Quote Challenge Day 3: Home

Home is My Castle

 “For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man’s home is his safest refuge].” Sir Edward Coke

Don’t you agree? Home is our castle, only at home we feel ourselves safe!

Today is my last quote challenge day and nominees:

Maria from Maria Jansson Photography

Maverick from Maverick Mist

and Melissa from melissacherry.

Hope you find time to relax!

All the best,

Yours Ann


22 thoughts on “Quote Challenge Day 3: Home

  1. I happily accept the challenge!
    I don’t know if that’s your home on the photo, but the house on the photo is very beautiful!
    A home should definitely be a safe place, where all the members of the family are free to thrive into the very best versions of themselves. That’s the kind of home I am intending to create for my daughter. Right now I don’t know where that home will be, and until then my home is where my heart is, with my daughter 🙂 I guess that might also be a side effect from travelling a lot.

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    1. Yeah, I know, I saw this house and fell in love with it, but, unfortunately, it seems I cannot afford it now, however, let’s hope that in future it become possible! I just like it so much!


    1. This picture I took this spring when I was traveling in Western Ukraine in the mountains. I was trying to check whether somebody lives there, but it was empty. I like this house so much, I can tell that this is my dream – my impossible dream! It looks so cozy!

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      1. There is no such thing as an impossible dream 😉 Even if you get a smaller version of it , as long as it filled with the people you love, it is a Dream house.
        I would have been very curious too to know who could live here ….

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      2. You are so right! Such positive people like you always make me feel better and dream more! Yes, the most important is not exactly the house, but who lives there! However, dreaming of this house is so pleasant and teasing…

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