From Kyiv With Love (Episode 2)


Mikhail Bulgakov, author of the famous Master and Margarita, who was born in Kyiv, said about Ukrainian capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe: “There is no more beautiful city in the world than Kyiv“. And he was right. If you look at this photo above, what do you see? I can tell you honestly that it seems to me that this is not that Kyiv, which I get used to. No, certainly, not. My fantastic photo-expert Nicki-Ticki with its technological super power has transformed this city into something too unbelievable. Doesn’t it looks like some American city? Exactly…but we are not in USA (unfortunately), we are in the center of Ukraine, its capital – Kyiv. However, Kyiv cannot exist without its river Dnipro. Would not you like a dive? Yeah, I know in the beginning of November, last autumn month, it is not wisdom. Though sometimes I hear news that some young girls or boys make attempts (and even did it) to commit a suicide by diving into this endless blue over an unrequited love. It is a sad fact, of course. I wish an unrequited love could not find place on our Planet. Life is too short. Folk, I kindly ask you – do not fell in love with wrong people, is it possible to arrange? For my sake!

Bridge Through Dnipro

Dnipro is the largest river in Ukraine and the third largest in Europe. From the dawn of history the Dnipro has been closely bound up with the life of Ukrainian people. It is the ‘holy river’ of Ukraine and its artery. Dnipro was known as the Borysthenes to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  It became an important route in medieval times, when it became part of the Varangian route between the Baltic Sea and Byzantium across the Black Sea. Nowadays it is an important route from work to home and back 334 days per year for most of Ukrainians(31 day usually they stay at home for vacation).

Car Bridge

Dnipro divides Kyiv into two banks: right and left. The right part of the city is so-called business and elite center. People who can afford living on the right bank of the river are quite rich. I think that there is not so many of them. Approximately 10%, I already see your faces, yes, yes, my dear ones, 90% of the population, let’s say, is not that rich. 10% of oligarchs just control almost everything and they “care” about other people. They do not let us relax and this is good, since life is a constant motion. Usual Ukrainians cannot go for pension sooner and they should work till they can, I suppose this “wisdom” 10% increases our working life, which is and indubious boost for so many people. What can they do without it? Sitting at home and knitting socks, they will die from boredom.

Dnipro Dock

It has its own dock where many yachts hang out. We are definitely not in Venice, so boats are pretty small and not so popular here, but if you would like to go for a boat trip along the river it can be organized. Any caprice for your money! What’s more have you ever seen river locks? No, this can’t happen! Then, today is your lucky chance! You are lucky Luke or Beth or …what’s your name? Dnipro has several locks and one of them brings you directly to Kyiv Sea (well, not natural, but artificial), so bring your swimming suits! We are going to have fun at Kyiv beaches in November, can you believe it?

Dnipro Beaches

Aha, as I see this couple has already had fun and now they are standing almost at the beach (not exactly, why they did not wear swimming suits?) and enjoy each other. Isn’t it romantic? Just look at them! I know I had no right to peep at my camera hole and capture them, but, hey, they look so good together. This November river breeze (a bit chilly, but not so spicy) evoked some warm feelings in their hearts and they hugged each other in pleasure. Or not so romantic variant – they are pretty cold and would like to warm themselves up. It is up to you to choose! Honestly, I find this man more handsome than that woman.  Although his hairdresser was not in his bad mood last time. Hey, dude, you need a better one! Ok, ok, I know I like criticizing people, including myself, but this is because I love them all! And I love you too! Oh, I am in such love mood today. Is there is something in the air? Some love gases….ha-ha!

Ukrainian Couple

Coming back to serious! Ann tried to be funny.

Locks on the river are pound locks,  a type used almost exclusively on canals and rivers.Unfortunately, I did not make a picture of this lock, but you know writers, they can describe everything in the most fruitful way. Yep, we are the word magicians, so where my magical mouse and keyboard. Here we go…

Our boat passes through the second and oldest lock during the day and it is quite an experience for you  who rushed on desk with cameras, and locals who stood above the lock watching and waving.  Ships enter a lock through “hanging gates” into the pound with gates at the other end. Once in the pound, “hanging gates” are closed and the water level is either raised or lowered to river level. The end gates are then opened and we slowly sail out onto the river again. Did you imagine? Hope I covered it well! I highly recommend you to come and experience it. As it is said it is better to see once than to hear a thousand times”.

Little Islands

I like this shot so much. Just take a look at these colors as if painted by a very gifted artist.

When evening comes, Kyiv turns into a magical, romantic place lit up by old-fashioned street lamps, architectural lighting and even a touch of neon. Looking over the city in the evening, at its murmuring fountains, gleaming monuments, and the reflective dark waters of the Dnipro, makes me feel relaxed. This evening photo is not of the best quality since my Nicki-Ticki did not have his friend Trip and at his disposal was his owner hands, shaking ones…so sorry! Sunset was so bright that almost blinded me. In this picture you can see one of “sleeping” districts of our big city. Buildings here are high, most of them have more than 20 stores and elevators always in need for repair. Local habitants get used to do sport every day, upstairs and downstairs. In case you see Ukrainians with muscular legs you know what’s behind it!

Blur Sunset

It seems I can talk endlessly about Kyiv, but you are too tired now. Tell me honestly it is too difficult to read my long posts! I wish I could compose shorter sentences. Brevity is the soul of wit. But that’s not about me. The less people think, the more they talk – THAT is exactly about me! Have fun! Happy Thursday! I had such fun with you, Folks!

To be continued (Didn’t you expect?).

Yours Ann

P.S. Do not forget to criticize me!


55 thoughts on “From Kyiv With Love (Episode 2)

  1. Nice light story about the Dnieper river (oh, sorry about Kyiv indeed). I just stumbled upon your blog installment and it really captured me. Not so many years ago I lived on this river’s banks in Kyiv, watching bright flashes of sunrises on its waters and orange sunsets over hills, surrounding it.

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    1. I am so pleased to see you visiting my blog, Viktor! So, you are my fellow-cityman. I am so happy to meet you. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I hear nostalgia in your voice, am I right? Where are you now? Honestly, it’s a real honor for me when Ukrainians read my posts, I do write for them and because of them. I cannot do wonders, but I wish I could change their mind, just for a second! Thank you!

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  2. Your photos don’t all load so I have to use my imagination a little more than you intended, Ann, but that’s not so very difficult. I love your gently humourous style. I would like to see your city and its locks (but not in the Winter, p-l-e-a-s-e! 🙂 )

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    1. Jo, i am so extremely happy to hear you liked my post! Ohh, I feel so high, I can even fly! But the truth is that pictures are more beautiful than my words! I promise not to bring you to see locks in Winter!!! Thank you so much, dear Friend, and wish you lovely evening!

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  3. Lovely post with beautiful photographs. Well written. But for me it finished unexpectedly so soon. I expected a long post. Anyway, smaller doses are better. Now I can say it is a beautiful European city which can be included in the wish list ! Ann, thank you for sharing such a beautiful post!

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    1. You know it’s the best compliment for today – about my post length. Sometimes I feel that I write too much and people cannot read it. I suppose every writer dreams of readers who do not recognize the amount of pages, they “eat” them so fast that time just flies, since the plot is too fascinating. I wish I could reach it one day! Thank you, dear Friend! It’s pleasure to read your comment! Hugs!

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      1. If you think my comments are the best compliments for you, I am really glad to know that and I would be happier if it could inspire you to a little extent in any manner.
        Honestly I do not know anything about Kyiv or Kiev except the name of the city, capital of Ukraine. Then one day I got connected with Ann and her Blog with a post “From Kyiv with love —- which opened the door of knowing the city of Kyiv. I personally have interest to know people & places of any place on this earth. With that interest I was reading your post and soon (for me) came to the end. May be I was “hungry” and I was just “eating” the post 🙂 . Yesterday I just accidentally read a travel story of city Kyiv which made me more curious about it.
        My comment going lengthy. It is on an open space, or else I could have talked more. Your pleasure is my pleasure! Big thanks for the hugs! Have wonderful Sunday! Warm hugs!

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      2. Dear Anil, you should keep in mind that I am fan of long comments and so happy to read it! You are very kind and sweet. I cannot express with words how happy I am to hear that you discovered Kyiv with the help of my blog…this is a fantastic reward for me…the best and sweetest one! You too have a wonderful Sunday! Good luck and hugs!

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      3. Now it’s recorded in my mind that you love reading long comments. You may also please note that I am now fan of Ann & her Blog. I too love to hear sweet words from Ann in replies or comments or may be anything on any subject. Dear Ann, with the help of your Blog I am not only discovering Kyiv but also a sweet Girl from Kyiv. Am I right? Yes I think I am right and you should now be doubly happy. Good lucks and. Hugs !

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      4. I am really doubly happy because I have such a sweet fan, I think I am very lucky! What else can I wish! Wish you also huge good luck and hugs! Enjoy weekend evening! Take care! See you!

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      5. Dear Ann, Thanks a lot for your wish for my huge Good Luck and hugs! I am very much pleased for your such a wonderful gestures. I am lucky to have a blogger friend like you and having been found you, I feel more curious about your country, beautiful people, cultures and what not. I am happy that I got a friend who love to have long conversations.
        In the story of Swans, your description on the couple’s kissing was so real, as if it took place in front of my eyes. Credit goes, not to the protagonist, but to you. You made them to act that way which was like a real one. I think if I was there, I would have done the similar way. I liked that. I realized then, you can do wonders with words.
        I was having a friend like you who wanted to publish her poetry book. I was her reader among others. She was too talented from Bombay, India. We were inspirer for each other. She only brought me to this Blog-world. She used to write long comments/ mails. She was frank, used to share everything. Suddenly the connection was lost. After that loss, I think God kind enough to send you in her place.

        I shall stop now! Take care! With my best wishes and Hugs!

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      6. Dear Anil, happy to hear you! Let me wish you Happy Monday and let this Monday be very successful and full of pleasant surprises! My Monday has started in such a pleasant way because I got such a lovely and inspiring comment from you, my dear Friend. The only problem that your compliments will spoil me, truly I do not feel that I deserve them, however, thank you so much. It’s very sad to hear that you lost connection with your friend, she really seemed to mean a lot for you. I do not like such sad stories…if everything can depend on me then I can use a magical stick and make people find each other and be happy together, I hate when people loose connection and forget each other…it should not be like that, world is too wrong, I stopped understanding how it works…
        Your words are so encouraging and heartfelt, I am happy that I met you too! You are a very kind person, I wish there could be more people like you!
        Magical and sunny Monday for you! Take care and hugs!

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      7. Dear Ann, my pleasant surprise on Monday was your sweet worded comments and nothing happened so sweet. Don’t worry I will not let you spoil with my complements. Before you go spoiled, I would put you back on the right track. How you can say you do not deserve those complements. What I felt, I said. It was my expression and not exaggerated. It proves that I like your writing. On other hand, your compliment gives me some kind of confidence and pleasure too.
        If I am not wrong, you are very soft & kind hearted person. Don’t be sad with that old story. Sorry for mentioning it, Just it came to my mind and casually I mentioned. I cam understand you hate people loosing their connection with their loved ones. You are very kind hearted person. Beautiful. God should turn you into an angel with that magical stick to make the separated people together again.. Ha Ha Ha. Enjoy evening! See u soon! Take care! My best wishes and hugs!

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      8. Ohh, I am smiling now! I do hope I am really such a good person as you described. I really appreciate your honesty and kind words! You make my day, I can start it with a wide smile on my face! You too take care and have a wonderful day! Hugs! See you soon!

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      9. I am happy to note that I made you smiling and started your day with a broad smile on your face. As you know, it was all my guess reading your expressions, emotions etc. Any guess may not be cent percent correct. Anyway, how was the day today? Your morning means here it is about noon. From my mobile I sent a wish for the day! Anyway, Have a nice time! Hugs! See U soon!

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      10. Well, yes, we have difference in time. Now, for example, it is evening. My day is good, a bit rainy, but productive and inspiring, and yours? You too have a nice day, take care and hugs!

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      11. Now it is night 1055 PM. 3 and half hour difference. You enjoy the evening. Now You may be in front of TV set or the PC. Most probably PC / Laptop, like me. I seldom watch TV. But now its time to go to bed and watch sweet dreams! Enjoy, take care & hugs!

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      12. Good evening! I was thinking what happened, did I do anything wrong by saying so? Now I am relieved! we are 3.5 hrs ahead of you. It is about 2200 hrs.


  4. Europe as a whole is one of most beautiful geographic areas in the planet. London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Florence, Prague, Moscow, Oslo, Kiev and I could go on and on.

    I know very little about Ukrania, but am doing my homework to further appreciate the lifestyle and personality of Ukranians. We usually identify the capital of Ukrania as Kiev, but you are using the correct word, Kyiv.

    Your description of the “holy river”, Dniper, that divide the 10 percents of the “haves” and the 90 percent of the “have nots” is very interesting. It happens in most countries, specially in South America. In Skandinavia the social structure is more balanced and fair.

    Your pictures are great to feel the personality of the city, and of course the narration further enhances your blog post.

    I enjoyed the photograph of the red sky immensely. It’s like as if the sky caught fire. Great shot. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Omar, I need to tell you a compliment – you are a very attentive listener of …my thoughts, you did not miss a thing, I am so grateful! I also like the last picture, it’s not of the best quality, but it’s so colorful. Yeah, Kyiv is only one and very unusual, you are right, we should not use Kiev, since it’s Russian variant of its name. The only correct variant is Kyiv. We should not forget that we have only one language and it’s Ukrainian. I wish we could forget bloody USSR history and start over. However, it’s too difficult….
      I am so happy you liked it! You should remember that your opinion is very important for me! Take care!


    1. Dear Susana, I am most grateful for your adorable comment and greetings from Barcelona! It’s so sweet of you. I am also not in Kyiv now, but I do love this city so much! Let’s travel together! Take care and wonderful weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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