You Know What I Like Most About People? Pets.

Mr Cat and Mrs Dog

Just look at these cute creatures? Don’t they look so sweet and innocent as well as deadly serious and ready to protect you from this cruel world. Mr Cat and Mrs Dog are our most loyal friends who will never betray us and always support and understand. You do not need to explain them anything, they are nimble-minded and next to you every second. They will never let you down, they can easily save your life and make it brighter. They are just your best friends!

Party Cats

Mr Cat has its own character and personality. He likes to be in the center of attention and sitting in your hands or on your lap. He is a bit cunning and does not trust people whom he has never seen, but you can attract his attention with something delicious (doe example, fish). He curls up in your lap, rubs against your leg as he walks by, and purrs that lovable purr. Mr Cat guards his territory and fights for it like a wild tiger, he cannot stand being not the only one. You may even call him a “prince” because he likes putting on airs. He chooses his outfits in brand shops and pretends to be a fashionist. And if you give a pat behind his ear, everything seems to be all right again. However, Mr Cat can be moody from time to time and then his tail makes impulse moves almost electrical, then it is better hide somewhere under bed and let him deal with his problems alone. Better not touch him and give him some time to calm down. Mr Cat likes sleeping on your pillow, so you better move and get out of his way. He is a fan of the keyboard, somehow he feels comfortable lying on the buttons when you try to type something. Mr Cat is your best friend who supports you and shares with you everything even the time spent in toilet, since he comes there only if it is occupied by you! By the way, he does not like the sign “occupied” and closed doors, do not expect to have any privacy!

Party Dogs

Mrs Dog is a charming young lady, very playful and energetic. She likes greeting you and bringing slippers every time you come back home. If you are under stress, these sweet innocent eyes will just look at you and you feel relaxed at once. She comes to you when you need her and she helps to deal with your problems. But do not be lazy after work, Mrs Dog needs a walk twice a day as minimum and be ready to play with her, give her commands and training. She likes when the owner shows her dominance, she feels confused when the owner does not know what to do. In case something goes wrong, she will be the first to alarm. She has a great danger sensing capacity, she will rescue you in any situation without thinking about her life. You will never feel lonely with her by your side. Although sometimes she likes jumping and spoiling some of your furniture or pressing buttons on your remote control. She may find chewing your socks or other clothes rather exciting, distracting her will take lot of efforts. She might even break something, so be ready to say goodbye to some of your vases. Nevertheless, Mrs Dog is your best company ever, she will make your life warmer, kinder and more exciting, you will never feel lonely, angry or sad! She will make it special!


Moreover, better than Mr Cat and Mrs Dog can be only a mixture of them, when you have both or even a couple of them. As in the picture above, a sweet company who will bring additional sense to your routine life. As it is said “animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms”, isn’t it true?

If you have a pet, tell us something about him or her (or them)! Looking forward to hearing your amazing stories!

Enjoy the company of your lovely pets at weekend and woof…meow!

Yours Ann


60 thoughts on “You Know What I Like Most About People? Pets.

      1. No, no specific sock preferences. Though I do find that the soft fuzzy ones tend to leave lint in my teeth! And I’ve found (after much embarrassing trial and error) that it’s best if their wearers remove the socks first!

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      2. You make me smile and you are really funny, I enjoy your lovely comments, so please do write me as much as you’d like! You have a very good sense of humor which is not so common now! Have a sweet day!

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  1. Clearly, you haven’t met my cat, Ms. Dixie Rose. She’s a strange one. She’s never clawed at a thng, she doesn’t jump up on tables or countertops, and she won’t touch human food. On the other hand, she’s never rubbed against my ankles, she won’t sit in my lap, and she hates to be held. It’s strange, but that’s who she is. Just like people, animals have differences!

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  2. So cute! are they all yours? The kids have adopted a little dog, and he stays in our other house in Bantayan with the housetakers as we are not allowed to have it here. He is such a cutie, and it is hilarious to see how caring and patients my children are with their new friend. They never shout around him, and the dog adores them 🙂

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    1. Not all are mine! Fortunately, my grandma lives in the countryside and she has a house, so for pets there is more space. They are very cute and like being together. The last picture is about cats and dogs who live in the neighbor, man likes animals and he has a lot of them!

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  3. Pets are wonderful, and add something special to every home.Their loving ways make them very dear to us. I’ve had pets for most of my life until recently, and found that cats and dogs can be the best of friends, no matter what people say about them hating each other. Pets bring us so much pleasure and it’s a sad time when we lose them. Our last two cats died at the age of 23 and it felt strange once they’d both gone. Now we have no pets and just enjoy those of our grown-up children.

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    1. You are so right, Millie! Unfortunately, I live in a flat in a bit city and keeping animals at tight flat is not so comfortable. That’s why my granny’s countryside house is better place, they can be outside and enjoy it!

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      1. The countryside is a great place for pets, Ann, and I can understand your difficulty in a flat. Animals hate to be penned in, and it’s very difficult to keep cats in a flat. It’s lovely that you can enjoy your granny’s pets, though. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Ann! Mr, Cat and Mrs. Dog are adorable! We had a parrot. He was my grandpa’s parrot, and he had lived for over 35 years. Very smart, could be very mellow. On the other hand, would attack my Dad’s head with his beak. Louro (Blond) was my best friend and I miss him so much. Thanks very much, Ann, for such beautiful post! Hugs to Mr. Cat, Mrs. Dog. Special hugs to you, my friend! Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead! Take care. 😉

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  5. Currently there is only one cat in our household. She’s just a petite beauty who just turned 20, outliving two 16 year old dogs and her 17 year old sister. She particularly like to nestle either close to me while I’m creating a new blog post or on my lap while I watch a very late night Netflix movie. Many thanx for sharing your photos and info on your posts. Have a wonderful day!

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  6. Roxie adored this post and wanted me to tell you. She thinks I should take lots of photos of her and put them into my posts every week. She totally understands Mr. Cat and, like him, abhors closed doors. They serve only as a challenge to all freedom-loving felines.

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