From Kyiv With Love (Final Episode)

How do you do, my little Fellows! Let me congratulate you – it’s Weekend! Let’s celebrate! And I decided to present you my last post devoted to my sweet city. I guess our trip around my city is going to its end. I assure you that I did not show you all the attractions, however, I am not going to stop providing you with interesting information on my city and country as a whole. This series ends and new ones will be born. So, be patient, my dear Fellows, and you will hear a lot about the place which I love so much. And I remember my promise to start this post with your comments about the picture with a Ukrainian girl…I actually was very impressed with your ideas and thank you so much for being so attentive:

Being Ukrainian

My dear Friend, beleznai wrote: ” In picture I see a woman who protects Kiev, or maybe all Ukraine! Such person nowadays is very necessary for Ukraine! Who can be her? Maybe You? From your posts, I know, that You can be the right person for sure! I vote for You!”

Oh, it was really very sweet to compare me with this woman. Hope I do deserve it!

Lovely Maverick ~ shared his idea: “The young lady in the mural perhaps is representing hope for the future.”

I agree with you, dear Maverick, and I hope this girl will look only brighter as well as future for my Ukraine.

Jo from restlessjo recognized very well: ” It’s a wonderful photo, with the people busying about in the foreground”. 

So well-noticed, dear Jo!

A wisdom woman who likes history Millie from milliethom suggested: “The final picture to me shows a ‘Mother Gooddess’ type of figure (or perhaps a famous woman from Kyiv’s history) who nurtures, cares for and protects her city and its people. One of her arms is cradling the city, the other is perhaps lifting a child out of harm’s way, or simply just answering his questions”. 

That’s so right, dear Millie, she is a mother who would like to protect her land from intruders.

And the last, but not least, from my very dear Jim Noonan, who is my favorite writer: “In the photo I see a woman, a mother of timeless beauty, nurturing an ancient and thriving city at her breast, holding the future in her hand, her feet rooted in the earth, her head reaching to the stars”.

That was amazing, dear Jim, you found the soul of this picture! I am applauding you!

All your thoughts and ideas are so thoughtful and right, in this picture I see my Ukraine, who is a young 24-years-old girl, innocent and fragile, anybody can hurt her. Or maybe i  just look at the mirror…how odd?

Golden Gates

We cannot finish our trip around Kyiv without seeing Golden Gates. Golden Gate in Kiev is the monument of fortified building of 12 century, one of few, which remained till our times. The construction amazed with its greatness and inaccessibility. However, they are not made of gold as you may see in the picture. It can be a bit disappointing, but, in fact, the gates, at which you are looking now, were renovated in 1982.  Kiev Golden Gate was simultaneously a tower and a triumphal arch that leads to main “aristocratic street” of the city. I can imagine how many-many centuries ago Ukrainian cream of society in their decorated carriages was entering these gates. Did not they look graceful and proud of their rich carriages? The wide street was full of elegantly dressed women in shiny carriages escorted by their men. Dashing officers rode on fine horses alongside the carriages…The only problem that my photo camera was not there to capture all this beauty and show it to you!

Opera House

Well, let’s go back to Earth or go upper to the Mount Olimpus. We are standing in front of the Opera House – a kingdom of two charming muses Melpomene and Terpsichore, known for their love to music and dances. This is their castle, here they can feel themselves like at home. If you do not have enough drama in your life, then you should come here. Repertiore is very divergent from classical operas to modern ballet performances. The history of the National Opera House goes back to 1867.  In February 1896 during the morning performance the fire erupted in the Opera House from the unextinguished candle and just in few hours building was almost fully destroyed. The solemn opening of new Opera House building in Kiev took place on September 29 in 1901. New exterior of building was constructed and designed in Neo-Renaissance style, interior of Opera house – in a classical style called Viennese Modern. The most outstanding part of the construction – is the Opera stage that is one of the largest in Europe. In case you are in Kyiv, do not miss the chance to visit it, you will love it. Lots of people enjoy opera because the singers have such strong, polished voices. Even without microphones, their voices carry through entire auditoriums without missing a note…

National University

This red building looks like a symbol of Communism, isn’t it? Perhaps, that is the first thought. Actually, I have to dissapoint you, my little Friends. It is Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. This is one of the most prestige and expensive universities in the world. Honestly, I even did not dare to think about studying here. My parents never could afford it. Only children whose parents are having bank accounts in Switzerland can dream of being students of this house of knowledge. Although sometimes I feel that students who park their lexus cars next to this building are not much interested in knowledge other than just following the rules of their own society. I am afraid they pass their exams not like everybody else…ohh, I think i started to talk too much…you may feel that students in this country are spolied mother’s darlings, not all of them, I assure you! I am not and I did study, even I was among best students who graduated with red diploma (oh, I am not so modest now), however, I have been studying not here. Maybe that’s why! And now, seriously, Taras Shevchenko University is named after Taras Shevchenko, a major figure in Ukrainian literature and art. It is an institution of higher education that trains specialists in many fields of knowledge and carries out research. It is considered the most prestigious university in Ukraine and a major centre of advanced learning and progressive thinking. It consists of more faculties and departments, and trains specialists in a greater number of academic fields, than any other Ukrainian educational institution. And now let’s talk about Taras Shevchenko…his monument is right in front of your eyes!

Taras Shevchenko

Taras Shevchenko is the foremost Ukrainian poet, prose writer, painter and playwright of the 19th century. He was a major figure of the Ukrainian national revival. He was  a man of universal talent. All his life and creative work were dedicated to the people of Ukraine. The poet dreamed about the times when his country would be free, where the Ukrainian language, clture and history would be highly valued, and the people would be happy and free. Now is the 21st and Ukrainians still dream of the same, don’t you find it tragical, almost unbearable?

For me Kyiv is still one of the most mysterious and charming city, although it has been severely damaged and changed by big skyscrapers. I hardly can feel its soul and smell chestnut tree fragrances. It is painful, but modern Kyiv is associated with Chornobyl, revolutions and many ecological problems. Nevertheless, we have things to be proud of: the large number of scientific and technological achievements, humanitarian achievements and bright and talented people, known worldwide have their roots in Kyiv, Ukraine…I would like to remind you about those things and people which are the pride of their glorious city. I do not belong to this brilliant circle of famous people, but I DO LOVE my Kyiv not matter of anything and it is FOREVER…Endless Love!

Kyiv Road

Hugs from Kyiv!

Happy Sunday!

Nature Clothed To Its Very Hollows in Snow

Winter House

I am so happy to see you, dear Friends, how are you there? Did you miss me? I missed you a lot. I apologize for my absence, however, you know very well that our life consists not only of pleasant moments, but also of hard work, which takes most of our lifetime. But being optimistic, I hope not for all of you! I should confess that I am curently working on my new project that I promised to present you, it also grabs my time and holds my breath, not sure I have time to breathe even. Untill it is not ready, I would like to chat with you a bit and present you some of my latest pictures and thoughts. How about that?

Fragile Snowflake

I am in a lyrical mood today…Maybe because it is sunny and a bit cold, and I am in my comfortable chair and with my notebook hiding in a warm place. And outside world is fragile, cold and beautiful as snowflakes. Snow brings us some winter joy of something uknown and magical, which is mysterious for us. We hardly know how it forms and from where its roots grow. You know me I am quite curious, so I want to know more. I switched on Global Web and clicked on several online resources. Would you like to hear something interesting?

Snow Web

Did you know that snow is actually clear and colorless? Then you are smarter than I thought!

Snow Branches

In the early 1900s skiers created their own terminology to describe various types of snow. The crazy vocabulary includes funny terms such as “pow pow,” “mashed potatoes,” “champagne snow (powder),” “cauliflower,” “sticky snow,” “dust on crust” and many other descriptive terms. Did you know that “pow pow” or simply pow (from powder) is the fresh powder snow, which is actually a soft, fluffy type of snow?  “Champagne snow” has such an extremely low moisture content that you can’t even make a snowball with it. While “champagne powder” is great for skiing because it’s smooth and dry, “mashed potatoes” is an old, dense and heavy snow that is hard to turn skis in. Hm, so my first task for you is to guess which snow is in the picture below?

Almost Colorless

If you have a fear of snow, it is called chionophobia.  If you are crazy about snow, it is chionomainia.  (You decide, I know what I am!) I am made of snow, cannot imagine my life without it. Snow makes me happy when I do not need to clean my backyard.

Snow Colors

In one study, men rated pictures of women’s breasts and bodies as more attractive in the winter months, while they rated pictures of women’s faces the same. Researchers believe men don’t see women’s bodies as much during the winter, so they’re more excited when they do. Hey, ladies, can you believe it? Now I understand why spring is the season of March Cats. WOW!

Winter Love

There is so much interesting yet to discover about snow that I am afraid you can be tired. I just feel that snow brings some magic to our world, which is so different and complicated. Snow symbolizes for me innocence and purity. It seems that Lord sends us snow to clean not only roads, but our souls, to make us more understanding and supportive, to look around and help others, to find happiness in everything. Certainly, snow covers nature to protect it from cold and help to survive, on the contrast, snow is a disaster for houses, electrcity roads and people as well as animals. And I do worry about poor animals who cannot find food under thick snow layes, that’s why I constantly try to help as much as I can and offer you to join me. This can be fun and brings positive energy to your life. I suppose snow is not only a winter wonder, but a challenge for this world, how to survive in colder periods and how not be depressive when you can not go out due to heavy snowfalls.

Crow On Snow

It is indeed. I may conclude that winter as any season has its beautiful periods (especailly for photographers) and difficult periods that can have even negative results. You know what we still should enjoy it and have fun! Who is going with me to play snowballs??? By the way did you hear that a snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship? I am throwing a snowball in your face…

Titmouse is Neither a Tit, Nor a Mouse…But Rather a Tiny Bird


Hello, my sweet Friends! How are you doing today? What are your plans for Sunday? I guess you know what to do…I can picture that some of you are spending time at the kitchen to prepare food for the next week, while others try to clean out theirs houses…or your idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework and all of us are bright personalties, ain’t I right? And here comes Ann with her Sunday post devoted to titmouse…How do you find them? Don’t they look hungry?

Hungry Titmouse .jpg

By the way, winter is in full swing and many countries are under thick layer of snow now, so let us not forget to share our food with our little brothers, they are depended on us when the ground is hidden.

Titmouse Thinking

Titmouse is neither a tit, nor a mouse…The word titmouse descends from the Old English terms, tit (any small animal or object) and mase (small bird), essentially meaning one small, small bird.  Perhaps titmice are overlooked because they aren’t as flashy as so many other everyday avians. For instance, like this handsome woodpecker…


Ukrainian titmice are typically slate yellow or blue above with lighter underparts. They have a blue hat on their heads and yellow coat, however, their fur and tail are a mixture of various colors. Elegant enough, but clearly not enough to put the bird on the map, but not for me! They are very intelligent and behave noble, almost like kings. I would guess that the titmouse enjoys more relative anonymity than other  birds because it is a birder’s bird! They will wait in a queue…

Titmouse and Hungry Sparrow

Not only are they sociable with other birds, but they hardly mind the presence of people. However, they need people and their help. Once I was walking through park and saw them – they were hungry and, surely, I did have food for them, I do not know how they knew it, but they came to me and asked to share food, they were sitting on my arms and in my hands…they landed on my palms and took seeds…they were not afraid of me! Although I should confess that I feed them almost every day, so it might be that they know me already. I walk and look for them, and when I see I put seeds and nuts everywhere, even where there are no feeders. Titmice have excellent eyesight, they see small black seeds on a big distance, I checked it. Sometimes when they are still afraid of me and do not dare to take a seed from my hand, I throw them seeds and they catch them at once. Fantastic!

Titmouse Looks At You

If you pay even the slightest attention anytime you’re in proximity to forest or feeder, you’re bound to hear the buzzy call or “peter, peter” song of a titmouse. I adore their songs, they are so melodic. They can make different sounds and I heard several variants. All of the songs mean different things. Some of the alert, some of them “thank you”. No, I am not kidding, they do know how to thank me, and I admire them for that!

Thank You Titmouse

Sweet little titmice are very useful to our gardens, they like chasing after different harmful worms that can destroy our fruit harvest, thus take care after titmice and welcome them to your gardens, you will not regret, trust me!

And now some interesting facts about their personal life from Net and my observations: sometimes, young titmice stay with their parents to help them take care of the next brood; the male feeds the female titmouse from the time they start building the nest until the time the eggs hatch, during which both parents look after their young; titmice mate for life once they have chosen their partner; sometimes, an older offspring stays with them along with other young birds to help them raise the coming years brood; titmouse is a very lively bird that is not shy to interact with human beings. Scientists claim that these birds are so curious about everything around them that they tend to react to human voices and noise just to find out what these are. They, for instance, travel in trees from their nests to the source of the noise whether this from humans talking or noise from street workers, drillers, or farmers. These birds are also known to be so intelligent that they are able to easily enter the most complicated feeder and find food there easily. Some minutes spent with them can make you feel very alive and happy! Do not forget to bring seeds or nuts next time you  go out…and prepare feeders with your children, in such a way you will have great fun and help titmice to survive during colder season! Remember they are our little Brothers…Food for Titmice

Take care! And if you need any additional information on them or their favorite food, do not hesitate to ask me!

Yours Ann

Lifeclicker (Pilot Eposide)

Dear Friends, HAPPY 2016 YEAR! I was out of reach and had no time to greet you with this new mysterious 2016! We have big expectations and hopes for 2016, which should become effective, speaking in law language. I wish 2016 can be a year of balance, everybody needs some balance in their lives, of peace, there should be no war anymore, of health, I wish people can be healthier and have never heard about cancer, of stability and high living standards, enough money to have decent food and roof over your head, of smile and happy love and of every moment joy until we are here!

Candle 2016

New 2016 year came into force and most of you has already forgotten the flavor of delicious holidays. New year means a new start…Thus, I would like to launch a new platform of thoughts entitled “Lifeclicker”. In the high-tech 21st century usual pen became a long-forgotten device, who does remember how it looks like? And where did you see your pen last time? Recently I came across a very interesting article in the Guardian, let me cite you some valuable points, here: “No one can say precisely how much handwriting has declined, but in June a British survey of 2,000 people gave some idea of the extent of the damage. One in three respondents had not written anything by hand in the previous six months”. The conclusion is that we do not use pen for writing anymore, but we definitely like computer mouse clicking on everything what is interesting for us. And so an idea came to my mind to have such a virtual platform where I and you can share something that bothers us and attracts our attention. You may find me insane, but I believe that this virtual platform of thoughts exchange can help us to develop a new generation newspaper or journal where articles will be published by non-professional people, simple people who like writing and are interested to discover the world around them. Something similar to Write About, but I would like to broaden it to Think About, Share With Us, Talk About and etc. My idea is raw one and I have not thought about details, however, I would like to hear you opinion on this matter! Thus, my first episode or series of Lifeclicker is going to be published next time! A freek lives in my head – she would like to make people closer to each other and let everybody do something they like so much!

Wish you lovely Friday and relaxing weekend!

Yours Ann



You Know What I Like Most About People? Pets.

Mr Cat and Mrs Dog

Just look at these cute creatures? Don’t they look so sweet and innocent as well as deadly serious and ready to protect you from this cruel world. Mr Cat and Mrs Dog are our most loyal friends who will never betray us and always support and understand. You do not need to explain them anything, they are nimble-minded and next to you every second. They will never let you down, they can easily save your life and make it brighter. They are just your best friends!

Party Cats

Mr Cat has its own character and personality. He likes to be in the center of attention and sitting in your hands or on your lap. He is a bit cunning and does not trust people whom he has never seen, but you can attract his attention with something delicious (doe example, fish). He curls up in your lap, rubs against your leg as he walks by, and purrs that lovable purr. Mr Cat guards his territory and fights for it like a wild tiger, he cannot stand being not the only one. You may even call him a “prince” because he likes putting on airs. He chooses his outfits in brand shops and pretends to be a fashionist. And if you give a pat behind his ear, everything seems to be all right again. However, Mr Cat can be moody from time to time and then his tail makes impulse moves almost electrical, then it is better hide somewhere under bed and let him deal with his problems alone. Better not touch him and give him some time to calm down. Mr Cat likes sleeping on your pillow, so you better move and get out of his way. He is a fan of the keyboard, somehow he feels comfortable lying on the buttons when you try to type something. Mr Cat is your best friend who supports you and shares with you everything even the time spent in toilet, since he comes there only if it is occupied by you! By the way, he does not like the sign “occupied” and closed doors, do not expect to have any privacy!

Party Dogs

Mrs Dog is a charming young lady, very playful and energetic. She likes greeting you and bringing slippers every time you come back home. If you are under stress, these sweet innocent eyes will just look at you and you feel relaxed at once. She comes to you when you need her and she helps to deal with your problems. But do not be lazy after work, Mrs Dog needs a walk twice a day as minimum and be ready to play with her, give her commands and training. She likes when the owner shows her dominance, she feels confused when the owner does not know what to do. In case something goes wrong, she will be the first to alarm. She has a great danger sensing capacity, she will rescue you in any situation without thinking about her life. You will never feel lonely with her by your side. Although sometimes she likes jumping and spoiling some of your furniture or pressing buttons on your remote control. She may find chewing your socks or other clothes rather exciting, distracting her will take lot of efforts. She might even break something, so be ready to say goodbye to some of your vases. Nevertheless, Mrs Dog is your best company ever, she will make your life warmer, kinder and more exciting, you will never feel lonely, angry or sad! She will make it special!


Moreover, better than Mr Cat and Mrs Dog can be only a mixture of them, when you have both or even a couple of them. As in the picture above, a sweet company who will bring additional sense to your routine life. As it is said “animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms”, isn’t it true?

If you have a pet, tell us something about him or her (or them)! Looking forward to hearing your amazing stories!

Enjoy the company of your lovely pets at weekend and woof…meow!

Yours Ann


White Scene

Snow in January

Old chap winter mistress Frosty

Landed here and behaved so bossy

She tried on her big white coats

That have covered all the roads

Snow Roads

Lunchtime calls me for a walk

My long-waited one o’clock


Snowfalkes dancing on my nose

Fluffy bushes standing in pose

Bushes Under Snow.jpg

Soft white colors blinds my vision

Which way to choose

It is not an easy decision

Snowy Vision.jpg

Shall I go straight or turn right

Don’t you have a constant fight?

Roads to Go.jpg

Whatever path is going to be mine

I need to find a balance in my life

White Trees

Snow falls and makes everything look clean

Deeply inhale and  keep nothing in my mind

Snow Makes Everything Clean.jpg

Bad thoughts and bad scene

Are left far behind…

White Scene


Wish you white dreams!

Yours Ann