From Kyiv With Love (Final Episode)

How do you do, my little Fellows! Let me congratulate you – it’s Weekend! Let’s celebrate! And I decided to present you my last post devoted to my sweet city. I guess our trip around my city is going to its end. I assure you that I did not show you all the attractions, however, I am not going to stop providing you with interesting information on my city and country as a whole. This series ends and new ones will be born. So, be patient, my dear Fellows, and you will hear a lot about the place which I love so much. And I remember my promise to start this post with your comments about the picture with a Ukrainian girl…I actually was very impressed with your ideas and thank you so much for being so attentive:

Being Ukrainian

My dear Friend, beleznai wrote: ” In picture I see a woman who protects Kiev, or maybe all Ukraine! Such person nowadays is very necessary for Ukraine! Who can be her? Maybe You? From your posts, I know, that You can be the right person for sure! I vote for You!”

Oh, it was really very sweet to compare me with this woman. Hope I do deserve it!

Lovely Maverick ~ shared his idea: “The young lady in the mural perhaps is representing hope for the future.”

I agree with you, dear Maverick, and I hope this girl will look only brighter as well as future for my Ukraine.

Jo from restlessjo recognized very well: ” It’s a wonderful photo, with the people busying about in the foreground”. 

So well-noticed, dear Jo!

A wisdom woman who likes history Millie from milliethom suggested: “The final picture to me shows a ‘Mother Gooddess’ type of figure (or perhaps a famous woman from Kyiv’s history) who nurtures, cares for and protects her city and its people. One of her arms is cradling the city, the other is perhaps lifting a child out of harm’s way, or simply just answering his questions”. 

That’s so right, dear Millie, she is a mother who would like to protect her land from intruders.

And the last, but not least, from my very dear Jim Noonan, who is my favorite writer: “In the photo I see a woman, a mother of timeless beauty, nurturing an ancient and thriving city at her breast, holding the future in her hand, her feet rooted in the earth, her head reaching to the stars”.

That was amazing, dear Jim, you found the soul of this picture! I am applauding you!

All your thoughts and ideas are so thoughtful and right, in this picture I see my Ukraine, who is a young 24-years-old girl, innocent and fragile, anybody can hurt her. Or maybe i  just look at the mirror…how odd?

Golden Gates

We cannot finish our trip around Kyiv without seeing Golden Gates. Golden Gate in Kiev is the monument of fortified building of 12 century, one of few, which remained till our times. The construction amazed with its greatness and inaccessibility. However, they are not made of gold as you may see in the picture. It can be a bit disappointing, but, in fact, the gates, at which you are looking now, were renovated in 1982.  Kiev Golden Gate was simultaneously a tower and a triumphal arch that leads to main “aristocratic street” of the city. I can imagine how many-many centuries ago Ukrainian cream of society in their decorated carriages was entering these gates. Did not they look graceful and proud of their rich carriages? The wide street was full of elegantly dressed women in shiny carriages escorted by their men. Dashing officers rode on fine horses alongside the carriages…The only problem that my photo camera was not there to capture all this beauty and show it to you!

Opera House

Well, let’s go back to Earth or go upper to the Mount Olimpus. We are standing in front of the Opera House – a kingdom of two charming muses Melpomene and Terpsichore, known for their love to music and dances. This is their castle, here they can feel themselves like at home. If you do not have enough drama in your life, then you should come here. Repertiore is very divergent from classical operas to modern ballet performances. The history of the National Opera House goes back to 1867.  In February 1896 during the morning performance the fire erupted in the Opera House from the unextinguished candle and just in few hours building was almost fully destroyed. The solemn opening of new Opera House building in Kiev took place on September 29 in 1901. New exterior of building was constructed and designed in Neo-Renaissance style, interior of Opera house – in a classical style called Viennese Modern. The most outstanding part of the construction – is the Opera stage that is one of the largest in Europe. In case you are in Kyiv, do not miss the chance to visit it, you will love it. Lots of people enjoy opera because the singers have such strong, polished voices. Even without microphones, their voices carry through entire auditoriums without missing a note…

National University

This red building looks like a symbol of Communism, isn’t it? Perhaps, that is the first thought. Actually, I have to dissapoint you, my little Friends. It is Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. This is one of the most prestige and expensive universities in the world. Honestly, I even did not dare to think about studying here. My parents never could afford it. Only children whose parents are having bank accounts in Switzerland can dream of being students of this house of knowledge. Although sometimes I feel that students who park their lexus cars next to this building are not much interested in knowledge other than just following the rules of their own society. I am afraid they pass their exams not like everybody else…ohh, I think i started to talk too much…you may feel that students in this country are spolied mother’s darlings, not all of them, I assure you! I am not and I did study, even I was among best students who graduated with red diploma (oh, I am not so modest now), however, I have been studying not here. Maybe that’s why! And now, seriously, Taras Shevchenko University is named after Taras Shevchenko, a major figure in Ukrainian literature and art. It is an institution of higher education that trains specialists in many fields of knowledge and carries out research. It is considered the most prestigious university in Ukraine and a major centre of advanced learning and progressive thinking. It consists of more faculties and departments, and trains specialists in a greater number of academic fields, than any other Ukrainian educational institution. And now let’s talk about Taras Shevchenko…his monument is right in front of your eyes!

Taras Shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko is the foremost Ukrainian poet, prose writer, painter and playwright of the 19th century. He was a major figure of the Ukrainian national revival. He was  a man of universal talent. All his life and creative work were dedicated to the people of Ukraine. The poet dreamed about the times when his country would be free, where the Ukrainian language, clture and history would be highly valued, and the people would be happy and free. Now is the 21st and Ukrainians still dream of the same, don’t you find it tragical, almost unbearable?

For me Kyiv is still one of the most mysterious and charming city, although it has been severely damaged and changed by big skyscrapers. I hardly can feel its soul and smell chestnut tree fragrances. It is painful, but modern Kyiv is associated with Chornobyl, revolutions and many ecological problems. Nevertheless, we have things to be proud of: the large number of scientific and technological achievements, humanitarian achievements and bright and talented people, known worldwide have their roots in Kyiv, Ukraine…I would like to remind you about those things and people which are the pride of their glorious city. I do not belong to this brilliant circle of famous people, but I DO LOVE my Kyiv not matter of anything and it is FOREVER…Endless Love!

Kyiv Road

Hugs from Kyiv!

Happy Sunday!


36 thoughts on “From Kyiv With Love (Final Episode)

  1. Dear Ann! Thank you for citing me! The description of Jim was the best, I think! 🙂
    And your recent post is just great! Many nice places and stories about them! I would like to go at once and visit them, and even visit more and more, discover all parts of Kiev! Soon we will start doing it! 🙂 I understand your feelings! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Ann!! You are so kind to me. Thank you for including my interpretation of the mural. I am so glad that you liked it!

    But you forgot one of the most amazing things about Kiev, one of it’s hidden jewels, the likes of which doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, a source of great inspiration and beauty and joy to many. Do you know what it is, sweet Ann?

    It is you, of course!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful city and your inspiring words and photos with us. Thank you for being who you are, my sweet Ukrainian friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, too beautiful words, which I do not deserve for sure! But it is so pleasant to hear! Thank you, thank you very very much, my dear Friend! I am so happy to know you liked it! You know your opinion is the most valuable, since you are my favorite writer, do you remember it? Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. So sweet of you, dear Maria! Well, this series is over, but this is not exactly the end of the topic, just will be another title, I assure you I will not stop writing about my city and country as a whole!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks a lot Dear Ann, for the tour of your beautiful and heritage city! Yeah, you are right, it reminded about the communists by that Red Building! At the same time, Wonderful art and architectures shown in the whole series of posts about Kyiv. At the same time I am amazed to learn that money can buy the admission of the prestigious University. Anyway I must say that it’s a well written post on the concluding part of the so called journey of Kyiv. I feel lucky to have a English speaking friend like you from Kyiv. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, what a great compliment! It means really a lot for me! You know I am so happy that I can show you my city and give you some information, which can be hardly found at the official websites! I know I am too straight-forward in many aspects, but I cannot hide the truth, even if it is a bit sad for me as well. My city as well as country needs serious, drastic, changes and it should be done quickly and painfully! And I do hope it will be one day and then I can write another post! You too take care! Hugs! Thank you once again!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, there is nothing to apologize! That’s other country, other culture, and heroes! There are so many things we do not know yet, Steve! Thank you for dropping by and reading my post! Have a love day!


  4. Super well written, dear Ann! And you open your heart to describe this beautiful city! May she and your country be free from all external and evil forces! Take care, my dear friend! Hugs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Big hug back, dear Ann! I was telling Estelea that we should meet in the near future in Europe, your name was the first to come to my mind. Hopefully, we will meet! Best to you and have a wonderful day! And stay warm! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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