Nature Clothed To Its Very Hollows in Snow

Winter House

I am so happy to see you, dear Friends, how are you there? Did you miss me? I missed you a lot. I apologize for my absence, however, you know very well that our life consists not only of pleasant moments, but also of hard work, which takes most of our lifetime. But being optimistic, I hope not for all of you! I should confess that I am curently working on my new project that I promised to present you, it also grabs my time and holds my breath, not sure I have time to breathe even. Untill it is not ready, I would like to chat with you a bit and present you some of my latest pictures and thoughts. How about that?

Fragile Snowflake

I am in a lyrical mood today…Maybe because it is sunny and a bit cold, and I am in my comfortable chair and with my notebook hiding in a warm place. And outside world is fragile, cold and beautiful as snowflakes. Snow brings us some winter joy of something uknown and magical, which is mysterious for us. We hardly know how it forms and from where its roots grow. You know me I am quite curious, so I want to know more. I switched on Global Web and clicked on several online resources. Would you like to hear something interesting?

Snow Web

Did you know that snow is actually clear and colorless? Then you are smarter than I thought!

Snow Branches

In the early 1900s skiers created their own terminology to describe various types of snow. The crazy vocabulary includes funny terms such as “pow pow,” “mashed potatoes,” “champagne snow (powder),” “cauliflower,” “sticky snow,” “dust on crust” and many other descriptive terms. Did you know that “pow pow” or simply pow (from powder) is the fresh powder snow, which is actually a soft, fluffy type of snow?  “Champagne snow” has such an extremely low moisture content that you can’t even make a snowball with it. While “champagne powder” is great for skiing because it’s smooth and dry, “mashed potatoes” is an old, dense and heavy snow that is hard to turn skis in. Hm, so my first task for you is to guess which snow is in the picture below?

Almost Colorless

If you have a fear of snow, it is called chionophobia.  If you are crazy about snow, it is chionomainia.  (You decide, I know what I am!) I am made of snow, cannot imagine my life without it. Snow makes me happy when I do not need to clean my backyard.

Snow Colors

In one study, men rated pictures of women’s breasts and bodies as more attractive in the winter months, while they rated pictures of women’s faces the same. Researchers believe men don’t see women’s bodies as much during the winter, so they’re more excited when they do. Hey, ladies, can you believe it? Now I understand why spring is the season of March Cats. WOW!

Winter Love

There is so much interesting yet to discover about snow that I am afraid you can be tired. I just feel that snow brings some magic to our world, which is so different and complicated. Snow symbolizes for me innocence and purity. It seems that Lord sends us snow to clean not only roads, but our souls, to make us more understanding and supportive, to look around and help others, to find happiness in everything. Certainly, snow covers nature to protect it from cold and help to survive, on the contrast, snow is a disaster for houses, electrcity roads and people as well as animals. And I do worry about poor animals who cannot find food under thick snow layes, that’s why I constantly try to help as much as I can and offer you to join me. This can be fun and brings positive energy to your life. I suppose snow is not only a winter wonder, but a challenge for this world, how to survive in colder periods and how not be depressive when you can not go out due to heavy snowfalls.

Crow On Snow

It is indeed. I may conclude that winter as any season has its beautiful periods (especailly for photographers) and difficult periods that can have even negative results. You know what we still should enjoy it and have fun! Who is going with me to play snowballs??? By the way did you hear that a snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship? I am throwing a snowball in your face…

55 thoughts on “Nature Clothed To Its Very Hollows in Snow

  1. Yes, Ann. We have to enjoy every time of year. Winter with snow. Spring when nature is green again etc. But now it’s winter and I am enjoying the snow as you do 🙂 Your photos are amazing, especially the one with the snowflake. I missed you, too, Ann! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There is no Snow in our lives in this part of India. Now temp is +11 degree Celsius. Its a new subject altogether, so I read it. It;s informative, anyway! Best wishes, have nice time!


  2. Waou, such a drastic change with our weather here! thanks for teaching so many things about snow, and again your pic are great. But you don’t need to throw me a ball for my friendship, I promise 😉

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Absolutely, I adore Estelea and her great sense of humor and unbearable optimism, she is our sun in cloudy days…I am so happy and so lucky to have both of you…Hugging you strongly and missing you, my sweet Friends!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Can’t say I know much about snow. We don’t have the joy of having Champagne snow in our neck of the woods. In the absence of the real thing, your pictures and narrative should suffice.

    If we had snow, I would reciprocate by throwing a good-size snow ball to your face to express my friendship. But since I can’t, I’ll content myself with sending you warm rays of golden sunlight from this neck of the woods.

    Great blog post. Your pictures are very catchy and pleasing to the eyes.

    Keep yourself warm. It seems cold out there.




  4. A wonderful post, Ann! It is purely my loss for having let it lie here so long unattended by me. You had me laughing out loud! I’ll let you guess at which part. 😉

    Your photos and your love of nature and learning are simply beautiful. You are a treasure for all your followers.

    Perhaps if I had know all along that a snowball to the face was good luck, my story December Moon may have ended differently!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, dear Jim! I can imagine why you laughed, when I wrote this part I also smiled a lot, but don’t you think it’s true? Have not you noticed?
      I am so faltterend with your great compliment, hope my other followers think the same! I like learning and it gives me a huge pleasure to share everything I found with you!
      Take care and enjoy Friday, Jimmy! Hugs!

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Dear Ann, you know so well how to keep our eyes reading your beautiful posts from the beginning to the very end and without stops! Beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful! The excellent photos are a great complement to a strong text! As I have said so many times, you know how to tell a story! Thanks so much! Contrary to Estelea’s wish, you may throw a snowball towards me … LOL Best to you, my dear friend! Hugs!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so sweet, dear Fabio! I am definitely throwing a ball at you…
      Thank you so much for your kind heart and all these fantastic words! It makes my day sunny! Hugs to you and you family, and very very best wishes!


      1. Ann, It’s always so refreshing to go to your blog and have so many beautiful photos right there in front of me. Today is a mild one here in Rhode Island, so I’m going to the pier to walk with friends. You’ve motivated me to bring s camera along! Hugs back, Clare

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  6. beautiful white landscape! Unfortunately, I live in dry-semi arid place, where the temperature right now is 40 C …it goes all the way to 45-46 C! So we don’t have snow around here!

    Thanks for posting it here!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha! Trust me… I don’t compliment easily! 🙂
        I like blogs that show places in non touristy style. Internet is full of travel blogs. It’s time we have some other perspective too! I have a blog which is on same concept. why don’t you check it out Ann?

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