there is a vegetable that is eatable! Ancient folks! Do you like potatoes?


 Now it is salad’s turn. What do you think about salads? I do like them, especially fresh vegetable salads. It is a winter period here, and you almost cannot find fresh (not artificial) vegetables in our shops. If you are lucky, then they will cost a fortune. Many of us have to survive with some tins. Do you prepare tins for winter? No, lazy bones! I suppose Olivier salad should be known for you, but might not for all of you. I have some contradictory feelings towards it. This salad was very popular 25 years ago in USSR times (and I hate this time), but its taste is quite interesting. Olivier salad was discovered in 1860s by a Frenchman Lucien Olivier. He was the co-owner of one of the biggest Russian restaurants. As I heard he kept the receipt in secret and took it to his grave. Anyway, one of smart chef-cooks was able to find some information and create its approximate receipt. n different modern recipes, it is usually made with diced boiled potatoes, carrots, dill pickles, green peas, eggs, celeriac, onions, diced boiled chicken (or sometimes ham or bologna sausage), tart apples, with salt, pepper, and mustard added to enhance flavor, dressed with mayonnaise. Again not so healthy, I agree.


 At last, I found a good healthy salad for you. Guess, which one? Exactly, exotic salad with sea products. You will fall in love with it. It has a nice spicy taste. It contains different sea products and ginger. Taste is gorgeous, it’s finger-licking good! And the price is awfully uninviting. As soon as I bought it I quickly took the label with price off and threw it out not to cause a kind of heart attack. Unfortunately, in my country sea products are pretty high, Ukrainians almost forget the taste of usual calamaris. So, friends, if you have some extra sea products, don’t forget to share with us, we will appreciate it so much!

Exotic Salad

 Sushi, sushi, you can easily attract my tongue, and usually it’s difficult. Who wants sushi? I should tell in advance that in Ukraine we don’t have original sushi, I mean which should be made of raw fish. The only raw fish is salmon or trout. All other specific type of sea products and so on, are commonly fried or boiled. A typical Ukrainian won’t dare to put into his/her mouth anything which is moving yet. Believe me, it’s impossible. For many of us such exotic cuisine is still very strange. Though Ukrainians did get used to our own sushi and enjoy them with pleasure. Surely, it’s not cheap type food, but on special occasions we can let themselves!


It’s all for today, but we will come back to Ukrainian cuisine and taste preferences. Our national cuisine is very rich in natural ingredients. Ukrainians do like food and prefer cooking at home. They are capricious and demanding. I hardly call them gourmets, but they do enjoy table party traditions. And you didn’t hear yet anything about our vodka…hm, be patient!

See you next time!

Yours Chef-Cook Ann

Blue in Yellow

Blue and Yellow

Devoted to the Revolution of Dignity took place in Kyiv, February, 2014:

It’s hard to find the perfect rhyme

That could revive their stolen life

The “Heavenly Hundred” heroes

And so many left millions of zeroes 

With money soul without any fears

How much you want? How much you care?

I am afraid Ukraine is in monopoly-oligarchs fever

Two years past and no results

More thousands lost heroes

I wish I could, I wish I should

Bring back the light

And make this blue in yellow feel alive…












Drastic Changes

Nature does not stop impress me! So changeable can be only weather and women. Yes, my sweet little ladies, we are! Ask your loved ones and they will confirm! Or maybe not, since they might be afraid of your reaction. Usually men prefer avoiding such ambiguous situations. It is better to be far from fire! Am I right, guys? Anyway, we do not talk today about women, rather about weather and nature! Almost every day I can observe a completely different picture!

Just look at the picture below. It is February in its full swing and such warm colors. Snow is visible between trees, and trees already would like to change their white outfits to brighter colors. Shadows and light are in constant fight “whose is more powerful”. Birds are showering themselves in the sun and feel the arrival of spring! And look who is there! A crazy photo-hunter, Ann, always with her camera in her hands. Her eyes are in constant search for a perfect light and angle. She seems to be camera addicted. And if she caught a nice scene, she looks as happy as a lost stream of water that found its way! You know how does it feel, I am sure!

Sunny Winter

 And I am ready to go on with my photo-hunting and unexpectedly I found myself buried in snow like a pine tree. I could hardly see anything. Snow was falling heavily. I wore inappropriate shoes, clothes and gloves (which after being completely soaked are as hard as nails) and my Nikki (camera) was without its hat. Both of us were as wet as drowned cats, but we could not stop walking and capturing snow moments!  See, I even tried to hide with my camera under this tree to protect my lenses from being wet, otherwise my pictures could be spotty a bit! Do you think it was worth?

Snowy February

 With the magical click of my camera button we are coming back to sunny February and my little house on the road. Well, it is not mine (don’t know why), but it looks nice, isn’t it? Who would not wish to live here in such a peaceful nature place. You don’t see people here and no car horns. How unfair that it does not belong to me, because if it could be, then nothing stops me from inviting you to visit me and have a cup of coffee or tea with some delicious cookies, which I will specially bake for you. Hmm, how lovely it could be to sit with your next to my fireplace and talk about different things, or sing, or dance, or whatever!

House on the Road

 Let’s us click on our mouse. What? You don’t like to come back to snowy picture. Why not? Aw, somebody of you did not wear winter shoes, yeah, that can be a serious problem. But do not worry, I will borrow you, I have extra one in my store. Remember you are my guest now, so I will do everything to make you feel as comfortable as at home. We cannot miss this picture, just look at it. It can be used as a lovely greeting card for Christmas or New Year.

House Under Snow

 We can observe drastic changes not only in weather, but almost everywhere in our life. For instance, our mood is also changeable. Today we are happy and jumping around like I’ve got rabbits attached to my feet. Tomorrow we are sad as a violin with only one string and that one broken. Today we like our job and do tasks with pleasure. Tomorrow our boss does not pay attention to our success and even gives us more extra work without any simple encouragement. You might know how it feels. Often I wonder what is wrong with our companies system, why everything works wrong. It is very rear when boss-employees relationships are based on mutual respect, interest or team work. Somehow bosses are separate from their employees. They live in their big kingdoms, and pretend that they are the most important mechanisms. But you do know that it’s not true. The best work can be done when everybody works well and respects every tiny success. Why it does not work? Nature is more beautiful that the world where we live…

Play Of Colors

And I like nature almost in any of its image, whether it is cold snowy winter or bright sunny one. It is perfect in any color and almost without any photoshop. Do you agree?

Magical Bush

Hope your working week picks a good speed up! And hope there are not too many drastic changes in your life!

Best wishes,

Yours Ann

Earth Surprises Us in Orchids

Earth really surprises us in orchids, am I right? Orchids are one of the most beautiful and unusual flowers. Just look at their peculiar shape and structure. At the top of a very long body you can find such lovely, smiling heads that are looking at you and say “hello” to you! They are charming…Orchids will always make us look, make us smile and remind us of the pure awesomeness of nature. I was lucky this week to visit a small exhibition of orchids at one of our Botanical Gardens. In the middle of winter I happened to be in an exotic place with a temperature above twenty and a high humidity (orchids like), which means that I could turn the calendar and found myself at summer! I also have orchids at home and I do know that growing them takes a lot of time and patience. They are so capricious like girls. Don’t you think so, my sweet girls? It seems that my post today will be more interesting to my female audience, since flowers are our best friends (yeah, I paraphrased a bit). And maybe because tomorrow will be St. Valentine’s Day, which is a special day when many women can get many, many flowers and boxes of chocolates. Although, my ladies, don’t you think that we deserve to get flowers not only once a year, but every day. Would you like to hear a confession? I DO NOT like this holiday. You may call me unromantic and cynic, but I cannot agree with the idea that love should be celebrated only once in a year, which means that we are in love only this day and what about the next one? You woke up next day and find no flowers, no breakfast in bed, and your dear gentleman snores loudly? That’s all, romance is over, time to go to kitchen and make breakfast…don’t you recognize the picture? I bet!

White Orchids

Anyway, it’s up to you to celebrate or not! I would not like to spoil your romantic mood. I just share with you my thoughts. Let’s get back to orchids. I was wondering what does their name mean? Don’t you know? Aw…As I found out orchid literary means “testicles” because of the shape of its root. Can you believe it? Ladies, do you know what testicles are…oh, somebody is blushing now. If you don’t know, check in the dictionary and you will understand why I am smiling now! Definitely, I choose the right topic for today’s post. From my pictures we cannot see their root, so let’s believe it’s the truth!

Once I look at the orchids and I see some similarity with a human face. Am I a freak? To some extend yet, but let us look closer! It’s not only my observations.  An orchid has bilateral symmetry — like a human face — so if a line is drawn vertically down the middle of the flower, the two halves are mirror images of each other.

Red Orchids

When someone looks at an orchid, it looks back at you, just like at this moment! Hello to you, babes! By the way, are there any men yet? Haloo. If you do not know yet how to surprise the lady of your heart tomorrow, think about orchids. It can be a great present, trust me. Choose nice color and make your lady happy. And she can make you happy too…later…you know what I mean! And you might prepare a lovely compliment for your lady and compare her beauty with a bewitched flower!

Yellow Orchids

You know, I do like experimenting and changing the formats of my posts. Thus, I would like to interrupt our sweet talk about orchids for some minutes and change the subject. Recently, I have been nominated for Creative Blogger Award by Laura Lecce from my colorful view of the world and I would like to thank her for that honor. Honestly, I am very thankful for any mentioning of my blog and your comments, and I cannot leave it without any reply. Though I prefer breaking all possible rules, at least, here. Don’t worry, fellows, my nominations are always for all of you, if I start counting it will take too much time. According to the rules I should mention 5 unknown facts about myself. Oh my, I thought I would not find so many. You have already  found out a lot about me and how can I be a mysterious lady for you after that. I will loose my charm and anonymity! That’s why I decided to ask you, what do you what to know? In case, there are any interesting questions, please feel free and ask me in your comments. But be sensible, I will answer only intriguing questions! Joking! Thank you, dear Laura, for this award! You are a wonderful friend!

Violet Orchids

Oh, and again lovely orchids. They are so different and so captivating. I know there are people who like them so much that they even talk to them. However, I guess it is not bad to talk to flowers, since they are alive creatures. We should greet them and touch their leaves, which can help us to understand whether they feel good themselves or not, whether their atmosphere is appropriate for them or not, whether it is enough warm or not. Orchids need a lot of attention and care. But when they are blooming, they look gorgeous. I think they know about it!

Spotty Orchids

Dear Ladies, if you do not have an orchid at one of your windowsills, then you have to give a hint to your loved one. These flowers are born to beguile woman’s eyes. They should be in your flower garden and you should admire them every day! Put aside your vacuum cleaner or frying pans, and take a comfortable position next to your computer screen! Welcome ORCHIDS!

Dark Orange Orchids

Have a love weekend! And not only one weekend, but each of the following!

Yours Ann



Quote Challenge Day 3: My Shadow and I

Playful Wednesday, my little Friends! It’s a Quote Challenge Day No 3, already, so fast. Do you remember that my dear Friend, Maria from Maria Jansson Photography challenged me to participate in a three day quote challenge and I happily accept it. Here we go…

Rules are the following:

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day

And you still do remember that I like breaking the rules (oh, pardon, not I, but my crazy imagination likes)!

My Shadow

“My shadow is better than I, it never changes herself, never complains, never mistakes, never dreams, it is always the same and always right”. (AnRo)

And what about your shadow? Isn’t it better than you are? Think about it and share with me your ideas! It is like a cup of fresh water for thirsty Ann!

I would not like to simply nominate every three blogs per day, I am intended to do something even more interesting. I just would like to introduce my nice friends and their blogs! All of them are great creators who inspire me for my posts! It is the last days and my last three names, however,I am not able to mention all of you, which is pretty sad, because all of you deserve my best compliments! Just ALL!

And you know what I am again changing the rules and nominate all of you! Each of you, yes, you, and you, and you, and you… my little Friends, you deserve my sweetest, warmest, kindest, and best wishes! All of you are very different and very creative people. You do inspire me for all my posts, even more, you give me a strong wish to surprise and impress you. You are the engine of my car!

Love you ALL!

Have a nice Wednesday!

Yours Ann


Quote Challenge Day 2: Child’s Face

Happy Tuesday, my little Friends! It’s a Quote Challenge Day No 2. Do you remember that my dear Friend, Maria from Maria Jansson Photography challenged me to participate in a three day quote challenge and I happily accept it. Here we go…

Rules are the following:

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day

And you do remember that I like breaking the rules (oh, pardon, not I, but my crazy imagination likes)!

Little Girl

” I can endlessly look at a child’s face, whose innocence and curiosity can be only compared with yours, when you were of her age!” (AnRo)

Don’t you agree? Today, when you have some free minute, find your child’s album and take a look. I am sure you were even better than this cute little doll. And you were as innocent and curious as she is. But then Lady Life did a lot to change that look to this one…look at the mirror? What do you see?

I would not like to simply nominate every three blogs per day, I am intended to do something even more interesting. I just would like to introduce my nice friends and their blogs! All of them are great creators who inspire me for my posts!

Please welcome (do not miss a chance to visit their blogs, they are awesome):

Lizzie from Laughs With Lizzie, a very funny girl from New Zealand, who dared to open her own YouTube channel and share with you her fantastic world! Thank you, dear Lizzie, for your nice sense of humor and great ideas! You do make me laugh!

Frances from, who always makes me feel hungry with her exotic and delicious receipts. She also makes beautiful pictures and finds perfect quotes for each of them. Thank you, my dear Frances, you always inspire me to try something new at my kitchen!

And the last for today, but definitely not least, Janet from, a talented artist whose masterpieces always make me think a lot and catch the hidden beauty of this life. She is an artist with a touching heart! Thank you, my dear Janet, for making this world so vivid and bright!

Stay in tune! See you tomorrow!

Yours Ann



Quote Challenge Day 1: Smilefood

My dear Friends, you know how much I appreciate your support and kind attitude towards my modest splashes of creative imagination, it means a LOT to me! Always remember that each of you is unique, special, amazing and wonderful person, writer, photographer, poet, chef-cook and creator. Do not stop dreaming and believe in wonders, always believe in wonders. Life is one of the biggest wonders given to us. And today is special Monday, one of my sweet and dearest Friend, Maria Jansson from Maria Jansson Photography challenged me to participate in a three day quote challenge and I happily accept it. Thank you so much, dear Maria, it is a great honor for me! Your amazing photography and life path inspire me, I can learn a lot from you! 

Rules are the following:

  • Post for three consecutive days
  • Posts can be one or three quotes per day
  • Nominate three different blogs per day


“Food cooked without a smile is similar to life without being ever in love. Smile with every spoon of food prepared with love and passion!” (AnRo)

My sweet little Friends, I won’t be Ann if I do not not change some rules of the challenge. First of all, I dared to think of myself as one of the modern great philosophers, thus quote presented today and with every next picture will be mostly mine. Can you believe it? I know I am extremely immodest person, but now I am guided by my crazy imagination who can let herself anything, whatever she likes, I am not involved! Secondly, I would not like to simply nominate every three blogs per day, I am intended to do something even more interesting. I just would like to introduce my nice friends and their blogs! All of them are great creators who inspire me for my posts!

Please welcome (do not miss a chance to visit their blogs, they are awesome):

Monica from look around!, a very talented girl with a big heart and adventurous spirit. She cannot stop surprising me! Thank you, dear Monica, for being my dear Friend. You are the sunshine, keep it in mind and never stop dreaming!

Anil from Anil’s webspace, an amazing photographer and a connoisseur of art. He makes inspiring photos and introduces us his beautiful culture! Thank you, dear Anil, for being my lovely Friend who helps me to discover the unknown world!

And the last for today, but not least, definitely, Jim from The Daily Driver, a  virtuous writer, a master of beautiful words, and just a very interesting person. He writes as he lives and he lives as he writes. Thank you, my dear Jim, for being my sweet friend and soulmate!

Stay in tuned! I will keep on telling more compliments to all of you, my Fellows! I am here because of you!

Yours Ann

Conquering Magyarorszag: Blue Paradise in Miskolc

Blue Paradise

Today my sweet, often crazy, imagination brought me (and you) to some wonderful place…to unknown country, which I am intended to conquer. Do you think that I am too ambitious and self-confident? You are right, but now, here and with your eyes looking at my pictures I can let myself just for several minutes!

I’ve come across some distant land

Reflection in Blue

Enjoying blue reflections of the strand

Trees in Blue Water.jpg

I felt embraced and fully mesmerized


And yet so lonely, almost paralyzed


I guess it was that famous road to Paradise…

Hope you liked my clumsy poetic try! I wish you wonderful, crazy, sweet weekend with fabulous and unforgetable moments! And do not forget to share them with me !

Yours Ann