White Scene

Snow in January

Old chap winter mistress Frosty

Landed here and behaved so bossy

She tried on her big white coats

That have covered all the roads

Snow Roads

Lunchtime calls me for a walk

My long-waited one o’clock


Snowfalkes dancing on my nose

Fluffy bushes standing in pose

Bushes Under Snow.jpg

Soft white colors blinds my vision

Which way to choose

It is not an easy decision

Snowy Vision.jpg

Shall I go straight or turn right

Don’t you have a constant fight?

Roads to Go.jpg

Whatever path is going to be mine

I need to find a balance in my life

White Trees

Snow falls and makes everything look clean

Deeply inhale and  keep nothing in my mind

Snow Makes Everything Clean.jpg

Bad thoughts and bad scene

Are left far behind…

White Scene


Wish you white dreams!

Yours Ann




91 thoughts on “White Scene

  1. I was raised with snow, and looking at your photos, I can smell the snow again. There’s nothing so quiet and lovely as snow: unless it is a blizzard, of course. Your words are a perfect accompaniment. Thank you for sharing the poem and the photos.

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    1. I greatly appreciate your comment and sincere words! I am also a snowgirl, I like winter because it gives a unique opportunity to see such white scenes and listen to special crackles under my feet…emotions are overwhelming! Endless gratitude. Thank you. Hugs!


      1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful city with its beautiful weather through your beautiful photographs. (I am now required by the Writers Guild to stop using the word “beautiful” for a while!)

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    1. Yes, dear Estelea, snow is still everywhere, but it is not snowing anymore. Weather is also cold, approximately -10! I am so grateful for your kind words! I am not sure I could transfer all the beauty!

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      1. Your pictures are so great, I can’t even figure a -10 anymore 😉 Thanks again for sharing, and keep on doing so please! have a lovely day

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      2. I guess it’s good that you don’t figure such a low temperature, it’s probably for the best! And if you need to enjoy it, I am here and bring more pictures just for you, ok! You are so great, hugging you for your warm words! You too have a lovely day! Later will be more snowy photos specially for you!

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    1. Great compliment for me, hugging you now, dear Carol! I do love snow and wanted to share it with you because I know that you live in a warm country, glad I managed to bring you sweet memories! Happy New Year to you too, let it be fabulous for you and your family!

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  2. It turns out that it’s a very, very long bus ride to Kyiv and I’d have to swim a large portion of it (the bus company was VERY clear about that). So please, post warm photos and do not freeze!! I’d hate for that to happen!

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    1. Oh, and you are not a good swimmer? What a pity! Too bad, because I have already thought about places to show you, dear Jim! I promise you I will not freeze, I try not to! Let’s keep in touch and maybe one day engineers will develop a special suit for swimming for you and then volla!

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      1. A pity, indeed. I am an average swimmer (which with the distance would still be a problem) but the bus company insisted that once I reach the water I would have to tow the bus by a rope in my teeth to the other side and sadly that seems too much for me (though the thought of you freezing, forlorn in a snow bank almost compels me to try)! Still I am heartened to hear that you will try not to freeze and eager to see photos of all the places you would show me! Yes, let’s keep in touch. Email me if you want. Or I can continue to litter your posts with my very silly comments! Either is fine! I will begin at once consulting with swim suit engineers!

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      2. You are so funny and cool, dear Jim! I’d love to hear your comment and exchanged emails with you anytime when you are free! Your comments make me smile and create a good mood, thank you, dear Friend! I will be waiting news about suits! Smiling…

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      3. Likewise, my friend! I’m currently reading your brief history lesson in your post “From Kyiv with Love” and find it and your photos fascinating. I will likely have much to say and ask you!

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    1. Dear Laura, welcome to my tiny world! I am so happy you find it interesting, so feel free to look around! I hope it can be interesting for you, everything I am posting here comes from my heart and with pleasure! Thank you so much for dropping by, my every guest is my very dear Friend! Hugs!

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  3. Hello Ann:

    I guess all of the above have said it all. I’ll just say WOW!

    Thank you for your heart-felt poem and extra-ordinary photographs of white powdery snow.

    Enjoy the rest of the day,



  4. Ann! I miss you! what a gift these snow pics are!
    A lunch time walk…what a dream…fluffy flakes on my nose too,
    just imagine—,
    being there,
    with YOU!
    I love this white world.
    Wishing you peace…balance…kissssssssssss from the sun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I miss you too, dear Susana! How are you doing? So happy to see you! Aw, you are so sweet and kind, thank you for your charming words! Be in a hurry to join me, since snow is melting extremely quickly, weather is getting warmer…I think sun you sent already brings early glimpses of spring…Wish you fantastic week! Hugs, dear Friend!

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